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The Best Wireless Headphones JBL Everest

Written by Tyler Rondman

The Best Wireless Headphones JBL Everest

Until recently, wireless headphones were not very popular. The market only had some models available, and cost more expensive than wired ones that are not inferior in sound.

Today the situation has changed and you can find manufacturers making some of the best wireless headphones available online.

Perhaps this is because every year, more and more manufacturers are giving up standard 3.5 mm connectors, following Apple’s example.

The price of wireless headphones has become more affordable, and most importantly – the quality of sound is growing steadily and the functionality is expanding.

In today’s review, we’ll talk about the JBL Everest wireless headphones Let’s find out what product might interest your musical ears. We will be looking at different JBL Everest models available.

The JBL Everest 100

This model is ideal if you like a compact and practical headset. It has a nice design, good build, and high specifications. You receive the JBL Everest 100 in a gorgeous package that draws the attention to the product. On the outside of the box, it has the full description of the model.

Inside, you will find the headset, a micro USB cord for charging, 3 sets of inserts of different sizes (small, medium and large), 3 more sets of loose-leaf inserts (of the same size), user manual and warranty card. This model is a typical in-ear headphone.

The Design

It consists of a pair of speakers, a connecting wire and a control module located near the right speaker. It allows you to adjust the volume and answer calls. The earphones equipped with a microphone and a special component to communicate via USB with your smartphone.

You can buy this model in different colors from white to black. On the outer side of each speaker, the pale-silvery letters JBLs displayed when viewing the white pair. In the black headphones, these letters are light gray. The described headset weighs 16 grams. The dimensions of the liners are 14.7 x 14.8 x 30.4 mm. The measurement of the module with microphone is 9.1 x 7.2 x 42.3 mm.


The JBL Everest 100 supports a frequency range of 10 to 22 kHz. The declared sensitivity of the driver is 96 dB/1 kHz. The maximum sound pressure (SPL) can reach 103 dB. The declared sensitivity of the microphone is -42 dB V / Pa. The speakers work with a 5.8 mm driver. The headset play music from your Bluetooth 4.1 enabled smartphone.


The JBL Everest 100 wireless headphones feature JBL Pro Audio Sound proprietary technology. It creates a stunning sound scene when playing any musical genre. Literally, everything from classics to heavy rock will sound rich and clear. In addition, the headset features excellent ergonomics.

The liners easily fit into your ears, without creating discomfort. At the same time, they fit securely, so that the headset does not fall out while shaking your head. The integrated microphone supports echo cancellation technology. Thanks to this, your voice comes over natural while taking a call without distortion.

The headset functions with a polymer lithium-ion battery. The capacity of the battery is 50 mAh x 2. The nominal power consumption is 5 MW. Taking into account the power of the speakers and the capacity of the battery, the wireless headphones of the Everest 100 JBL can work on one charge for about 8 hours.

Wireless headphones JBL Everest 300

The next model is the JBL Everest 300 wireless headphones. The models considered one of the best available from the JBL Company. It has a pleasant design, with high performance and is convenient to use.


The Everest 300 you receive in a stunning box with a small carry handle. Inside the box is the headphone, a MicroUSB charging cord, a standard 3.5 mm audio cable, a user’s manual, warranty documentation, and the Aha Radio booklet. This is a full-sized headphone and consists of two speakers with comfortable ear cushions and headband with a soft lining.

The headphones weigh 245 grams and you can buy it in three-color variants black, red, and white. Although the color depends on the shade, you buy. On the white the letterings silvery, the black model has a light gray lettering and the red one has a golden lettering. Slightly above the earcups are special recesses that allow you to adjust the length of the connecting bow.


The sensitivity of the JBL Everest 300 wireless headphones is 100 dB/1 kHz. They support a frequency range of 10 to 22 kHz. The dynamics of the model work with a 40 mm driver. The headphone works with smart devices using Bluetooth 4.1. The signal quality is high, so there will be no distortion when listening to music. In addition, the engineers implemented the ShareMe 2.0 functions in the device, through which you can connect to other wireless headsets. This allows several users to listen to music from one smartphone.


First off, the manufacturers paid considerable attention to the ergonomics of the Everest 300 JBL headphones. The ear-pads perfectly fit the user’s ears, without causing any problems. A very important point is the support of the JBL Pro Audio Sound proprietary technology.

Thanks to it, an incredible acoustic effect created, allowing you to enjoy the music of various genres. The wireless headphone has a built-in microphone that supports echo cancellation technology. This is the same as seen in the JBL Everest 100 and helps with a clear transmission of your voice.

Moreover, the existing microphone gives the person the opportunity to control some functions of your smartphone by using your voice. The battery use of these headsets exceptional and offers you up to 20 hours of listening with one charge.

The JBL Everest 700

If you want the highest quality of music listening, the JBL Everest 700 is the one to have.


Like all the previous models, the JBL Everest 700 is also in a stunning package. Inside you get the wireless headphone, a micro USB charging cable, a 3.5 mm audio cord, user manual, warranty card and the Aha Radio booklet. The 700 is similar to the 300 and is a full-size headphone with two speakers and soft ear pads.

The ear pads connected with a headband and soft lining. You can adjust the headband and you can buy it in interesting colors. You can buy it in black, light gray with a black headband, or light blue with a gray bottom section of the headband. These headphones are quite large, measures 76.9 x 176.5 x 169.5 mm, and weigh 274 grams.


The speakers packed into this headphone are 40mm and supports a frequency range of 10 – 22 kHz. The sensitivity is 102 dB/1kHz and the boundary pressure level is 117dB. The sensitivity of the microphone is -42 dB V / Pa. As with the other models, the 700 also connects via Bluetooth 4.1 to your smartphone.

The declared power of the Bluetooth module is <4 dB/MW. The JBL Everest 700 supports the following communication standards: HSP V1.2, HFP V1.6, AVRCP V1.4, and A2DP V1.3. In addition, you can use the ShareMe 2.0 functions, which allows you to establish a connection between several headsets. Thus, you can share music, gaming information, and video content with friends.


This headset has amazing ergonomic qualities. The ear pads fit perfectly on the ears without causing discomfort. The JBL Pro Audio Sound is present and produces clear sound when listening to different genres of music. The JBL Everest 700 headphone microphone supports the already familiar echo cancellation technology. This transmits your voice natural and clear without distortion when making and receiving calls.

The model is equipped with a polymer lithium-ion battery with an 850 mAh. The nominal headphone input rating is 30 MW. With this power, the battery provides tremendous prolonged use. More precisely, these headphones can function with Bluetooth on for 25 hours. One charge can last for two days or more.

Final Thoughts

We have reached the end of our JBL Everest Wireless Headphone review. We have examined each of these models and can conclude that they all have a pleasant design, modern hardware with high levels of use. Of course, these models are not budget-friendly, but for the price, you get quality headphones.

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