HOMTOM S9 Plus:Epic in the world of smartphones

HOMTOM S9 Plus:Epic in the world of smartphones

By designing the new HomTom S9 Plus, the Chinese were clearly trying to create a device matching the current fashion of “especially frameless” screens, without sacrificing some of the features inherent in classic smartphones. The result turned out to be interesting. We can’t overlook the drawbacks it came along with, though.

Regarding the design, HomTom has got a kind of “cocktail” from the elements of the Xiaomi Mi Mix and Samsung Galaxy S8. But it’s quite evident that the developers hadn’t stupidly copied the innovations of market leaders. For example, unlike any other reigning models, you’ll see a multifunctional button “Home” at the bottom of the screen.

Interestingly, the front camera in HomTom S9 Plus is in the lower left corner, resembling “Mix” from Xiaomi. To give it a dynamic touch, the sensors were placed on a noticeable strip at the top of the screen. The side-frames are also available, although not very noticeable.

FAQ about Price

Despite the fact that at the time of writing this article, S9 Plus did not even appear in the catalog on the official website of the manufacturer, several online stores began taking pre-order of this new creation. The first smartphones should definitely reach their owners before October 31.

The cost of HomTom S9 Plus is 179.99 US dollars. Standard shipping from China is mostly free of charge.

Overview of the parameters

For a price tag of $179.99, HomTom’s fresh model has rather a weak mobile processor – MediaTek MT6750T. It’s capable of performing almost all sorts of regular tasks without any issues. However, for this money, it was possible to find something more powerful.

Although the MT6750T is familiar with screen resolutions up to FullHD inclusive, the S9 Plus’s 6-inch display has a resolution of HD + 720 × 1440 pixels (9: 18 aspect ratio). So, the sharpness of the picture will be at the level of Chinese budget pennies around $100.

Its matrix categorizes in IPS, the manufacturing technology is InCell (sensor and matrix are implemented as a single module, which allows to reduce the thickness of the overall design and reduce its cost).

But HomTom S9 Plus can boast a very good dual main camera with a resolution of 13.0 Mp + 2.0 Mp, which allows to simulate the popular “bokeh” effect. The main module is equipped with a high-aperture lens with aperture f / 2.0 and fast autofocus.

The manufacturer for some reason added software interpolation of 16.0 Mp + 5.0 Mp. These values, and not real ones, appear in the vast majority of advertising brochures. The front camera has a resolution of 8.0 Mp, which is increasable up to 13.0 Mp.

One of the advantages of the smartphone is the decent capacity of its battery – 4050 mAh. It supports fast charging with MediaTek PumpExpress 2.0 technology. Despite such a battery, the S9 Plus has a thin body – only 8.2 mm.

HomTom S9 Plus runs under the mobile OS Android 7.0 Nougat with the ability to receive updates from time to time.

Disadvantages of HomTom S9 Plus

• Low image quality: with a diagonal of 6 inches, the matrix resolution is only 720 × 1440 pixels.

• The onscreen controls still consume a noticeable space on the display, since there is no hardware touch keys on the sides of the Home button.

• Controversial arrangement of the front camera.

• A somewhat unreasonable price tag for such characteristics – who’s going to overpay only for a large stretched out screen?