Racing Seat at home: Review of the Computer Chair DXRacer R-series

Written by Tyler Rondman

Racing seat at home: review of the computer chair DXRacer R-series OH/RF0/NO

What is it?

The DXRacer R-series is a large-sized computer chair with forceful racing design. It features a robust steel frame, side support, adjustable armrests and a backrest.

How is it different from the huge number of cheaper options?

In terms of size, the chair exceeds most of the usual options. Owing to the lateral support, visually resembles the chair of racing cars. It’s quite expected that the company DXRacer began with the racing seats. According to the manufacturer, like the similar car seats, a sponge foam filler is used in it to make it resistant to deformation. The tilt angle is adjustable in various angles, lying it in almost horizontal position is not an impossible thing either. In the kit, there are 2 removable pillows under the neck and lower back. Armrests are made of rubber and are synchronized both in height and angle of rotation. PU fabric is used for stuffing. I have not previously met this concept and spent a few minutes on Google to get acquainted with it. As a whole, the material consists of several layers: cotton base, treated natural leather and a layer of polyurethane. The material is resistant to mechanical stress and deformation and is well ventilated.

How does it look?

Outwardly the armchair looks rather tough. The combination of black and orange has made this wide and deep more engaging. A large amount of filler along with the thick pillow positively affects the comfort. Armrests are also wider than standard:

To adjust the height of the chair, use the standard lever fixed on its right side. Note that there’s a “handbrake” for adjusting the position of the backrest. All mechanisms and fixings are covered with plastic plugs.

On your back and waist, you’ll feel the lateral support. Since I have never sat behind the wheel of a car, especially racing, I won’t compare their functionality. If I talk of this seat only, it’s really convenient.

The cross is made of metal and covered with a matte black paint. Lining of orange plastic is used on its feet. Wheels are rubberized, “gas lift” is closed with a plastic casing:

At the top of the backrest, you’ll see two holes for attaching additional pillows and an embroidered DXRacer logo:

What can be adjusted?

  • Certainly, the height of this chair is adaptable. It’s a regular feature for all computer chairs. Let’s focus on more exotic options. Under the armrests there are curly buttons. By pressing them, you can adjust their height (armrests) in quite large limits and can fix them according to your comfort:
  • You can also turn the armrests. I especially liked this feature when playing with a gamepad. Hands remain completely relaxed, only fingers have labored.
  • You can tilt the back both forward (practically, I did not appreciate it) …
  • And back to 170 °. It turns almost horizontal position and you can rest, without going to the sofa.
  • Extra pillows in practice were really convenient and useful. It helps you keep the back in correct position.
  • The cushion for the lower back can be adjusted according to your preferable height.

How convenient?

The chair is featured to take the height of 170-190 cm. I hit just in the middle of this range both with and without additional pillows. It feels really comfortable than the majority of computer chairs. Extra pillows help keep your back in a more correct position. Definitely, it doesn’t exclude the possibility of an incorrect spine positioning, but reduces this chance, for sure. On practice, the dimensions of the chair are found really masculine, and girls do not sit comfortably on it. Good material is used that feels pleasant to the touch. You can sit on it for hours without experiencing any discomfort, with ventilation everything turned out to be very good.


The main target customer of this chair are very active gamers and programmers. Made primarily for people who spend most of their lives at the computer, whether it’s for work or entertainment. From this point of view, unless you change the type of your activity after making a purchase. This gamer chair is very comfortable and customizable. From my personal experience, I can say that it’s very wear-resistant and reliable. However, if you don’t remain glued to your computer – you can end up collecting a cheaper (but less comfortable) model.

4 Reasons to Buy DXRacer R-series:

Very comfy design;

good filler and padding;

wide adjustment possibilities;

relaxing and thoughtful design.

1 reason not to buy DXRacer R-series:

high price.

DXRacer R-series

Upholstery Material

PU leather


sponge foam of high density

Recommended growth

170-190 cm

Weight Limit

120 kg

Max. Backrest inclination angle

170 °



Cross diameter

27 ‘

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