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LINE Mars, new headphones that translate in real time

LINE Mars, new headphones that translate in real time

The headphones have evolved more than expected at first. Apart from fulfilling its role in an increasingly efficient way, they have added features that allow them to take an evolutionary leap and solve some complex issues. Therefore, it is not surprising that several companies bet on this segment, which is demonstrated by the new LINE Mars.

And these new headphones, which can be seen and played at the CES fair held in Las Vegas in the month of January 2018, are positioned as a direct competitor of the Google Pixel Buds that recently the Mountain View company announced -and that, at least for now, will not reach Spain. And, what is the reason we say this? Well, due to the special functionality of the LINE Mars: they are able to translate different languages in real time.

Specifically there are ten available from the beginning in LINE Mars, among which is Chinese, English and, also, Spanish. That is to say that they are a really interesting option since they translate according to what is being spoken with a speaker – simply by clicking on one of the external elements offered by the headset. I ‘m as easy as that. And, if you do not believe what we say, a video shows how this product works:

The LINE Mars are wireless

Yes, it uses Bluetooth technology to connect with mobile devices and, in what has to do with the design, reminiscent of Apple’s AirPods, since the elements are not linked by any cable, which distances them from those before mentioned by Google. Manufactured with the collaboration of Naver – which puts the Papago translator they have – and, also, to efficiently learn what the user does skillfully, Qualcomm technology called Clova is included. That is to say that those who have worked to launch these headphones are not exactly unknown.

The case is that it seems that more and more, and thanks to voice recognition, the headphones have the virtue of offering options for advanced uses such as real-time translation, allowing conversations with almost anyone without the need to know their language. By the way, that the LINE Mars include interesting options in what you have to see are the sound, this product has noise cancellation. Of its price, for now nothing is known and possibly unveiled at the CES in Las Vegas.