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Lamp sound: an overview of a wireless portable Bluetooth speaker with a JBL Pulse 3 lamp

Lamp sound: an overview of a wireless portable Bluetooth speaker with a JBL Pulse 3 lamp

Once in an evening, I along with my brother watched colored fish hovering on the walls of a lamp for hours until our parents took pity on us and bought a TV. That enchanting effect came from nothing but JBL Pulse 3 lamp. Apart from its captivating gleam, it had another wonderful feature. We could play music with it. Had it not existed in my childhood, my life would be a mere flat, monotonous sequences of incidents. No colorful story to share with you.

My admiration for that lamp has taken the shape of a review of this third-generation product belongs to American company JBL (Harman). Despite the same name, one significant feature is added into it. Built-in LEDs JBL Pulse 3 is secured by a moveable Bluetooth-column.

What is interesting about JBL Pulse 3

JBL Pulse 3 Lamp

The manufacturer guarantees about 12 hours of nonstop music playback with light. Once charged, the battery lasts for a week, or even more, if you manage to keep the volume less while listening to music for ½-1 hour a day and keep the brightness of the lamp half. Planning to use the music system during a picnic outside the city from morning to evening, don’t lit the LEDs and you’re ready to go.

Bluetooth version 4.2 is used in the column and you can connect up to 2 devices. Speakerphone is free of echo and noise cancellation. Using silent Google-sysient or talkative Siri isn’t impossible with it.

Like 2 to 100 JBL wireless speakers, this JBL connection along with the patented mode helps you create an audio system. A single battery of speakers can play the whole gospel chorus. Pairing 2 JBL Pulse 3s into a stereo system is also a practical idea.

The standard IPX7 saves the device from the possible damage caused by momentary immersion in water. The column is organized with three 40-mm speakers that are placed inside a circle and concealed behind the “grid” at the bottom of the device, and 2 passive radiators.

What’s in the box and how JBL Pulse 3 looks like

JBL Pulse 3 comes in a very delightful, vivid, big and compact box, with a corrugated coating. The appearance of the box makes Pulse 3 ready to be gifted. Looking inside, you’ll see black column (on sale there is also white), orange charger (power supply and microUSB cord) and documentation.

Pulse 3 weighs less than a kilogram, making it stable. The 2/3 of its surface is a lamp (inside a hundred LEDs) that feels like acrylic. In the lower part – the speakers are located in a circle, hidden behind the bars. You’ll also see a small logo there. On the opposite side, there is a column control unit (power, volume, play / pause, or launching a voice assistant, switching on / off the luminaire, JBL Connect + for pairing with cousins, Bluetooth). 7 buttons are hidden behind the plate. Their functions are provided through notes. Between them, a tightly rubber cover is used to veil the compartment of microUSB. Ports for charging the battery and minijack of the line input are preserved in the same manner.

Above the power button, a charge level indicator of 5 LEDs is located. during playback, low-frequency happens to emerge radiators will let you know by trembling.

How does JBL Pulse 3 sound?

It sounds loud, legible and clear. Low frequencies are literally felt. Easier to increase the volume and the sound can be extended to 360°.

Of course, JBL Pulse 3 is not for a hi-fi enthusiast. However, with a Bluetooth connection, like any other device, you can easily make it voice a large room. Not to mention, at any volume the sound remains dense and clean. Here’s a tip- put Pulse 3 on a wooden table or cabinet and the sound will become even denser and a little louder.

Surprisingly, Pulse 3 can be used for talking on the phone. The interlocutor is well audible, no echo or extraneous noise.

How does the backlight JBL Pulse 3 look?

When you turn on the JBL Pulse 3, nearly two-thirds of the speakers come alive to life with the soundtrack. I first turned the column on and off a few times and it sounds so cool. Several preset modes of the luminaire are available. Different patterns include the effects of “fire”, “sea wave”, “fireworks”, “equalizer”, etc. If you connect the column to a smartphone after installing JBL Connect, you can adjust or create any effect or color. See the volume of the speaker, or know whether the button was pressed, even under the dim light, with the help of light. Finally, you’ll appreciate the beautiful lamp for being painted so proportionately.

Can I turn off the lights and listen to music?

Yes, you can. By pressing the button with the image “sun” for a long period of time. Just turn it on by briefly pressing the same button. The brightness is adjustable only from the JBL Connect application.

Several competitors under other brands at a similar price:

Marshall Loudspeaker Kilburn (loud, has handle for carrying, light and protection from water);

Marshall Portable Loudspeaker Stockwell (loud, has 2 amplifiers, relatively compact, without protection and backlighting);

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A1 (omnidirectional, loud, has a loop for carrying, vulnerable to water, no light music);

Harman Kardon GO + PLAY Mini (loud, comes with a pen, without protection and light);

Beats Pill + (loud, stereo, paired, you can charge a smartphone or tablet from it, no protection from water and lanterns).

Final words

JBL Pulse 3 is a good column with a backlight, or a night lamp, capable of playing sound. Suitable for placing on the bedside table, you can also keep it in the living room during the party. Protected from dust and water, long-term work is possible from one charge. But if you need a similar device just for the sake of sound, you can consider other devices of the company.

3 reasons to buy JBL Pulse 3

keeping a Bluetooth-speaker in the living room is not a shame

adding high-tech romance by the pool / bathroom

An excellent universal gift option.

3 reasons not to buy JBL Pulse 3

You definitely do not need a lamp in the column

Your audiophile mind may be upset by Bluetooth audio

You need a portable SD card, FM radio and (for example) a toaster

JBL Pulse 3 Technical Specifications


3 pcs. (40 mm)


20 W

frequency range

65 Hz – 20 kHz

Signal to noise ratio

<80 dB


Bluetooth 4.2, miniJACK 3.5mm

Autonomous power supply

Up to 12 hours with backlighting (depends on the volume level and content), polymer Li-ion battery 6000 m · Ah, battery charge time 5 hours @ 5V, 2,3

Dimensions (HxWxD)

223 x 92 x 92 mm


Combined acrylic and rubberized case with 100 integrated LED-LEDs

The weight

0.960 kg

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