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NFC-Ring: what is it and how to use?

NFC-Ring: what is it and how to use?

Now NFC-chip can be implemented even in the smallest products. Including in the usual ring.

For the first time the NFC-ring became available for purchase in 2013. Then the money for its creation was collected through Kickstarter. Today, the technology has reached the point that in the production of smart rings, there have ceased to arise at least some difficulties. The cost of components has also decreased, and therefore the ring with an NFC chip can be purchased for just $ 10-15. But how to use it? And, most importantly, for what?

Ring design

Now the NFC smart ring is made by different Chinese companies. However, the accessories look almost identical. Most of all they are like ordinary silver rings. There are also specimens, supposedly cast in black or pink gold. You can also easily buy a ring with a pattern, painted in black or some other color. Such an accessory immediately makes it clear to another person that this is some kind of electronic device, not an ornament.

Inside the ring, the NFC chip is hidden – about the same as it is in many modern smartphones. It is in this lies the difference of such a product from ordinary rings. Like other jewelry of this kind, the NFC-ring can be of different sizes – from the seventh to the twelfth. This means that the diameter of the miniature accessory varies from 54 to 70 mm. For girls will need a smaller size, for men – more.

As you know, the range of the NFC-chip is small. Therefore, it is better to rotate the ring so that your finger does not block the signal to the chip. Where it is located, it is very easy to determine. To do this, you need to pay attention to the inner part of the ring – at the location of the chip is the volume point of a color. If two chips are embedded in the ring, then the number of inclusions will be the same. On some models in addition to the points there are thin strips – they should be looked for on the rim of the ring.

Most often, these rings have a maximum level of water protection. For example, an accessory called Jakcom R3F (it is now the most popular) is certified according to the IP68 standard. This means that the ring can be under the shower and even swim in the pool.


A ring with an NFC chip can be programmed to send any information. For example, it can transfer a business card with contact information to another person’s smartphone. Also such a ring is useful to those who equip their apartment with devices from the “smart house” series. The matter is that the ring can become your identification. For example, a smart lock will open as soon as you bring this accessory to it. And how many different actions can be programmed on a smartphone …

Most often in such rings the chip NXP Ntag 21x is used. Information in it can be stored for up to 10 years. Also, such a chip can survive 100,000 cycles of rewriting. To program it you need using a special application – the manufacturer of the accessory will necessarily offer a link for downloading it. Naturally, the mobile device must also have an NFC chip.

Most often, a similar ring is used to pay for purchases. In this case, it turns into a replacement bank card. However, not all mobile services allow you to bind a Visa or MasterCard. Here everything depends on your bank and some other factors. In a word, you need to try.

Where to buy an NFC ring?

To buy such an accessory is easiest in Chinese online stores. Rings with an NFC chip are also sold in Russian retail chains, but at a high price. Believe me, this “toy” is definitely not worth much money! We recommend buying Jakcom products, since it has already been tested by time – such a ring will work best. However, in the presence of extra money, you can venture on an experiment, buying something from a little-known manufacturer.


Do not expect to get a ring of power after buying. The smartphone can offer the most functions when using an accessory. In a word, the ring turns into an analogue of the NFC-tag , which can also be programmed to any command. Without a smartphone, you only need to rely on NFC-enabled devices. And there are very few of these in our environment – alas, but smart locks and NFC-switches are still rare curiosities.