Flagship Lenovo ZUK Z3 Max With Chipset Snapdragon 836

Flagship Lenovo ZUK Z3 Max allegedly will receive the chipset Snapdragon 836

In connection with the fact that Lenovo has decided to extend the life of its sub-brand ZUK, there is a possibility that the flagship smartphone ZUK Z3 Max will be released in 2017. Moreover, the CEO of ZUK has confirmed that its unit is working on this novelty.

Until then, all the information about the ZUK Z3 Max experienced rumors and also there were leaks of the varying degrees of reliability. Smartphones have attributed the most incredible technical characteristics but sometimes it may get rejected because of its possible appearance.

So, Lenovo ZUK Z3 Max is attributed to the presence of a new powerful mobile processor which is Snapdragon 836, which is an overclocked version of Snapdragon 835. It should be noted that representatives of Qualcomm have not commented on the possibility of this chip.

More skeptical, but still optimistic experts say that the new ZUK will be based on the 835th chipset, but will get as much as 8 Gb of RAM, a built-in flash drive of huge capacity – as much as 256 Gb and a dual main camera.

Another feature of the novelty can be a huge screen with a screen resolution of QHD 1440 × 2560 pixels – just like the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, but without curved sides. In principle, such a development option is not excluded – this year large frameless displays have become a real trend.

The exact date for the release of Lenovo ZUK Z3 Max has not yet been announced, nevertheless it is known that Lenovo plans to hold as many as four open events specifically for the ZUK brand from July to September. It is likely that the new flagship will be shown in one of those events.