Next iPad will receive a frameless display and Face ID

Next iPad will receive a frameless display and Face ID

Frameless display and Face ID will appear on the iPad in 2018 reports Bloomberg. According to sources familiar with this issue, “Apple is working on a redesigned high-end iPad, which is about to be released in 2018 and which includes key features of the iPhone X, such as thinner frames around the screen and face recognition.”

The bad news, however, is that the high-tech iPad is unlikely to have an OLED display, which will be a disappointment for everyone who dreamed of an OLED panel on Apple’s tablets.

In general, the biggest changes in the next iPad will come down to the appearance of the face scanner, as well as the reduction of the top and bottom frames. Apparently, as in the case of the iPhone X, in the iPad of 2018, Apple will get rid of the Touch ID and the “Home” button in favor of the same way of unlocking the device as in the company’s jubilee smartphone.

It is not yet known whether the new iPad will have a “bang”, like the tenth iPhone. However, more likely, Apple will leave a thin frame at the top and bottom to locate the sensors and cameras, avoiding a small cutout on the screen.

In many ways, deleting the Home button is even more practical for the iPad than for the iPhone. Tablets are usually used more in landscape mode than smartphones, and using the Home button to navigate in such cases has always been a little uncomfortable. The transition to Face ID and multitask gestures that change the orientation along with the device will also have practical meaning.

As to why the new iPad is unlikely to use an OLED display that has deeper black and vibrant colors, there are objective reasons for this. As you know, Samsung is the only manufacturer with experience and scale to produce OLED-displays for tablets, but technical and financial limitations still make such a turn of events unlikely.

Nevertheless, next year the iPad will have many features worth the attention of users. Apple took a big step forward with the release of the 10,5-inch iPad Pro last year and it paid off, as iPad sales grew 14%. With the advent of new technologies, such as Face ID and a frameless display, the iPad next year could be just as successful.