Elephone Z1. Smartphone with 6 Gb RAM for $ 189.99 – it’s real!

Elephone Z1. Smartphone with 6 Gb RAM for $ 189.99 – it’s real!

The interesting part is that Elephone is turning into a novelty having an ordinary Chinese MediaTek Helio P20 model with 6 Gb of RAM and offering an attractive price too.

The price range starts from $ 189.99, thereby making this device a reasonable choice for those looking for a good-quality and a potential handset with relatively lower price.

As usual, the key device chips

  • For it has got 6 Gb fast RAM LPDDR4x, many analysts claim that there is no requirement of these volumes especially in the android based smartphones.
  • HD resolution of 5.5 inch screen is supported by OGS technology. OGS i.e. One Glass Soluton technology provides other advantages such as making the device energy-efficient, better color rendering and perfection in viewing angles.
  • An Internal memory of 64 Gb.
  • At the bottom of the Elephone Z1, stereo speakers are made to locate
  • It looks much like those popular models of the Apple iPhone like 5s because of its classic design. Though, their screen is not large enough and they are incompatible with the modern standards of these days
  • It has got the smart touch button with E-Touch technology introduced in it making it go parallel with the Iphone. Customers do not need to worry about finding a cover for their smartphone as it comes along with it.


When it comes to appearance, it resembles a lot with the larger Apple iPhone 5s. This may not seem like a big deal if we mention that it has got a thinner size- just 1.6mm thick because as such a lot many of them are being mass produced these days on a large scale, larger than we are aware of.

The flat sides edging from a metal body are designed in order to make it convenient for handling. It supports a round touch button with an E-Touch technology just like that in the iPhone. This button is right at the bottom. There is a power button and keys for volume control on the right side.

The glass of the back cover used as a protection for the Elephone Z1 is shockproof and gives a reflection of the flagship Samsung companies of past. On the extreme left side, at the very bottom there is an LED flash

The jack of earphones and headsets is 3.5 mm and present at the top. In the bottom, there is a microphone, a USB Type-C jack and chief stereo speaker grille.


Owing to its low power consumption and sublime capabilities in terms of communication, this seems like a great alternative for Chinese smartphones which are otherwise not up to the mark with the aforementioned features. It comprises a mobile processor MediaTek Helio P20 which is a commendable part of the whole model and the reason is again its excellence over others.

More importantly, it has got maximum attainable space for the RAM which is about 6 GB.

The built-in flash drive of 64 Gb is quite good as well. Leaving aside the hybrid slot framed to fit in the microSD card, the impression is not satisfactorily designed.

A lot was said in a speech about the screen of Elephone Z1. In addition to this, there was incessant of discussion about other advantages. It is based on OGS technology which theoretically should have made the set thinner that its actual thickness which is almost 9mm.

At this point of time, there is complete uncertainty about the actual features for the main camera. More than anything else, the autofocus is superior to all others and the rest of them are just general characteristics like an LED flash which is two-toned, picture resolution of 13.0.

Though, we are still very skeptical about the sensors employed by the respective engineers and there is a lack of information about the aperture value too. The front camera can record clips in HD format for it is 8-megapixel.

There is a big complaint about the battery strength which is only 3000 mAh. The issue is aggravated because the screen size and thickness is having so suitable dimensions that one can easily expect the battery installation of at least 4000 mAh.

Disadvantages of the Elephone Z1

Manufacturers do their best to induce the perfection level which can compare to nothing, but they can’t make them totally free of some negatives no matter what efforts they make.

Here is a glimpse of some of the most commonly observed disadvantages from the product.

  • It is disappointing to note that they have not embedded in them the unique cheaps which is a first-hand weapon to tackle with those in competition.
  • The very first need of the hour is also not fulfilled. A weak battery brings it down straight to the bottom as it is of3000 mAh only. When it was feasible to introduce a battery possessing a capacity of 4000 mAh in frameof 9mm thickness, the current model could be revised and improvised too.
  • The smartphones with a screen size of 5.5-inch weighing 175 g does not make it stand different in the crowd. The reason is that with respect to this much size, weight is not really a convincing deal. Even though, it is not 200-220g which, however, is a relieving fact.


Other than some of the best technical features, Elephone Z1 has got so leave an everlasting impression in the market.

There are many customers who tend to buy it just and just because it has got the tag that reflects its being popular. So far everything sounds perfect and closes to good, but there is no aspect where it can do away with the competition which is an obvious practice in the market.

Price has certainly got to play an important role. Merely a price tag of $ 189.99is supposed to entice the customers making it a worthy purchase. That being said, albeit it may have landed the market providing an option of irresistible purchase, there is a finite probability of its losing attention to the rivals.