Impressions from Xiaomi Mi Nootebook Pro

Xiaomi Mi Nootebook Pro


Size matters, especially if we’re talking about a Windows machine. Often, if the laptop is miniature, then about performance you do not have to stutter. The typewriter and everything. If the good characteristics that allow you to work with graphics and complex projects or to mount a video shot in 4K, then the dimensions will be already very immodest. Xiaomi managed to make a middle ground: Mi Notebook Pro is thicker and larger than Mabook Pro 15 of 2017. Is it bad?

Review Xiaomi Mi Nootebook Pro

Far from it, he is not much more than a speck from Apple, and this, to some extent, is a compliment, since it was not possible to achieve the same dimensions for anyone in the same price segment with the same capabilities in the work. Slightly wider, slightly thicker. The assembly is very steep, in terms of strength, it is much stronger than new poppies, due to the thicker body elements. For example, if the cover of the screen is easily pushed through with the Macbook Pro 2017, and divorce appears on the screen, which by the way was not in the 2015 model year with ports, Xiaomi has no problems with it at all.

Now I wrote this text, and I understood what Xiaomi Mi NoteBook Pro should be compared with. With the most successful “poppies” in 2015. Yes, in terms of strength of design – this is an improved version of the Macbook Pro 2015.

Hi, ports

How nice to work behind a laptop in a case similar to a Macbook, with all ports. Here you and 2 USB 3.0, and 2 USB Type-C, and HDMI and the card reader is a little bit like me, you are missing. Everything is as it should be. At the time I thought, and do not buy myself an old good Macbook Pro 2015, well, for a black day. Well, you understand, everything is practically done.

Keyboard with meaning

At the presentation of this laptop, SEO Xiaomi compared the new keyboard with the keyboard of the Macbook, proving that the low popping of the keys in the poppy and the smaller stroke of these keys is not the most successful idea. It’s a very subjective statement, but I agree with it, just because for a few months of using the new Macbook I was not used to its keyboard.

Impression Xiaomi Mi Nootebook Pro

I immediately remember my Russian teacher who told me that I was straining my wrist at the time of writing – and I was sitting and wondering how she wrote so lightly that she had fine lines on paper with exactly the same ballpoint pen, and I have a bold type of overvoltage. Apparently, I can follow the same voltage on the keyboard, and the light “outlines” of the keys on the case of new poppies do not suit me.

About the screen

The screen is not bad, IPS, 15 inches, thanks for FullHD, not 4K, which Windows does not really know, especially if we consider the interface of most applications, including some interface elements of the operating system itself.

But if you compare closely with Apple’s retina, there’s certainly nothing to discuss here, before the color rendition, brightness, viewing angles of the MacBook laptop from Xiaomi – as I walk to Moscow from Odessa.


There are several configurations of this model, I did not get the most powerful, on the i5 processor with 8 GB of RAM. If you are going to work with video, and on Windows this business is fooled I recommend in Adobe Premier, no matter how buggy it was, then you need to take a model with 16 GB of RAM, 8 GB is small.

The video card here GeForce MX 150. This video card came to replace the budgetary 940 MX. It is supposedly three times more productive, but the question is different: you will not feel this in games, but in graphics and, especially, in video rendering, everything rests in RAM, but for a laptop this video card should be sufficient for any resource-intensive work. In general, this is a powerful working solution in acceptable dimensions of the enclosure.

Duration of work

When I pick up 15.6 inches, I never expect a long job from these laptops. And under the word “work” you can mean anything. Work in the browser, for example, on it will last no longer than 6 hours with brightness above the average. If you run a project in Adobe Premier and want to mount a light movie without adding effects, then squeeze 2.5 hours of work without recharging. By the way, there is support for fast charging, and the laptop really charged from 0 to 50 for 30 minutes or more.


If Xiaomi in your country will start selling these laptops with an official guarantee – you can take. Independently from China it is better not to order, it is not known what version of Windows will be there, and that you are using your own hand after installing your assembly from Ivanych from the tracker. Although, whom I convince, the habit of saving is a cunning thing. But I would keep away from sin, wait for official sales and collect money, because the toy is not cheap and the maximum configuration – and in the case of a speck, you need it – it will cost about $1209.