LG 27UD69P Review: an affordable multimedia 27-inch 4K-monitor

LG 27UD69P Review: an affordable multimedia 27-inch 4K-monitor

In the editorial office of gg, a professional 4K monitor LG 27UD88 came earlier. It emphases on the use of graphics, photo and video, has the correct tuning and color profiles. But the line of 4K UHD LG monitors does not end there. For home use, all these professional bells and whistles are not necessary and hence, model LG 27UD69P is introduced. With a more affordable price tag, it is close to the 88th, on the whole. Few differences are – the younger model does not have a USB hub, USB Type-C and so accurate factory calibration, and the price tag is lower by almost 3500 UAH. Let’s dig deeper and see what happened in the end.

What is it?

LG 27UD69P is a 27-inch monitor with IPS-matrix. The resolution is 4K (3840 x 2160) with the viewing angles of 178 °, maximum brightness is kept 300 cd / m2 and static contrast ratio 1000: 1. Finally, it’s given matte anti-reflective coating.

How is it interesting?

As we mentioned, the monitor is equipped with a 27-inch 4K UHD (3840 x 2160). So, according to LG, with the AH-IPS matrix, 10 bits (8 bits + A-FRC), a 16: 9 aspect ratios, 99% of the color spaces in the color gamut and RGB 99%, the response time is 5 milliseconds from gray to gray. Similar to the other LG models (including the top LG 27UD88), it’s also “frameless” with three sides design. The bottom is overlaid with black plastic. The stand allows you to adjust the height, angle of the monitor and this is also helpful in turning it into portrait orientation. The monitor is positioned as a game monitor and some gaming features are included, for example- support for synchronization of the frame rate of AMD FreeSync, branded lotions for Dynamic Action Sync and Black Stabilizer games. Besides, the monitor supports the HDCP 2.2 digital content protection protocol.

What’s in the kit?

Resembling the LG’s current line of monitors, LG 27UD69P is also delivered in the usual black box. The box contains its image and details about its main functions and technologies that are applied. Though the monitor comes in disassembled form, it’s easy to assemble it. Using the stand, setting it in a special niche is a snap. The box comprises every necessary things such as Display Port and HDMI cables, a power cable, a compact external power supply, a removable cable holder, a driver and software disc, a factory calibration report and all sorts of instructions:

What does it look like?

Design of LG 27UD69P resembles other LG models. You can compare it with the LG 27UD88. The top and side frames are thin and have one surface with a screen. Below is a plastic strip with the LG logo. The frames are really very thin and for me, it takes a little longer to believe it as 27 inches. Because the frames of my 27 inches home monitor is also quite narrow, but it’s still bigger than the hero of today’s review:

The side faces are made of silvery plastic:

Adjusting this device is also akin to previous models of LG. It has five-way joystick with a white backlight:

Stand ArcLine looks very stylish with its shape of a part of the circle. Built out of metal, the base of the stand is, certainly, durable, stable and reliable. On top of it, you’ll see a plastic cover of white color:

The installation is straightforward and takes a few minutes. It is possible to hang on the wall, the standard VESA 100×100:

Though the appearance of the backside of a monitor doesn’t matter much as it’s usually kept turned to the wall, LG taken great care of its beauty. The back of the monitor is completely made of white glossy plastic, and with the invisible prints, it looks nice. Again, LG has aesthetically enriched it by providing same white colored cables in the kit:

Fitting are made very organized, and no slots or parts are loose. The monitor looks stylish and neat, especially, the very thin frames around the screen will please the beholders’ eyes.

What’s with the ease of use, adjustments and connectors?

