Cubot X18. The most accessible “legal clone” Galaxy S8

Cubot X18. The most accessible “legal clone” Galaxy S8

One of the most affordable smartphones, Cubot X18 is quite well-made analogue of the “Galaxy S8” from Samsung. The key feature of this new model is its price, and in the autumn campaign (September 11 to September 15), it will be only 59.99 dollars.

In the late August 2017, Cubot X18 emerges, but the active promotion of new items began only in September.


As we said at the very beginning, the Cubot X18 is created “in the image and likeness” of Samsung Galaxy S8. Compared with other inexpensive “legal copies” of the flagship from the Middle Kingdom, X18 has more streamlined forms. Besides, the noticeable 2.5D-effect creates a real impression of the curved screen.

The side frames are almost invisible, the indentations from the top and bottom of the display are minimal. The body of the device is made of metal, but the back cover is inexpensive and not very practical. On the contrary, the location of the fingerprint scanner is more practical and very much convenient.

The “iron” Cubot X18

The new “frameless” from Cubot is based on the quad-core mobile processor MediaTek MT6737T, which is a slightly overclocked version of MediaTek MT6737. Sure, X18 will cope with everyday tasks meticulously, but we don’t recommend waiting for any sort of miracle from it.

I’m glad that the Cubot X18 is equipped with the maximum RAM for such an “iron” base – 3 Gb LPDDR3 with a clock speed of 733 MHz. The capacity of the built-in flash drive is also quite decent – 32 Gb. There is a dedicated (!) Slot for microSD memory cards.

Let’s discuss about the screen of the smartphone in more detail. The manufacturer equipped the device with an extended display with a resolution of HD + 720 × 1440 (aspect ratio 1 to 2 or 9 to 18), thanks to the MT6737T. The matrix type is IPS, covering 90% of the NTSC color space.

It is important to note that the Cubot X18 display occupies 83% of the front surface. As for the outside, it is protected by impact resistant glass with a noticeable 2.5D-effect.

Both cameras of the device deserve special attention. The main one is single, but with a high-quality 13-megapixel sensor from Sony (with software interpolation up to 16 Mp) and 5-lens optics with an aperture of f / 2.2. Autofocus is really fast and works for 0.1 sec.

The front camera is based on 8-megapixel (interpolated to 13 Mp) Samsung module, it also has a 5-lens lens. Appreciably, you can use its soft flash in low light conditions.

Unlike some other budget “Chinese”, the Cubot X18 has a fingerprint sensor located on the back of the device. It recognizes fingerprints from any angle and acts very promptly, doesn’t takes more than 0.1 s.


The new Cubot received a battery with a capacity of 3200 mAh. Once fully charged, you’re ready to go for a whole day’s use. There is support for fast charging using MediaTek PumpExpress 2.0 technology (preferably using the original adapter).

Cubot X18 is supported by Android 7.0 Nougat, which undoubtedly provides the advantage of autonomy and speed.


Comparatively minimal:

The smartphone itself.


USB cable.

Protective film on the screen.


Warranty card.

Disadvantages of a smartphone

The disadvantages of the Cubot X18 are not so much in view of its price, but nevertheless they are available:

Fast, but not the fastest processor. For this money, some Chinese manufacturers offer more interesting and powerful options.

Weak flare of the main camera, besides not two-tone.

A module of the main camera projecting above the surface of the back cover.

Absence of a set in the complete set.


In our opinion, if you are not comfortable with the classic design and want something more modern, the Cubot X18 is just an excellent smartphone for the money (especially considering the unreal discount in September for the promotion). Last but not the least, it’s better to invest on it, rather than overpaying for the original Galaxy S8 or the Xiaomi Mi Mix.