The Geil (the Golden PM Emperor International, Ltd.) company’s’ well known in certain circles. They specialize in RAM modules for more than 20 years. The company achieved some successes in this field over the years.

The company’s product catalog has different collections of memory modules available. These include the current DDR4 modules, DDR3 modules, as well as several series of obsolete DDR2 modules.

Following current trends, Geil simply could not miss the chance to release its version of DDR4 modules with RGB backlighting. The EVO X series is the first version of the modules with RGB-illumination.

Unlike the recently presented SUPER LUCE RGB SYNC series, it’s possible to fully control the illumination of the EVO X series modules by connecting them to a compatible motherboard with a special cable.

Another important note worth mentioning is the EVO X series includes kits, the guaranteed operating frequency of which can reach 4133 MHz (in the appropriate configuration, which will support such modules, of course), and the total volume is 8 – 32 GB.

Our edition managed to get a set of DDR4 Geil EVO X GEX416GB3000C15ADC memory consisting of two 8 GB modules. We will tell you about the features and capabilities of the kit provided for the tests in the review following here.


  • Memory type: DDR4
  • The number of modules in the kit, the total amount of memory: 2, 16 GB (2 x 8 GB)
  • Guaranteed operating frequency, timings, voltage: 3000 MHz, 15-17-17-35, 1.35 V
  • The presence of RGB backlight: compatible with ASUS AURA, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, ASRock RGB LED, BioStar Vivid LED DJ
  • Lifetime limited warranty


The Geil EVO X kits delivered in a small cardboard box with the basic information about the modules and the manufacturer. Through a small hole in the box, you can see information about the particular module from the kit.

The modules protected by plastic bubble protector. In addition to the two modules, we also found in the kit: a user’s manual, power cable for the backlight from the fan connector, and a cable for connecting the modules to the power connector of the RGB tapes that most modern motherboards are equipped with.


The colors available on the EVO X are black, as in our case, as well as white. Both these color options will fit into the original PC assembly with any color design of the components. RGB-backlighting, in this case, will also become another great addition, which will help to diversify and give a spectacular configuration.

The module stands 57 mm high. You need to consider this measurement if you plan to install a tower super cooler, for example, the Noctua NH-D15. Such a high module can interfere with the normal installation of super-coolers, preventing the radiator or external fan from working properly. In the case of liquid cooling systems, this module works perfectly with the current height

The design of the modules divided into 3 parts: the outer part – the metal radiator, the lower part – the memory module itself, the upper part – the RGB-illumination module. The “Planks” look very attractive and the EVO X logos highlighted and fit perfectly into the overall picture.

You change the backlight mode with the red switch. You can power the backlight in two ways – connect to the power connector of the fans or to the connector for RGB-LED strips. The switch only works with the first connection type and allows you to select between red, green, or the blue backlight colors manually.

Alternatively, you can activate the smooth transition mode between these three colors. In the second case, you can control the backlighting through the firmware provided by the manufacturers.

Thus, you can select any color you want, and set highlighting effects by selecting them from the available ones. On the manufacturer’s website, they mention that from August 2017, the EVO X series modules will be equipped with a different algorithm for manual illumination control. Cables are connected to connectors located on opposite side.