DOOGEE MIX2: The First Frameless Smartphone with Four Cameras

DOOGEE MIX2: The First Frameless Smartphone with Four Cameras

A short while ago the wide-angle dual front camera on the Android Oreo made excellent news for mobile users.

Company DOOGEE recently unveiled a smartphone called the MIX2, the scope of which, compared with the previous model is smaller. However, to rid the top frames not completely capable as there is the camera and sensors to consider.

For example, coming out in November, the iPhone X has the same structure of the upper front. To remove this frame, manufacturers will have to find another place for the camera, as it is done in the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, where the camera is located at the bottom, which is not very convenient for shooting.

This design has its benefits and disadvantages. For example, the front camera on the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is not convenient for shooting – you need time to turn the device before you can capture Selfies. You can leave the camera at the top in the centre, if users are not against the cutout in the middle of the screen, like on the iPhone X.

Thus, now the most attractive design is the front position in a symmetrical position, like on the Samsung Galaxy S8. The same choice was made in DOOGEE MIX2, where the size of the top and bottom frames is the same.

The DOOGEE MIX2 contains a camera and sensors in the upper frame. As can be seen in the image below, there are two cameras, a distance sensor, ambient light and a receiver. The case remains thin; the screen diagonally is 5.99 inches, although with thicker frames in the case of a similar size, screens of 5.5 inches are usually installed.

Thanks to the front dual camera, the DOOGEE MIX2 is the first frameless smartphone with four cameras. They have not used only two conventional cameras, but use wide-angle lenses with a viewing angle of 130° to extend the photographic capabilities of the device.

For the two cameras to work, the developers have proposed a new wide-angle shooting mode, to capture normal selfies with more objects fit in the frame. The developers claim that the photos can fit 8-10 people.

Other characteristics of the device include a screen resolution of 2160 x 1080 a density of 402 PPI, an AMOLED panel. The smartphone runs on a 4-core MediaTek Helio P25 processor using Android 8.0. The amount of is RAM 6/8 GB, flash memory 64/128 GB, there is a microSD slot. The capacity of the battery is 4060 mAh