Nomu S10 Pro: a highly protected “cross-country” smartphone from China

Nomu S10 Pro: a highly protected “cross-country” smartphone from China

Nomu, a young Chinese company has announced the release of a highly protected Nomu S10 Pro. Its protection class is significantly higher than that of other “cross-country” smartphones. Outwardly, it will not be different from the already existing S10, though.

The latter abides by IP68 – the international standard of water and dust resistance. More precisely, it can withstand the immersion in fresh water to a depth of up to 1.5 m for half an hour. Representatives of Nomu guarantee that the new S10 Pro will survive a dive under 2 m for 1 hour.

This level of protection Nomu S10 Pro comes with is called IP69, but it seems more than the marketing stunt. The fact is that the figure 9 is immune to the prolonged action of hot water, and the developers has still kept this in mind.

That’s why, from the point of view of the standard, it would be more correct to write IP68 +. Because it’s not obvious that a real IP69 would really face such circumstances. Means, you are not planning to boil soup from a smartphone or drop it into a boiling spring, right?

It is also reported that Nomu S10 Pro will receive an increased amount of operational and permanent memory. By default, Android 7.0 Nougat is installed on the smartphone. The current S10 has only 2 Gb of RAM, a “flash drive” for 16 Gb and Android 6.0 Marshmallow is just “out of the box.”

On sale, smartphone should appear this fall. Recently, Nomu has finally launched its own website, where you can find out the latest news of the company, particularly, the date of the release of its upcoming creations.


The main camera accompanies a sensor belongs to Sony IMX 219. Budget sensor are mainly used in smartphones of primary and secondary level of manufacturers such as Doogee, Lenovo, Homtom, etc. Despite the well-known brand of Sony, we have a typical entry-level camera. A couple of years ago, this was put in entry-level smartphones. However, we don’t consider it a complete trash. Because, with a smartphone I would not go only on vacation. It is more important for everyday shots too, where high quality photo and artistic value don’t matter much.

The camera has an average detail. It’s better to set the resolution on 8 megapixels in the settings. It will not get worse, but we will not be able to weigh the pictures then. Sharpness is quite good throughout the picture, except for the right upper corner, where the cheap optics seem affected. But with sufficient lighting, you can get quite acceptable pictures.


In my opinion, Nomu has turned out to be a good and most important inexpensive, protected smartphone. Till date, the smartphone has been on sale for more than 3 months and all major defects have been fixed. Updates, though not very often, but come out

The main advantages:

• The body perfectly tolerates the hardships of daily life, withstands the most terrible fall from the height of the screen down, and it is scratches and abrasions proof.

• The smartphone is well protected from moisture and dust. Immersion in the water for 30 minutes passed without consequences.

• Loud and quality external speaker. Boombox in miniature 🙂

• A capacious battery and good autonomy. It can serve at least 2-3 days under heavy loads and if you’re using it only as a dialer, incessant functionality for a week is guaranteed.

• Dual-band WiFi (2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz)

The main disadvantages are:

• Lack of normal touch buttons

• No event indicator