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Overview of Creative Muvo 2c and Creative Muvo 2 Portable Speakers

Overview of Creative Muvo 2c and Creative Muvo 2 Portable Speakers

In recent years, portable speakers are getting quite popular. Many manufacturers are producing a huge number of different models. Creative, which is known for its innovative solutions in the musical field, was no exception from this trend.

Today, we will discuss the columns – Creative MUVO 2c and Creative MUVO 2. They’re different in terms of functionality and quality. In addition to their ability to reproduce sound from various sources and hands-free functions, they successfully please their users with a sufficiently high-quality sound. Plus, the expensive materials used in it are protected from moisture and dust. Few manufacturers can combine so many features in one compact package. See the column models below, we think it can be a universal solution for many cases in life.





Dimensions (B × W × D):

67 × 190 × 38 mm

67 × 93 × 38mm

Speaker Weight:

340 g

159 grams




Bluetooth Version:



Supported profiles:



Supported codecs:




Bluetooth, line-in, USB, micro-SD

Bluetooth, line-in, USB, micro-SD


2 + passive radiator

1 + passive radiator





2200 mAh Li-ion

650 mAh Li-ion

Battery operating time:

10 hours

6 hours

Supported audio formats:







Columns are supplied in plastic transparent boxes, having all the equipment in the lower part. The top cover is made on snaps, the hinges are attached above it. This is not a one-time cardboard package. You can store a device in such a box, and it’s reasonable to put a model on a display case. Besides, it would suit when you’ll gift the speakers inside the package.

On the bottom of the box, there’s the information about the model and its main characteristics is attached with glued tape. Additional information about the column and the manufacturer is also pasted.

Upon delivery, you’ll get a complete set that includes – a lot of recycled paper and a USB cable. As the control is not very intuitive, the user will need an illustrated instruction to manage the new device. There are no carrying cases or shoelaces with carbines.


Columns Creative MUVO 2c and MUVO 2 are almost identical in design, the difference is only in the length of the case and some minor details.

The body is made of solid prismatic plastic with a trapezoidal section. A fine metal mesh is used to cover the entire front panel. This design adds more protection against external influences.

The case can be disassembled if necessary. To do this, remove the protective metal mesh and unscrew the four screws securing the front panel with the speaker installed.

All control buttons are on the top panel of the case. Buttons are rubberized and are made in the form of hexagons and recessed into the body. The smaller MUVO 2c have five buttons, and the MUVO 2 has six buttons – Power on, Bluetooth, Mode, Minus, Plus and Start / Pause. The last button in MUVO 2c is not present, its function in combination is performed by the Bluetooth button. There are two indicators next to the buttons: one for power and another for showing different modes of operation. Between them, there is an opening for connecting microphone.

The interface panel at MUVO 2c is located on the right side, and at MUVO 2 it is located at the rear. The panel is closed with a rubber stopper. In the presence of a micro-USB connector, there is also a micro-SD slot for memory card and 3.5 mm audio jack.

A passive radiator is available for both speakers – the smaller one is on the back side of the case, while the larger one is placed on the front, between the two speakers.

In the appearance of the columns, their size is the main difference. And, accordingly, mono and stereo sound comes from such a small package.

Both models have a strap or lace for ears, not included in the package. You can hung using a carbine clip, for example, with a backpack.

There are two narrow rubber feet from the bottom of the housings, which prevent sliding.


See the internal structure by disassembling the speakers. To do this, carefully remove the metal grill and unscrew several screws.

Inside, the speakers are set to 3 W 4 Ω. All components are wrapped in a vibration damping gasket. There, the wire leads to the speakers.

The interface panel is well structured. The batteries correspond according to the claimed capacity and are also wrapped in a vibration damping gasket. The assembly is qualitative, everything is securely fixed and protected from penetration of moisture and dust.


When you turn on the speakers, by default, it gets paired with the device via Bluetooth. The indicator starts flashing blue, and it keeps lit constantly after pairing. Connection establishes quickly, and it can catch signal from a great distance of up to 10 m through wooden partitions. With this method of connection, the buttons on the speakers can not only adjust the volume, but also switch the tracks and pause. In MUVO 2, there’s a separate button for the last action, and in case of MUVO 2c, you need to press the “Bluetooth” button. The tracks are switched when M and volume control buttons are pressed together. This combination moves between folders with a long press in SD card mode.

You can use the speaker as a speakerphone when pairing with a smartphone through Bluetooth. Press the “M” button during the incoming call. Built-in microphone is at the top of the speaker housing, which provides good sound quality.

