5 reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 before the iPhone X

Written by Tyler Rondman

5 reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 before the iPhone X

The iPhone X is the main rival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.It is a very bold device, with very interesting specifications and a premium design. But the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is also. We show you five features and functions of this device that undoubtedly face the iPhone X, and that may be reasons to decide on the Samsung device.

Display: same resolution, different format

Without any doubt, the iPhone X has a screen with very good specifications. OLED panel of 5.8 inches with QHD resolution, without frames and with a very good calibration of colors. Although according to a technical analysis conducted by DisplayMate, says that the iPhone X has the best screen on the market. The truth is that the Note 8 is in some ways, better. Therefore, it is one of the most important points.

The difference is not in the resolution, but in the size of the screen. The Note 8 is 6.3 inches, while that of the iPhone is 5.8 inches. On the other hand, the screen of the Korean device has a format of 18.5: 9, with hardly any upper and lower frames, and to this, we have to add the curved panel. In contrast, the iPhone X has no frames, but if a ‘eyebrow’ in the upper area, which takes away experience when viewing multimedia content in full screen. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a very colorful SuperAMOLED panel, and with a resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels.

S pen, the great star of the Galaxy Note 8

Another thing that the iPhone X does not have and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 if it is the S pen. Samsung, since the beginning of the Note range has incorporated a digital pen that has been improving until it reaches the last Note in the market. The S pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 allows us to perform very interesting functions, such as the ability to translate text, send messages or cartoons, create notes on the screen off, etc. In addition, the S pen has hundreds of precision points, so, when writing with the pen, we will not have any problems. The iPhone X does not include any digital pen.

Dex, another differential feature of Samsung

Samsung Dex is a component that serves to transform the Galaxy Note 8 into a desktop computer. We just need Dex, a monitor, mouse and keyboard. By coupling the device to the component through the micro USB connection, the interface adapts to the computer mode, and we can open different applications and services. Undoubtedly, a very different point in a device. In addition, it is a feature that the iPhone X.

Similar price, but with more offers in the Galaxy Note 8

The difference between the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X is not much. Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 costs approximately 50 euros less. But we must stand out in the offers. Android devices tend to have more offers in different portals. At Amazon we can already buy it at around 830 euros. On the other hand, we will hardly see offers of the iPhone X, since it is sold even more expensive in some portals to be a terminal with more limited units.

Storage: iPhone X with two versions, Note 8 with micro SD

The truth is that both devices have a storage version in common. We are talking about the 64 GB version. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 only has this version available but includes support for micro SD with capacity of up to 2 TB. The iPhone X does not include support for micro SD. Although it has a 256 GB version, it is much more expensive than Note 8.

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