Razer released a modular mouse Naga Trinity and Tartarus V2

Razer released a modular mouse Naga Trinity and Tartarus V2

Company Razer announced the immediate availability of the gaming mouse Naga Trinity and Caypada Tartarus V2. According to the company representatives, the new devices are great for any style of the game in most modern genres, including MOBA, MMO, FPS, RTS and others.

The Razer Naga Trinity manipulator is the ninth iteration of the popular Razer Naga family and is a modular mouse with three removable side panels. The first is the 12-button panel from Razer Naga Chroma, intended for mass games like World of Warcraft. The total number of programmable buttons in this case is 19 pieces. The second panel from Razer Naga Hex V2 is equipped with a 7-button wheel and is perfect for Heroes of the Storm, Dota 2 and Diablo III. Finally, the third panel has only two buttons and is designed for everyday use.

Mouse Naga Trinity uses an optical sensor Razer 5G with a resolution of up to 16 thousand DPI. The maximum travel speed is 11.4 m / s (450 IPS), and the sampling rate is 1000 Hz. The physical dimensions of the “rodent” are 119x74x43 mm with a mass of 120 grams.

The keyboard unit Razer Tartarus V2 has at its disposal 32 programmable buttons (7 more than  Razer Tartarus ), which are made using Razer’s mechano-membrane technology and support anti-ghosting technology. In addition to the main keys, the keypad is equipped with an eight-position D-pad and a scroll wheel.

The dimensions of the keypad are 203x153x60 mm, and the weight is 348 grams. Personal settings with macros and game profiles are stored in the cloud using the proprietary software Razer Synapse 3. Both devices are equipped with RGB-LED RGB-illuminated Razer Chroma, capable of displaying up to 16.8 million colors. To control the glow, Razer Synapse 3 is also used.

The Razer Naga Trinity mouse and Razer Tartarus V2 cradle are already available for purchase at the online store. The cost of the first is $ 100, and the keyboard unit is estimated at $80.