Best Waterproof Laptop PC Backpacks 2018 – Tips for Purchase

Let’s say it: Carrying a computer in a bag or backpack is not a bad idea.

Fortunately, a wide range of PC backpacks are available in the market, with various sizes and features.

The only problem? Choosing one from so many varieties is complicated …

Hence, after intense research and comparisons between various models, we enlisted the best laptop backpacks of the market, each with different price and features, so that you can find out the one that’s right for you!

We advise you to read our guide Choose the Best PC Backpack at the end of the article, to get clearer ideas.

Amazon Basics – Best Cheap Laptop PC Backpack

A medium-large backpack for laptops up to 17 inches.

Despite being an extremely economical backpack, the quality is excellent. The seams are durable and certainly durable, the padding is not excessive but a good protection is guaranteed.

The backpack can hold up to 17-inch PCs, although we personally find that a 15.6-inch laptop is more adequate and certainly more protected than the larger models.

It is also equipped with many small compartments (for pens, keys and objects of various kinds) and an external net pocket to carry a bottle of water or an umbrella that is not too big.

This model is really spacious, even after the computer is inserted, it does not lack space for other large objects.

The backpack is large but not too exaggerated. Easy to carry on the shoulders, felt not heavy and does its job well.

We recommend this laptop backpack to those who do not want to spend too much and need to bring other bulky things in addition to their computer. It’s not bad for those who go to school or university, but certainly not the best on the list.


  • Very cheap
  • Small compartments
  • Spacious


  • Notable dimensions

REYLEO – Best Backpack for Business/Work

A 15.6-inch Nylon laptop backpack – perfect for business or work.

It’s simple, but the professional design has made it suitable for any work environment. Not cumbersome at all and perfect for those who wear a jacket and tie.

It is a compact and slender backpack (about 13 cm wide) and can accommodate a 15.6-inch laptop (even better a 13-inch tablet) maximum and other items such as diary, chargers and more, without exaggeration.

This model is quite stable and robust without compromising its compactness, at a decidedly moderate price.

In addition, the backpack is equipped with various compartments of small size, excellent for various accessories. Not to mention, this feature will help you keep your pockets free.

We recommend this computer backpack to those who work and travel very often, or those who have to go to the office every day. A professional looking compact backpack – perfect to carry the necessary equipment without weighing too much.


  • Professional look, suitable for everyone
  • Slender and Compact
  • Low price


  • Slightly tight for 15 inches

WinCret – Best Anti-theft PC Backpack

A computer backpack with a very attractive design and an interesting Bobby style anti-theft system.

This model has intrigued us immediately for a reason: no main zip is visible!

The anti-theft system allows the zips remain hidden in the back of the backpack, making it impossible to open for a thief when you wear it.

Moreover, this particular design makes the backpack really intriguing and the availability of choosing between different colors is always a plus point.

Depending on your preferences, two models are available:

  • Standard version (for 15.6-inch laptops)
  • Compact version (for 14-inch laptops)

The backpack is literally FULL of pockets of all sizes. Keeping the most important items in your pocket will no longer be necessary, thanks to the pockets hidden in the straps and back of the backpack.

In case of rain, the backpack is covered with a water repellent material. You’ll need to be more relaxed while pulling out the protective cloth from the top zip of the backpack.

The integrated USB charging is really comfortable while walking: just insert any powerbank (not included) in the backpack, connect it with the integrated cable and charge the phone from the external USB socket of the backpack.

To conclude, the WinCret anti-theft backpack is suitable for those who often travel by public transport (or in crowded areas) and look for a backpack that’s safe, accessorized and comfortable to wear. Once you tested the integrated USB charge, you cannot help without it. No attacker can steal from your backpack when you wear it. Try it!


  • Integrated USB charge
  • Hidden anti-theft pockets
  • Different colors
  • Two dimensions (Standard and Compact)


  • Not very large
  • It gets dirty easily

Backpack Burglar WinCret

YAOHU – Best backpack / laptop bag for school or university

Great, versatile and comfortable backpack to face the day.

The main feature of this laptop backpack is its 3-in-1 function: thanks to its included strap, it can be used as a shoulder strap, as a briefcase or as a simple backpack, the choice is up to you!

This is a nylon model with imitation leather inserts, the backpack is waterproof but we recommend covering it if it’s rain heavily outside.

The internal organization of the backpack is surprising: the front pocket is dedicated to small objects (such as pens, small notebooks and powerbank) while the back pocket of the backpack can accommodate a laptop of up to 15.6 inches (or a small notebook /a MacBook) and other larger objects such as books, tablets and so on.

The backpack is compact, durable and exceptionally versatile – suitable for those who attend the university or for those who must bring the computer to school.

An attractive design and the possibility to use it as a bag as well as a computer case.


  • 3 in 1 design (backpack, bag and suitcase)
  • Excellent internal organization
  • Compact


  • Medium / low quality hinges


Backpack universities / YÁOHU school

Evecase – Best 17 Inch Compact PC Backpack

Extremely compact (9 cm wide!) – Suitable to accommodate very large computer.

