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Amazfit Smartwatch Smart Watches Review

Amazfit Smartwatch Smart Watches Review

Chinese manufacturers are rapidly growing the production of new gadgets. Talking of the smartphones – there are manufacturers (like Xiaomi) that produce models capable of competing with A-brands’ flagships. Chinese “smart” hours may be too early, but the situation is somewhat more difficult. They already know how to make intelligent “hardware”. On the contrary, the software are still the old ones. Almost everyone knows that Xiaomi cooperates with many manufacturers for releasing various devices. One of those partners is Huami, which previously released the smart bracelet named Amazfit Moon Beam. And in the last fall, the “smart” clock Amazfit Smartwatch came. There was an international version called Pace which is already on sale.

What is it?

Amazfit Smartwatch is a smartwatch with a nearly round touch screen, a metal protected case, heart rate sensor and GPS module. With IP67 standard protection against dust and moisture, it’s virtually unbeatable.

What’s in the box?

The watch comes in a small cardboard box with a plastic transparent cover, through which you can see live Amazfit Smartwatch without opening the package. The kit is simple and concise. It carrys the clock itself, charging cradle, MicroUSB cable and a small instruction.

What do the clocks look like?

Firstly, Amazfit Smartwatch is designed as a gadget for an active lifestyle. It looks like this a minimalistic round case with a ceramic rim. A large portion of the front panel is occupied by a round-shaped touchscreen with a cut piece from the bottom, like the MOTO 360. We’ll talk about it later. There is an ambient light sensor in the trimmed section. The screen is protected by Gorilla glass with oleophobic coating.

Hypoallergenic silicone is used for the complete strap coloring –orange outside and black inside. The black one is sold (with orange inside). The strap is soft and comfortable, and the holes are close to each other, which allows you to fine-tune the size. The metal hook has usual design for the watch.

The back of the watch case is made of black mat polycarbonate, accommodating an optical heart rate monitor, four charging contacts and some technical marking.

The only mechanical button is at the top right end of the clock, it’s small and not too bulgy. To activate the screen, you don’t need to raise the hand constantly, as double tapping the button will save you from the nuisance.

The strap has 22 mm standard attachment size and it can be replaced with another one (there are different options on the Chinese online stores, including metal one). Attach with the help of snaps on the springs.

The case is relatively small (46 mm diameter) and lightweight, so it will suit the girls. Amazfit Smartwatch is an interesting and has a quite legitimate impression of a quality device. The orange version does not fit under the classic suit but, I think, the Black one will be just perfect. The watch is protected from dust and moisture by the IP67 standard, which means it will give protection from short-term immersion into a 1-meter depth water. the gadget will not die in rain but swimming with them is not a good idea.

What’s with the screen?

The watch is equipped with a 1.34 inches color touch screen and a resolution of 320×300. A translative LCD-display is used, similar to Sony’s smartwatches. A feature of such screens is that they not only illuminate, but also reflect light. So, you can read them under the sunlight, without using their own backlight. In some situations, this screen backlight is very weak and it simply does not suffice. The picture on Amazfit Smartwatch seems incredibly dull compared with most modern smartwatches having bright AMOLED or IPS displays. Viewing angles with the backlight turned on aren’t good either. But the screen displays necessary information.

What about hardware and battery life?

Formally, Amazfit Smartwatch has a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory, about half of which can be blocked with music and background images. Why formally? Because the clock runs on its own closed version of Android (or Anroid Wear, there is no unequivocal opinion on this matter). While working without lags and brakes, it’s difficult to judge. We’re expecting equally good performance from the updates too (updates of Chinese firmware release very often). There are Bluetooth modules, Wi-Fi, GPS + GLONASS, a pulse measurement sensor and an electronic compass. The gadget is powered by a 280 mAh battery working up to 5 days in a “quiet” mode (tested while walking around the city), 3-4 days in sports training.

What Amazfit Smartwatch can?

Firstly, let us inform you the firmware is localized for everyone. Originally, the watch was only available in China with the appropriate firmware having only Chinese language (model A1602). Mobile application for smartphones transferred pretty quickly. Though the clock owns the same interface, this benefit is allowed. Many users have got used to this shade and simply remembered the menu structure. Now the international version of A1612 (it’s Pace) has appeared, having English-language interface. The craftspeople have already found the opportunity to upgrade the Chinese version to the international one (from the iron’s point of view they are identical), partially or completely to install the English / Russian languages. I will not go deeper into this issue, there is a corresponding branch for 4PDA for this, especially since there is a risk of getting a “brick”.

Let’s turn to the possibilities of the clock. Depending on the option chosen, the main screen also displays the clock and various additional information.

Swapping from top to bottom you can go to the submenu with the weather forecast, the battery percentage, the mode switch (for the movie theater and device settings).

In the settings menu, you can adjust vibration power, display, wireless modules, reset settings, update the device, enable the search for a connected phone and so on.

Swapping left to right of the main screen opens a tab launching training sessions, viewing activities and personal achievements. Initially there were few modes, now there are running track, walking, cycling, exercise bike and cross-country running.

Go up from the main screen to view notifications. Cyrillic symbols are displayed adequately.

On the right of the main screen is a bunch of functional tabs. Information about the past steps, active and inactive time ratio statistics. Subjectively, it seems that the steps are fairly accurate.

Next – a pulse measurement, graph with statistics and measurements log. Again, there was a subjective impression that the pulse is measured with good accuracy.

The next tab is the music player. It can play music from internal memory or download from a selected network (Wireless FM) on Bluetooth headphones. The Lack of control over the smartphone player was surprising.

The organization of the menu is quite understandable, but with localization and implementation, everything is not well. Let’s move on to the mobile application. To be precise, one cannot do without applications which is very sad. The main application – Amazfit Watch allows you to start the synchronization, see the battery charge, free space on the clock, the firmware version and disconnect the device.

You can set the dials (there are plenty to choose from) and put the background image.

Still, activity data is not recorded in the application. To do this, you need to install another Mi Fit or Mi Dong, where it will all be displayed.

By the way, I could not connect the old version of Mi Fit with the clock (or the Amazfit Watch application), but with the current version there is no problem. You can watch current results, statistics for different days/weeks in steps, sports activity, heart rate, sleep, watch your routes (thanks to the GPS module in Amazfit Smartwatch) and start the training modes.

Final words

From the hardware point of view, Amazfit Smartwatch looks solid, they have IP67 standard protection, all the necessary sensors, including GPS and an adequately working heart rate monitor. The watch boasts a long enough battery life and a bunch of different modes that are reloaded with the release of new firmware. The main problem of the watch is a curve and non-polished translation. There are some problems with the software section. First, two applications are not very convenient, and secondly, these applications start themselves and work. I believe, this will be helpful in future, because the potential of Amazfit Smartwatch is really good.

4 Reasons to Buy Amazfit Smartwatch:

quality materials and a pleasant appearance;

protection from dust and moisture;

a complete set of necessary wireless interfaces and sensors;

long battery life.

2 reasons not to buy Amazfit Smartwatch:

weak software with a crooked translation;

low brightness of the screen backlight and low viewing angles with the backlight on.

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