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The Best Gaming Headset for October 2017

Written by Tyler Rondman

The Best Gaming Headset

The theme of gaming sets turned out to be very extensive because there are many interesting and high-quality solutions on the market that can satisfy the needs of any gamer.

Whether you are in need of the best-designed headphones, trying to listen to different genres of music, or in need of one with a microphone you can find the best gaming headset reviewed here.

However, finding one with all these important features in one headphone is difficult as they seldom have all of them available in one device.

We tried to select five headsets with the entire above characteristic in one: from the comfortable feeling around the ears, stylish design, excellent sound, and a good microphone for communicating.

Naturally, there might be more options available. Therefore, in our next issue, we will try our best to find you more, but for now, this will be the top five in this edition.

In addition, be sure to check out the selection of the top, headphones, as well as the best budget headsets and the most popular solutions available on the market.

If you do not find anything you like online, make sure to read our article further – as you might find the perfect headset in the next paragraph.

Qcyber Bagarang

When buying a middle-class headphone, the main thing to understand is, you do not have to give up the sound quality when listening to music and movies. This is not a music earphone as the gaming headset focuses on the low and medium frequencies trending in shooters and MMOs. The Qcyber Bagarang headphone we liked for the quality of the case – the plastic is durable; it does not crack and does not move around during use, and offers you a feeling it could be of high cost.

Due to the soft lining of the headband and larger ear cushions made of eco-leather, the product does not press on the head and ears even after prolonged use. In terms of features – it is a 20 to 20000 Hz frequency headset; the resistance is only 32 ohms, a microphone on a movable bar and has noise canceling.

Yes, there are no fancy highlights, outstanding materials and logos with brilliant engraving, but the minimum for a comfortable gaming experience is present. The gaming headphones ideal if you do not want to pay a fortune for a design.

TESORO Kuven Angel A1 7.1

You have dreamed of owning a TESORO gaming device, as it is one of the coolest brands in the world. The manufacturer stands out among competitors with a desire to try something new, and to satisfy the demands of even the most active gamer.

The TESORO Kuven Angel A1 7.1 headsets available in white and black, the ear cushions slightly turned at an angle, this allows the headset to fit comfortably on the head and offers a better sound.

The ear pads are quite large, made of natural material, unfortunately, the ear cups and the cables fixed. At the end of the cable there are two plugs one for the audio and the other for the mic. The cable’s length is 1.2 meters.

The great advantage of this headphone is its design, lightweight and a volume switch on the wire. If you play games for up to 10-hours a day this is the earphone to have.


Despite the fact that the developers of this headset clearly took their inspiration from the Razer Tiamat 7.1 headset, the product remained attractive and interesting. First, it’s worth noting what the headphone looks like and the truth it looks super cool –removable ear cushions made of eco-leather and cover the whole ear. This not only gives you isolation from external noises, and does not add pressure on your ears during a long game. This is very important if you plan to play an hour a day. There is a console for switching between sets of settings – Bass, Surround, and FPS.

Each preset is suitable for a different task. However, the most important advantage of the headset is the 7.1 virtual surround sounds. It allows you to distinguish the direction of a shot, where the opponents coming from and when the enemy reloads and hiding in the dark.

Once you try out this technology, you get a better understanding of how cool this headphone actually is. Of course, in games like Dota 2, the benefits will not be noticeable, but in shooters – it’s the most. In addition, the manufacturer has tried to design a device with the highest quality materials. Furthermore, the GAMDIAS EROS ELITE 7.1 has served us well for a year.

Creative Sound BlasterX H5

The Creative Sound BlasterX H5 has received some excellent reviews on the internet over the years. Thanks to a very large ear cushion from the natural material, as well as a soft headband and lightweight design, the headset does not press on the head, ears do not hurt from prolonged use, and the microphone is placed at a very comfortable distance.

In terms of design, quality, and convenience, this is one of the best devices on the market. The sound quality is excellent and, you might even be able to listen to music. We liked the microphone, it cuts out external noise well, and your opponent only hears your voice without the buzzing of the unit. We have used these headphones and everything is perfectly audible.

TESORO Kuven Pro

These headphones are one of the few that can boast a true 5.1-channel sound. That is, it is not a virtual 7.1-channel sound, which most headphones achieve by software processing of audio in games and music, but real sound, achieved by 4 speakers in each headphone cup.

Believe us the difference is noticeable as we have tested many headphones. Positioning in games is so clear that you know beforehand where the opponent will be coming from. It is very difficult to explain this in words – you need to try them and listen.

The sound quality is excellent, the sound is clear and without excessive rattles, the upper, lower, and middle frequencies are perfectly audible, but I would not advise listening to music in the 5.1-channel sound – all tracks are stereo. The exterior is pleasant and comfortable as the Kuven Angel A1 7.1, the design has not changed at all, and only the weight has increased slightly due to a large number of speakers.

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