Allcall Rio: Successful Copy Of The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Allcall Rio: Successful Copy Of The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Let’s say it right away: we do not like much of the Chinese replicas, but the amusing device of Allcall Rio has turned out to be quite interesting and is attention seeking. Since they ask people to pay only $ 69.99 and it doesn’t surpass the price of the original Galaxy S6 Edge.

Against the background of the other Chinese “extra-budgetary” Allcall Rio stands out with the presence of a dual main camera, compact size (5-inch screen), imitation curved on the sides of the display and has quite a noble design. Is this generally possible with a price tag of up to $ 70?

For only $ 69.99

As already mentioned at the beginning, the exterior of Rio was clearly inspired by the once flagship Galaxy S6 Edge. Of course, the truly curved AMOLED screen is too expensive for a smartphone of this class, so Allcall engineers “squeezed out” out of the 2.5D-effect.

What’s inside it?

And inside Allcall Rio there is a budgetary and already obviously out-of-date mobile processor MediaTek MT6580A. It’s not even that it’s 32-bit, but that does not support 4G LTE networks. However, this does not prevent the Chinese from tagging them in the inexpensive smart phones of 2017 as well.

Also, Allcall Rio RAM by today’s standards literally “cat wept” – only 1 Gb. But the built-in flash drive has a capacity of only 16 Gb, which is not bad for such a cheap device. And if this is not enough, then you can put a microSD card.

The screen at “rio” 5-inch IPS has the resolution HD Ready 720 × 1280 (all the same, the MT6580A no longer allows). The main feature is a three-layer impact-resistant glass, which is curved on the sides and obviously mows under the display of the once flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Allcall Rio is one of the rare “budgets” up to $ 100, which have a dual main camera. Yes, this is just a pair of 8.0 Mp + 2.0 Mp sensors, but without the notorious interpolation. This camera will please you with portrait and subject pictures with background blur (“bokeh”).

“Frontalka” here is actually “for a tick” – 2.0 Mp, so nothing is particularly outstanding in it and is neither worth waiting for. Also, the Smartphone has enough “average” battery with a capacity of 2700 mAh which doesn’t support the fast charging.

Works Allcall Rio runs on Android 7.0 Nougat, which is very nice. And the system is “clean” without customization by the manufacturer and all the more without its own shells and other “whistles”.

Key Chips Allcall Rio

  • Dual main camera, let 8 Mp + 2 Mp, but without trying to cheat using interpolation. Test images show quite a good quality for a budget smart phone.
  • Compact 5-inch screen, covered with a three-layer protective glass with a pronounced 2.5D effect. For many, it will be preferable to 5.5-inch solutions, which is literally flooded in the market.
  • Stylish case with a metal frame, protected by shockproof glass on both sides. Almost like Samsung’s flagship smart phones, but it is preferably cheaper.
  • Powerful speakers – for those who like listening to music on your Smartphone and playing games without headphones.
  • The preinstalled “clean” Android 7.0 Nougat; these are all the basic chips of this system, including the mode of simultaneous launch of two applications.

Disadvantages of the smart phone

  • Literally stuffed with the mischief MediaTek MTK6580 (or rather, its modification MTK6580A), which the Chinese are still shoving into cheap smart phones, although there are other budgetary phones, they prefer more modern solutions.
  • The lack of support for 4G networks, and even from the 3G frequency bands is not enough. But for Russia or Ukraine enough it is quite enough.
  • Only 1 Gb of RAM, although they could have added 2 Gb RAM. In general, you will not get much with such volumes.
  • Due to the three-layer protective glass (1.8 mm) covering the screen, the smartphone has turned out to be much thicker – 9.8 mm and weight – as much as 193.

Final Words:

As a budget caller with the ability to launch mobile instant messengers, access to sites and social networks Allcall Rio can go well. In addition, they know how to build up quite good shots for the apparatus of its class. In addition, the smart phone looks much more expensive than its price.