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Amazon Key: A Service that Allows the Amazon Courier to Open your Door

Amazon Key: A Service that Allows the Amazon Courier to Open your Door

Consumption and ordering of product have hit a new height in the US. Mail and delivery to the US is a common thing. In some areas, parcels can simply be left on the staircase, and you pick it up when convenient for you, without even worrying that someone will steal it.

For greater security and peace of mind, Amazon has developed a smart door lock and a special webcam. With this gadget, Amazon couriers can open the door of your home, and leave the parcel on the doorstep.

The big question is why should you trust this trading platform? The truth is that Amazon is one of the biggest trade industries in the US.

If you need to buy something, you search for it on Amazon and they take care of the delivery. The trading platform has a separate service Amazon Prime, which I mistakenly subscribed to and cost $100 per year.

This subscription offers you excellent discounts on delivery as the majority of Americans buy on the Amazon site.

What is the Amazon Key Service?

Amazon Key service works with Cloud Cam Amazon. Included with the service you receive an electronic lock and camera. When the courier goes to your home with the parcel, the camera scans a special barcode and sends a request to the Amazon cloud.

Once the code is checked, the camera recordings activated. After that, as soon as all the procedures of recording and authentication started, the courier opens the door and he can leave the parcel on the doorstep.

The clients notified that the parcels delivered and can view the video recording immediately.

What makes this system unique?

Two renowned companies for security designed the locking system Kwikset and Yale. This is a smart house system making your deliveries directly into your home more accessible. Amazon does not only offer you this service but many others as well. They provide you extra storage space for video recordings on their cloud service at a small fee.

When will the Amazon Key Service be available?

The launch of the new products scheduled for November. The price of the set is 249 bucks. If you are one of those customers who would want to participate in such a service, you will need to trust Amazon to give them access to your home. Only time will tell if this service is welcomed into the Amazon community.