Cooler Master has released five fans of the MasterFan Pro RGB series

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Cooler Master has released five fans of the MasterFan Pro RGB series

Cooler Master company added its own range of products with three 120- and two 140-mm fans of the MasterFan Pro RGB series, as well as a C10L RGB LED backlight compatible with the new “turntables” without much publicity. The glow of the “carlsons” can also be synchronized with ASUS Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light and ASRock RGB LED systems or fixed in blue or red with a special switch.

Fans MasterFan Pro 120 Air Pressure RGB and MasterFan Pro 120 Air Flow RGB, as the names suggest, are optimized to provide the greatest static pressure and airflow respectively, and the MasterFan Pro 120 Air Balance RGB is a universal solution.

The model marked Air Pressure operates at speeds from 650 to 1500 rpm, provides airflow up to 35 CFM (59 m³ / h) at a pressure of 1.45 mm of water. Art. and noise up to 20 dBA. The version of Air Flow is characterized by a speed of 650 to 1100 rpm, an air flow of up to 48.8 CFM (83 m3 / h), an air pressure of 0.88 mm of water. Art. and noise level up to 20 dBA. The universal solution marked Air Balance rotates at a speed of 650 to 1300 rpm, provides an air flow of up to 42.7 CFM (72.5 m³ / h) at a static pressure of 0.96 mm of water. Art. and a noise level of 20 dBA.

The MasterFan Pro 140 Air Flow RGB and MasterFan Pro 140 Air Pressure RGB fans, like their 120mm analogue, are optimized to provide the greatest airflow and static pressure, respectively. The first “carlson” operates at a speed of 500 to 800 rpm, characterized by a pressure of 0.54 mm of water. Art. and pumps up to 53 CFM (90 m³ / hr) of air at noise up to 20 dBA. Meanwhile, the model marked Air Pressure rotates at a speed of 650 to 1550 rpm, provides a static pressure of 1.59 mm of water. Art. and an air flow of up to 46 CFM (78 m³ / hr) with a noise of 20 dBA.

The Cooler Master C10L RGB LED Illumination Controller allows you to control the brightness of the backlight of the fans, set the mode of operation, and also adjust the color with the buttons located on the body of the device. The possibility of program control of the controller is not provided.

As for the recommended cost of new products, the 120-mm fans are estimated by the manufacturer at $20, and their 140-mm counterparts will cost $5 more. The cost of the Cooler Master C10L RGB controller will be announced later.

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