Lightweight, water resistant (moderate) and really convenient to carry, this model is one of the best laptop backpacks on our list.

The backpack is also equipped with a strap so that you can use it as a computer bag. Just put the straps in the back pocket, hook the strap and you’re ready to go!

Despite being an extremely compact backpack, it is capable of holding 17-inch gaming laptops (such as an Asus ROG) without batting an eyelid.

If you do not have such a large computer, we recommend the 15.6-inch PC version.

Even after holding your computer, a lot of room will remain available for other things such as chargers or a few notebooks. The front pocket can carry smaller accessories.

A computer backpack, suitable for those who have 17-inch (or 17.3-inch, even gaming) computers but need a compact backpack. If you have to carry your computer along with a few accessories, this would be an ideal choice.


  • Lightweight but good padding
  • Also for Gaming laptops 
  • Both backpack and bag


  • Light seams

Backpack Evecase 17 inches

Slimbridge Morley – Best backpack PC case with wheels (travel)

A spacious backpack with a lot of wheels and a handle, perfect for traveling.

Having an appropriate compartment, this padded backpack can carry a medium-sized laptop, about 15.6 inches.

A fundamental characteristic of the backpack is – you can use it as hand luggage on the plane.

This model consists of two main pockets: (i) the compartment at its back for the laptop and medium-large objects, (ii) the smaller front for various accessories.

In addition, the backpack has two side pockets, comfortable for objects of no value or you can keep things you want close at hand.

If you want to use the backpack as a trolley, just put the straps in the zip on the back and pull up the handle.

This backpack is suitable for people who travel often and those who do not want to carry weights on their back for too long. The change from backpack to trolley is immediate and the backpack can easily accommodate clothes or towels of various kinds. Perfect for the plane travelers.


  • Great hand baggage on the plane
  • Several pockets
  • Good value for money


  • If loaded too much, it tends to become unbalanced
  • Medium/ low quality wheels


Choose the Best PC Laptop Backpack

Finding the computer backpack suitable for your needs is not as simple as it seems.

It is confusing to decide between various backpacks as at first sight, they all seem to be same.

After meticulous analysis, we have collected the key features to make your backpack for laptops or tablets purchasing easier. The factors listed below are essential to consider while choosing your backpack. Use them as a guideline during the purchase.


The size of a backpack for laptops is certainly one of the most important factors.

Obviously, it depends on the type of use:

  • If you have to bring only the laptop and a few accessories, it makes no sense to take a spacious backpack. Weighing more, it will be cumbersome for what you need. In this case, we recommend a compact backpack that can carry a computer of the same size.
  • Are you going to take a longer trip than usual or do you never know where to put the things you need, in addition to the laptop? Here it makes more sense to buy a spacious backpack that can hold everything you need.

Waterproof VS Not Waterproof

We have noticed that there are backpacks both waterproof and not, but most are relatively waterproof.

Let me explain: almost all computer backpacks on the market are made of nylon outside. This results in a practically impermeable backpack when exposed to a “light” amount of water (such as light rain). But if the backpack comes in contact with a large amount of water, it is likely to enter the backpack and cause damage.

Bottom line: even if the backpack for the PC in question is characterized as waterproof, do not expose it to exaggerated amounts of water. Try to cover it as much as possible and if it has an integrated rain protection, use it without hesitation.

We strongly advise against cloth-based backpacks. Because they are not absolutely waterproof and therefore, not suitable for carrying a laptop.


It may seem useless to consider this feature. But believe us, it is Not!

The organization of the interior space is one of the main characteristics while choosing a backpack, especially if it is a backpack for notebooks.

A backpack with various pockets and compartments, suitable for objects of various sizes, allows you to make the most of the internal space and avoid accidental damage.

In short: if everything is in its place, we will have the security of not breaking anything!

The compartments to be analyzed depend on the daily use of the backpack in question:

  • If we use it at the university or in the office, the various compartments for pens, calculator and stationery are very useful.
  • If we carry more electronic devices at the same time, a second padded compartment for a tablet or a powerbank will be very convenient when needed.

We advise you to make a list of the things you use and put in your laptop bag to get a clearer idea about which compartments will match your requirement.

Secondary characteristics

The last characteristics of laptop backpacks we think worth consideration is something we usually overlook during the purchase, or we were not aware of them.

Here’s the list:

Burglar alarm: It is not of vital importance. But having the security of putting valuables in your backpack without problems (especially if you travel by public transport or in crowded areas) is a characteristic not to be overlooked.

External phone recharge: This consists of a cable inside the backpack to which you connect a power bank and an external USB socket, usually placed at the height of the shoulder pads. Simple, intuitive, above all very comfortable. Once you tried it, you wouldn’t think of living without it.

Handle and wheels incorporated: This functionality is ignored by many. But if you travel often, it deserves to be considered. Turning the backpack into a trolley with a few actions is a comfort – an excellent partner during traveling in the plane or the train.