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Apple Watch Series 3 Review

Apple Watch Series 3 Review

One of the mainstream Smartwatches is the Apple Series 3 timepiece. Compared to earlier generation Smartwatches this one supports the LTE network. You can buy the Apple watch in different color design. From one with a silver case with a smoky shade strap, while the black ones available with a gray strap with a shade of gold or gray found in the strap.


The case itself looks beautiful, assembled with a bright OLED display – there is no need of squinting your eyes or covering the screen in bright light with your hand. The appearance is similar to its predecessor yet remains pleasing to look at. Furthermore, the watch is water-resistant up to a depth of 50 meters and the thickness of the device is not more than a millimeter.


Compared to the 2nd generation Apple device, the Series 3 has a new processor and is 70% more powerful. The watch is fast and the Chamomile program does not even appear as the application starts immediately.

In addition, the Apple Watch has a dual-core W2 chip, capable of consuming up to 50% less power. With the new chip, you would expect the battery use to be effective, but is not the case. With the new processor, you’re still left charging the watch at nighttime after a day of use.

The positive side is the processors powerful enough to launch the application and improve on Siri. Compared to the older version the watch greets you with a pleasant voice and not a text phrase. For this to happen, you need to download the special Watch OS software.

By using the LTE network, the battery discharges faster compared to previous models. You are able to use the watch for two days before the next charge.


The following upgrades have taken place in the Series 3 Apple Watch:

The appearance of the navigation system GLONASS, as well as an altimeter that allows you to count the number of steps and flights of stairs between the floors, has undergone an upgrade. Athletes will appreciate this upgrade, especially if you watch your physical performance.

The Pulse application provides extended information on the heart rate, you can see the heartbeat in real time, and see how it beats before training, and at the end of the workout. In case your heart rate is abnormal, the clock notifies you with a special signal.

The application “Training” fixes the training “in the interval”, it makes it possible, for example, to correctly set the hours for swimming in the pool, running or cycling. And with the help of the wireless connection, the gadget connects to the cardio machines and synchronizes with them. Thus, it is possible to more accurately track the results of sports activities and the process itself.

Barometric altimeter measures … Yes, yes, the height that is useful for climbers and lovers of skiing sports.

Among the new dials is the version with the characters of the cartoon “Toy Story”, as well as the “Siri” version, which the technocrats will clearly appreciate.

Stepping Forward

This model of the Apple Watch finally has a long-awaited mobile LTE module, which allows you to use an iPhone even if it is currently out of the Bluetooth range. Now you can use the Apple Smartwatch away from your Smartphone while retaining full functionality. This became a reality due to the integrated eSIM card, in fact, it doubles up as the main card and uses the same number.