An example of a stylish monitor in the world AOC q2781pq

An example of a stylish monitor in the world AOC q2781pq

Who spends a lot of time at the computer? Everyone spends a lot of time at the computer! Nowadays it is not just a source of images, but rather a window into the world. From the point of view of safety for the eyes, all modern monitors are close, and for comfort of use, aesthetics and functionality are very different.

Completely this monitor is called AOC q2781pq, and as it is easy to see, looking at it, it looks very stylish and nice. The asymmetric design draws attention and has to itself. At the same time, the overall thickness of the monitor is very small, which in combination with the thickness and visual design of the leg visually makes the design very light.

The back of the monitor is made of glossy plastic. It looks beautiful, and the use of such material is justified by the fact that the fingers rarely touch the back wall, and it will remain clean for a long time.

A thin leg at the base allows not only to visually improve the design and facilitate the design but also allows you to fold items that are usually lying around the table. That is, the phone, pens, pencils and other small things.

Places on the table base will not be occupied so much that will allow more fully use the working surface of the table. The length of the front part of the base is 33 cm and the lateral part is only 19 cm. For additional stability, the base is rubberized, which allows it to stand on the surface even more stably.

Judging by the technical characteristics, in which it is separately noted that the frame is frameless, the manufacturer is very proud of this. And there is much to be proud of! The thickness of the frames is 6.2 mm at the bottom of the screen and 5.6 mm at the top and sides.

The first disadvantage of this design is that it is not adjustable in height. Apparently, with this Slim-design there simply was not enough room for the lifting mechanism. If you are critical, then you should pay attention to it. There is also no possibility of attaching to the wall.

The screen has a diagonal of 27 inches, a 16: 9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels. Matrix IPS, and the screen itself with a matte finish. To work with the text, processing photos, working with video and just browsing the sites of these parameters will be more than enough.

Among other technical characteristics, it is worth noting the following:

  • brightness – 350 cd / m2
  • color profile – hd 709-a
  • response – 4 ms
  • contrast ratio – 1000: 1
  • frequency update – 60 Hz
  • angle of the screen – from -2 to 16 degrees

The matrix itself at an angle shows good results, and if you look at the monitor at a reasonable angle, distortions if there are, they are very small, and WLED-backlighting is very uniform.

The control is carried out in the lower left part. The buttons are arranged so that they are pressed from the bottom up, and in order to know where they are, there is a notation for these buttons on the bottom of the front panel. Their form is such that it is very easy to find them and there are no random clicks.

These buttons call up the monitor settings menu. You can change the color, image, brightness, the settings menu and other not-so-important settings.

The same buttons select the input, which you can choose from 4. Among them are two HDMI, one Displayport and one D-Sub. There is even a 3.5mm minijack for connecting headphones or speakers.

In the kit there are almost all the wires that you may need to connect the monitor to a computer or other source. In addition to the power supply to connect to the network in the box will be one HDMI cable and one Displayport cable. There is also a CD with the manual and drivers, if you need it.

Summarizing, we can say that the monitor turned out good and high-quality. You can find monitors better and better, but they will cost much more.  For its price category, this copy, perhaps, is a very good ratio of price and quality. Particularly pleased with the minimal frame and minimalist design, which will look good in different interiors.

Also pleased with the presence of a large number of inputs and uniform illumination. But personally for me is the downside is that it is not regulated in height, but for many it is important. In the rest there are no special complaints to this monitor, and for its money it is very good.

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