New Thrustmaster GP XID PRO Controller: Good, Nice and Cheap

Written by Tyler Rondman

The new Thrustmaster GP XID PRO controller raises the bar of accuracy

Thanks to a completely new GP XID PRO , gamers can now access the full plug-and-play gaming device. Which allows them to immediately launch games under optimal conditions and with incredible accuracy. Thrustmaster is products that are being sought by simulation professionals and advanced because of their decades of unsurpassed experience, research and development. Thustmaster is delighted now to offer all these know-how with this gamepad for the next generation PC.

A powerful advantage with the built-in XInput standard

GP XID PRO differs from the standard XInput (XID), built right into the gamepad, allowing it to just connect and play without setting anything! Enabling XInput ensures that the controller is instantly recognized by Windows as an Xbox gamepad. The main advantage of this is that you do not need to go through a long and time-consuming installation phase, assigning buttons and axes. Even better, the GP XID PRO is a PC-compatible gamepad that connects to Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Absolute accuracy: Thrustmaster touch signal

The mini-joysticks GP XID PRO provide 16-bit sensitivity with high resolution, the accuracy of which is two times higher than that of other gamepads, according to laboratory tests (performance curves are available at ).

A well-proven ergonomic design

In addition to the advantages with XInput, the GP XID PRO provides ergonomics inspired by the design of the Xbox One game controller. Which is famous for convenient access to triggers and mini-joysticks. GP XID PRO includes 12 buttons, all of which have an ideal layout providing easy access, plus one Windows Live button. The game pad is equipped with a high-quality braided cable that combines strength, durability and flexibility.

The mini-joysticks on the GP XID PRO are arranged so that they can be easily obtained with the thumb and they have rubber textures, which makes them extremely user-friendly. The GP XID PRO also has a cross-shaped D-pad to improve accuracy in all eight directions, and two long trigger curves. Long triggers allow you to improve dosage and better control your characters in games.

GP XID PRO is available at a suggested retail price of 24.99 euros.

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