The stand is quite functional and allows you to optimally adjust the position of the monitor on the table. The angle of inclination can be adjusted from -5 ° to 20 °”

And the range of the height is 120 mm:

You can also expand to portrait mode by 90 °:

There are 2 ports for HDMI versions 2.0, one for DisplayPort version 1.2, a headphone jack and an audio output for headphones or acoustics (no built-in):

There is a removable cable lock and a Kensington slot:

Its on-screen menu will remind you of LG 27UD88 and the gaming models LG 34UC79G and LG 24GM79G, which we have reviewed earlier. On minute observation, you’ll notice the unique functions. All control is made comprising a five-way joystick with backlight, like all current LG monitors. The first click on the joystick displays the Quick Circle Quick Settings screen. Using this screen, you can quickly switch sources, turn on game mode, turn off the monitor and go to the advanced settings menu. Sure, the monitor is not positioned as a gaming device, but LG manages to add a number of proprietary technologies and modes for the gamers. Select one of the preset settings, or you can adjust it in the game mode settings. The black stabilizer, FreeSync frame, rate synchronization (only for AMD video cards), Super Resolution + and response time – everything is customizable.

OnScreen Control proprietary utility is also supported. There are standard settings for brightness, contrast, image modes and so on. You can also set certain presets individually that will automatically turn on when you start the selected applications. Adapt the sizes of the text of the system and use different versions of the split screen (Split Screen):

And what about the picture quality?

The monitor uses an AH-IPS matrix with a diagonal of 27 inches and a resolution of 3840×2160 (marking the matrix LM270WR3). It has a frequency of 60 Hz and a response time of 5 ms (GtG). The maximum brightness is 300 cd / m2. Excellent saturated colors make the picture look visually chic without any sort of coarseness. View from maximum angles is also possible. Very decent backlight and minimal corners, like the Glow effect, make it a perfect piece for furnishing your hall:

In the monitor there is a bunch of preset picture modes plus customizable ones. We measured the colorimeter in several. In the “cinema” mode, the maximum brightness corresponds to the claimed brightness: 297.472 cd / m2. The minimum brightness is 0.442 cd / m2, and the contrast ratio is 673: 1. The graphs show that the calibration is very good: the color temperature fluctuates around 7500K, and the error ΔE is from 2 to 10, which is a very good indicator, both for a multimedia monitor. To meet your professional need, like working with photos and videos, you can adjust calibration to get the appropriate proportion:

What are the additional functions?

For hardcore players LG 27UD69P – 60 Hz monitor will be small, but when only fun purpose matters, playing on this frequency seems quite comfortable. Moreover, a strong “iron” is needed for playing the game on the 4K-monitor which is not enough with GeForce GTX1060. Here, you’ll find GeForce GTX1070 more relaxing, and 1080 will give better experience. The function of synchronizing the frame rate of AMD FreeSync is supported for working with Radeon video cards. It allows you to eliminate frame breaks and hangs.

We have already discussed the brand-name gaming functions of LG in previous reviews, but let’s recall what we ultimately found there. Dynamic Action Sync reduces the lap-lag, which positively affects the speed of the player’s reaction:

And the function of Black Stabilizer, which makes the darkest parts of the picture lighter, helping you not to miss the enemy in a dark alley:

Personal impressions?

Needless to say, the LG 27UD69P is primarily a multimedia monitor and in this respect, it’s second to none. Both the 4K movies and YouTube content in high definition have made it a quality add-on. While writing scripts, I found it nearly unbeatable. Result is – I successfully wrote a couple of great materials and edited photos for them in Photoshop. Now, let’s see it from the point of view of a gamer, you’ll like the “home” gamer of the monitor’s capabilities. With pleasure I drove in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Star Wars: Battlefront, DOOM, Mass Effect: Andromeda, The Division, GTAV, Watch Dogs, For Honor, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Dark Souls 3 and XCOM 2.

Final thought

If you are looking for a multifunctional 27-inch monitor with 4K-resolution and high-quality picture, then the LG 27UD69P is definitely worth consideration. Estimating a lot of varieties, it is one of the most affordable. High-quality AH-IPS matrix ensures very nice picture and a very good factory setting. LG claims a straightforward assembly with a handy, functional stand. Looks stylish which is impossible to manage without the included cables. Additional game functions are a plus. But note that, it is comfortable to play modern games only on powerful computers. And the unavailability of USB-hub can’t be ignored.

4 Reasons to Buy LG 27UD69P:

high-quality AH-IPS matrix with a resolution of 4K;

stylish look and quality assembly;

well designed, nifty and useable stand;

a bunch of helpful extra functions and all supplementary is included

1 reason not to buy LG 27UD69P:

no USB hub.

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