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Overview Cubot S1: Fitness Bracelet with 6-Axis Accelerometer

Overview Cubot S1: Fitness Bracelet with 6-Axis Accelerometer

Cubot decided to set a new benchmark in the market for budget fitness accessories, which allow amateurs and professionals to monitor their activity during training. A full list of Cubot S1 features, priced at $39.99, listed here in our review.

Case and Design

The Cubot S1 is in an aluminum casing made of soft and hard plastic found around the exterior. The frame is metal and you can notice plastic on the front and back. The strap is soft and pleasant on the skin. Here Cubot used the German Bayer technology in the strap, guaranteeing fewer allergies and inconveniences when used. This is confirmed with two weeks of daily use and we can stand by this claim.

There is one thing that concerns us and that is the dimensions of the device. On a females wrist, the gadget looks out of place and not stylish. This is due to the length of the body (256*21.1*11.5 mm). However, the weight is comfortable for any hand – 24.5 grams.

The assembly of the Smartband is done well. On the test, the S1 is in a black color and has a rim of pink gold. A variant with all the black elements is also available. With the bracelet, you can swim, but do not dive. The protection is only by the IP65 standard.

The front side of the screen is interesting, and the rear side has a heart rate sensor. Next, to it, there are two contacts for charging. This is a magnet type contact and finds its own position when connected.

In addition to the wearable, the Cubot S1 package is not anything fancy. There is an instruction pamphlet, but you can figure out all the features of control and settings yourself.


The fitness bracelet has a diagonal screen of only 0.96 inches. This is not very much, but for an OLED display, it is perfect. The resolution is 128 x 64 pixels. The only thing missing is the brightness adjustment. During the night, the backlight level is just right while reading data through the day is difficult. You have two options for setting the backlight, one when you turn your hand and the other when you touch the screen. The display activity time is not configurable.


The list of features of the Cubot S1 is large. When installed with a SIM card you need to transfer the features to the smart clock section.

Here is the list:

  • Measurement of the pulse 24 hours a day: To measure your pulse they use a WTHRM122 chip. Synchronization is available for Android and iOS phones (Bluetooth 4.0 chip-nRF52832.) You can set the heart rate, once the frequency exceeds the range, it notifies you to slow down. The more you use the pulse rate feature, the more the battery power lessens with use.
  • Counting activity during running, walking, cycling: This mode automatically activates when used. It is important to note that the 6-axis accelerometer InvenSense/ICM-30632 is used, which considerably exceeds the 3-axis analogs in terms of capabilities.
  • Intelligent sleep monitor and reminder: This includes an alarm clock, notifications of calls and messages received on the phone. In addition, through the interface, you can set the notification parameters for having to stand up from a chair and walk around, and also drink water and perform the daily rate set by the person. The bracelet does not give voice commands, only vibrates.
  • Management of the smartphone music and camera remotely: You can scroll through the tracks.
  • Control of temperature and pressure: The sensors are built-in inside the case. An altimeter is also present.
  • Records GPS coordinates, but only when connected to a smartphone, since there is no navigation chip inside.


The battery capacity in the Cubot S1 is an 85 mAh. Charging takes 30 minutes when used in standby mode it lasts for 30 days. Depending on the chosen format of use, 100% of the charge is usually enough for at least 5 days.


The Cubot S1 is a smart accessory that you can use with dynamic pulse measurement for a whole week. Its 6-axis accelerometer accurately counts, activity throughout the day and transfers data out to an application generating outstanding graphics. The price for this gadget is cheap-$39.99, but finding an analog with so many additional features is not so easy.