Elephone S9 – smartphone with two curved AMOLED displays

Written by Tyler Rondman

Elephone S9 – smartphone with two curved AMOLED displays

A few moments ago, I was quite actively interested in all Chinese inventions. But after a while, I forgot about them, and focused on the products of major players. So far, I can remember, I was literally waiting for Elephone’s new smartphone. And Elephone S9 really stirs the market.

I, basically, remember the Elephone brand for two reasons. During their first press conference, the company announced six new smartphones together, as well as its own smart clock. The second reason is the model Elephone S7, which is a copy of Samsung Galaxy S7. Interestingly, at first, we thought it was a copy of the Galaxy S7 Edge, but it turned out that the visualizers just a little over-photographed.

However, Elephone copies to the brilliants, and not only the appearance, but also the names of smartphones of competitors. This time, the history is again going to echo its voice. But chances are, the Elephant S9 will be a really attractive offer. The manufacturer sent an official message that the device on both sides will be equipped with a curved AMOLED display manufactured by Samsung. In addition, it will also have small frames and the proportions will be 18: 9 (2: 1). It means that this smartphone will be the fourth (after Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 + and Galaxy Note 8) device with such a screen on the market.

Wait, there’s more. Elephone also said that the Elephone S9 will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor (8x Kryo 260, 14 nm). This is a really strong as well as very rare processor in new smartphones till date. Currently, it can be found only in several models: Xiaomi Mi Note 3, Oppo R11 / R11 Plus, Vivo X20 / X20 Plus, Sharp Aquos S2, Sharp Aquos R Compact and Asus ZenFone 4.

But you will not find a small Chinese manufacturer who equipped his smartphone with the Snadpragon 660 system. In the AMOLED, the display is not framed and bent on both sides. Therefore, if Elephone fulfills its applications and puts a reasonable price on the Elephant S9, then perhaps we will definitely see a real hit soon.

I will not hide that at the very beginning, I was very much interested in this model. But right now, my enthusiasm has cooled down a little. Elephone repeatedly foreshadowed some great news, but in the end, everything was quite different from what we were promised. Sometime it also happened that they did not appear on the market at all. But I still hope that the Chinese keep their word and hence, awaiting to see their release of such a bomb in the market. Follow our news and we will definitely inform you about new information related to this model as soon as something comes to light.

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