Between the signal sources, you can switch using the “M” button, while the indicator color changes in the following order:

• Blue color – Bluetooth connection;

• Green color – AUX;

• Yellow – SD card, in this mode, the speakers work as a card reader when connected to a PC via USB;

• Purple color – USB audio input;

• Blue color – pairing mode of two identical speakers, in stereo mode, works only with Bluetooth connection.

In the USB audio connection mode, you can install the Sound Blaster Control Panel software and use it to adjust the sound of the speakers. You not only can adjust the volume, but also switch the tracks in most players with this type of connection on the column.

Playing music from a memory card is possible not only in the popular MP3 format, but also in a better FLAC, which is quite rare in portable speakers. Sound quality on this, of course, will not be greatly affected. But if your music collection is in this format, you do not have to convert it to MP3 for playback on a portable speaker. Using a column, you can also write files to a memory card from a computer. Connect it with a USB cable, turn it on, activate the SD card mode with the function button and get a kind of card reader.

To use the line input, you need a special cable which is not included. We find it quite irritating that this rare type which isn’t usually found in the household. It’s a cable with a 3.5 mm mini-jack at both ends.

Before you turn any of the column on, it is necessary to charge the battery first. The power indicator also changes color depending on the battery charge level:

• Green – 100-75%;

• Yellow – 75-50%;

• Purple – 50-25%;

• Red – less than 25%.

Network adapter is not included, but you can use almost any charging devices available at home or charge from the computer’s USB port.

Speakers provide more battery life than the manufacturer claimed. The number of hours, of course, depends on the method of connection and volume level. When playing from an SD memory card at a volume level of 50 to 80%, the MUVO 2c worked for almost 8 hours, and the MUVO 2 sang for slightly more than 13 hours. While with a Bluetooth connection, playback time is reduced by about an hour.


Both models of speakers are almost identical for sound quality. The presence of the second speaker in the MUVO 2 provides a great volume, without any noticeable stereo effect. The basses are slightly more pronounced here due to the large body size.

The test disk showed the presence of sound pressure, starting at 65-70 Hz. At this frequency, certain amount of buzz is felt due to passive radiators, and the basses in this range are not clear, merge into a rumble.

Basically, like most portable speakers, it emphasizes on the middle frequencies, too high overclocking high frequencies are not noticed. This contributes to the clear sound of the vocals, the words in the songs are clearly audible, they often prevail over the basses. Unnecessary sounds in the form of rattles are not noticed at maximum volume. However, at high volume, high frequencies start to in abundance and the sound becomes flashy, with the predominance of metallic ringing shades.

MUVO copes well with almost all popular musical genres. Saying that, portable speakers are designed to create a musical background on picnics. But you can’t expect playing sports on the street or working at the dacha, and serious music listening with it. Its creates excellent sound. The volume of the speaker is very good and it’s enough for a large room.

MUVO 2, in comparison with MUVO 2c, sounds nicer due to better-worked low frequencies and a small stereo effect.

The sound largely depends on the quality of the music recording, and on the type of connection. When connected via USB and a memory card, the sound becomes clearer and more elaborate than when connected via Bluetooth.


The Creative MUVO 2c and Creative MUVO 2 speakers have a decent sound for portable solutions. Once charged, the battery runs for a pleasant amount of time.

Due to the presence of many additional features, it has a high price tag compared to competing products. Such implementation in one model is rarely found in competitors’ products though.

Above all, they have universal appeal. Both models can play sound from various devices with any connection method. There is no FM radio like other portable speakers. But they can be used as an MP3 / FLAC player from a memory card, a Bluetooth speaker for a smartphone or tablet, and as a USB speaker for a laptop or computer. The card reader functionality is like frosting on the cake.

Secondly, the speakers have IP66 class protection from dust and moisture. They can withstand not only splashes, but also short-term immersion in water.

Thirdly, two identical columns can be connected together to one source, thanks to the Wireless Link technology. This possibility is very rare among similar solutions.

The choice between the Creative MUVO 2c and Creative MUVO 2 models is quite evident, and it depends on how much you are willing to pay. Creative MUVO 2 is undoubtedly better both in sound quality and in battery life, but it has a bigger body and more weight. For the rest of the function, the columns are identical.


• Durable and high-quality housing with protection from moisture and dust;

• The possibility of pairing two identical columns;

• Good sound;

• Built-in MP3 / FLAC player;

• Can be used as a USB-column;

• Color indication of modes and level of charging;

• Premium packaging;

• Long battery life.


• Lack of Equipment.