Preview Blackview A10. Available and High Quality

Blackview A10 smartphone preview
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Preview Blackview A10. Available and High Quality

There are a lot of inexpensive mobile phones on the market and I can not say that the Blackview A10 stands out clearly, but if you are looking for a smartphone with a more or less adequate appearance and performance for little money, then this gadget will interest you. It should also be noted that the device will please you with a well-known name – recently Blackview has become more often in the media and users already know this manufacturer, while competitors from China with names that you can not pronounce will remain out of the bag. Today we decided to look at what the device can show its potential buyer and if you are interested, then stay with us. If not – the site has a lot of interesting information about gadgets of a more expensive level, which have obvious advantages, but also the price tag is also much higher.

Preview Blackview A10 Smartphone

Preview Blackview A10 Smartphone


The mobile phone’s performance is based on the MediaTek MT6580A processor, which is quite logical to use in this product. The processor is built on four cores with a clock speed of 1.3 gigahertz, this is enough to ensure that you can safely play casual games and enjoy the applications and clients of social networks. Support the performance of the device will be a RAM of 2 gigabytes. Not the most chic volume, I agree, but for casual use will suffice with a head, plus we will not forget about cost of a product – for 60 bucks to ask for more it is not necessary. The built-in memory here is 16 gigabytes, if you do not have enough for a standard set of applications and music, you can put a memory card up to 128 gigabytes. Of course, such a card is more expensive than the smartphone itself, but it does not matter.

Body Design

Require a smartphone for such money of an outstanding appearance, I would not, but the manufacturer tried to provide a really nice package. On the front panel there is a display with adequate frames on the right and on the left, there are three touch control buttons from the bottom, this is considered archaism and an unnecessary detail, but I like it. The front panel looks attractive enough, though it’s getting dirty because of the gloss, but this is not a smartphone problem, but the glossy problem as a whole. The rear panel is very standard – the camera, the flash logo is small, although here it is matte finish.


Not a bad display on the smartphone – the diagonal is 5 inches and the resolution reaches 1280 by 720 pixels. This is a fairly high-quality display on which you can read books, play games, and send messages to friends. The 8 megapixel camera shoots quite adequately for its segment – it’s not a gorgeous photo, of course, but there is normal autofocus and you can shoot video in HD resolution, for some amateur photos or video from a rest it will come off, the text photographs well, that too liked. And, here put quite a modern OS Android 7.0 Nougat.

Blackview A10 Review

Blackview A10 Review

Final Words

I will repeat – the smartphone costs $60. This is quite cheap for a device of this level, in general to find an adequate working smartphone for $60 already on the market is a problem, and even tried to make the design attractive, the camera was not placed the worst on the market. In general, for your money the device pleases with some moments, so if you need an inexpensive product with a quality build and entry-level features for $60, then this smartphone is completely suitable. The main thing is not to demand more from him.

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