Raspberry Pi-Top – laptop specifically for enthusiasts

Written by Tyler Rondman

Raspberry Pi-Top – laptop specifically for enthusiasts

“All ages are curious to curiosity” – so decided in Raspberry Pi and enthusiastically undertook the development of a new modular laptop. The developers have tried to simplify the task of replacing components as much as possible, but at the same time to add opportunities for studying the work of the laptop.

And what do the users offer?

In fact, Pi-Top is not Raspberry Pi’s first attempt to release such a “designer”. The previous version was quite workable, but it had serious shortcomings. So, the first child was extremely awkward, cumbersome and uncomfortable. Despite the fact that from the functional point of view, he was fully able to cope with his tasks, such a product could not be successful in the market. In the new version of the project, the company seriously engaged in the elimination of past mistakes and as a result received a more than attractive product. So, Pi-Top has an uncomplicated assembly, with which it will not be difficult to gain access to the inside of the laptop.

Technical features of the “designer”

This model of the modular laptop is quite high-grade. There is a familiar touchpad and keyboard, there are three USB ports. There is also an Ethernet port. The display at Raspberry Pi-Top is big enough – 14 inches diagonal.
The main feature is the possibility of connecting different modules on the fly. So, the owner has the opportunity to experiment with the options of an additional board, microphone, motion sensors and LEDs. All this goes in combination with a set of “young researcher”.
Interestingly, the fact that the laptop uses its own operating system Pi-TopOS Polaris. It by default has everything you need: an office suite, a browser, and an application for coding.
Of course, no serious games or heavy applications modular laptop will not pull, but for basic work on the Internet and with documents its capacity is enough. In addition, the concept of this device was intended for training, not entertainment. At the moment the cost of the basic equipment is 285 $. Despite the price, this expensive toy enjoys a stable demand in the market.

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