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Audece iSINE10, so are the most exclusive iPhone headsets

Audece iSINE10: The most exclusive iPhone headsets

The headphones are one of the favorite accessories of mobile users, because who else and who least listen to music or watch movies and series with their mobile. We have headphones from a few euros to the most exclusive in the world, such as these Audece iSINE10 .

As we say the headphones are the most popular devices among technology enthusiasts, and there are many models that we know every month, like the ones we told you a few days ago, SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth that have a dual connection.

So are the luxury headphones Audece iSINE10

These headphones already attract attention for their design, which reminds us of a spider’s web, with a marked aggressive character. These headphones have a spectacular sound, crisp and high quality, thanks among other things to the patented Fluxor magnets and Uniforce technology. Thanks to these features they become one of the most spectacular top-of-the-range headphones in the world. Another of the keys of these headphones are the controllers of magnetic plane of 30 mm, a technology reserved until now for the headset of large dimensions. Now for the first time we can see this technology in a headset of this type.

The distortion of the sound of these headphones in the maximum volume levels are only 0.1%, and the best thing is that we can adjust their sound from the Audeze app for iOS , so it also offers a high level of personalization. Users of the iPhone will also find with these headphones a spectacular accessory, as is the first Lightning cable capable of transmitting 24-bit sound and high resolution. In this way we can enjoy a complete high quality sound experience. It is clear that it is useless to have a headset of this quality if the cable is not up to it.

For those who love the exclusive, they should know that these headphones, like the Apple iPhone, have been designed in California. As expected these headphones are not cheap, in fact the AirPods will seem out of the Chinese once you know its price. This Audece iSINE10 are priced at nothing less than $399, so they cost even more than many of the more exclusive Beats models. In short, this is the Rolls Royce of the ear buds, with exclusive features that result in a unique sound.