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Preview of Mixcder MS301. Excellent headphones for your money

Review Mixcder MS301. Excellent headphones for your money

Preview of Mixcder MS301. Excellent headphones for your money

Recently, many developers of music products are trying to get rid of wires. Not all, of course, because some of the titans of the market work exclusively for the audiophile segment, and there wired devices will use another ten at least. The new Mixcder MS301 is a vivid example of how a company you have not heard of before can please the sound quality in wireless headphones for $ 80. This is a rather interesting proposal, especially if we take into account the cost of direct competitors’ products, so we decided to pay attention to this and tell you the small details, so that the potential buyer could easily read about all the shortcomings and advantages of the novelty. By the way, the gadget has already gone on sale, while we are here talking to you, which means that after the review you can easily order a device for yourself.

Review Mixcder MS301 headphones


The main feature of the headset filling is the support of codec aptX from Qualcomm. This codec allows you to transfer the highest quality sound, they are spoken as on CDs, music. It is worth saying that not every wireless headphone receives this technology, as usually developers make everything much easier and the sound is not so good and clean. Plus, thanks to aptX, you can connect your headphones to a sound source at a distance of up to 10 meters, which can not but rejoice. Usually this parameter is 5 meters, nothing more. The headphones have a Bluetooth 4.2 module for wirelessly connecting the device to a mobile phone or other source, the technology is quite new, there should not be any problems with its use. In terms of technical side, the headphones were quite pleased.

Mixcder MS301. Excellent headphones

In terms of sound more modest, I would say. That is, they sound, of course, quite well, but if most gadgets have no aptX on the market, then frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hz are present for almost all more or less adequate devices. Next, when operating at the maximum volume level, the autonomy is 10 hours, this is also a decent enough indicator, but there are competitors on the market, plus, in fact, out of 10 hours you will receive about eight to 80% of the volume. Plus, Mixcder MS301 can be connected via a 3.5-mm connector to a phone or other device, then the gadget runs on the battery of the device, and not on its own.

Body Design

Appearance of the product I really liked – it’s a gadget in a minimalistic package without anything extra. The headband is made of soft leather, it is very nice to lay on the head and looks expensive, which is also very important. The ear pads are larger and also made from similar skin, they do not press on ears and will be comfortable to use them. The frame is made of metal, there are enough options for height adjustment for different head sizes. The bowls are also made of durable material, there is also a logo of the company and there is a special cup attachment to the headband so that it is possible to compactly fold the product.

Mixcder MS301. Excellent headphones for your money

Mixcder MS301. Excellent headphones for your money

Final Words for Mixcder MS301

Again – the cost of wireless headphones is $80. This is a very attractive price for such a product, plus with such characteristics and design of the case the device looks just smart. Yes, the sound here may be worse than the top solutions on the market, but you look at the price tag of the devices, compare them and then think about whether the top gadgets sound on their money. These headphones sound at 300% of their cost and they allow for a little money to try this wireless world. So why not agree?