Review Aorus K9 Optical: optical keyboard with water protection

Review Aorus K9 Optical: optical keyboard with water protection

In this article, I’ll talk about the game keyboard Aorus K9 Optical. It is protected from water, and also equipped with optical switches, which make mechanical switches for all main parameters. 

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If the mechanical switches are activated at the time of closing of the two contacts, the optical switches detect a depression when the laser signal hits the photosensitive element. Optics can be of several types, but specifically in the Aorus K9 Optical Flaretech switches are used. From the same Cherry MX, they are characterized by a higher response speed – 0.03 ms versus 5 ms, and twice as much pressing capacity – about 100 million.

In theory, optical switches are more efficient than mechanical switches in those games where the reaction speed is important. But in practice, the difference in the speed of operation is almost invisible. But the resource of pressing 100 million is really cool!


In addition to nine additional buttons of orange color, the set includes removable optical switches that mimic the mechanical ones, they make a distinct click when pressed. You need this primarily for games such as Dota 2 or League of Legends, so that the player understands whether he has applied the necessary ability or not.

The keyboard is metal. Traces of fingers on the body remain, but it is easy to wipe them off, so I would not call this a problem. On the bottom there are five rubber feet, reclining legs are also rubberized – on the table Aorus K9 Optical does not slip. Also from the bottom there are holes in which you can hide the cable, it is here, by the way, in a tissue wrapper.

The layout is normal: there is a digital blog, both Shift keys are long, and the Enter button is one-story. I’ve been using the keyboard for about a week and I can say with certainty that it’s convenient to play on it, and to type text. Backlight in Aorus K9 Optical RGB for 16 million colors. In a special program, you can specify a different color for each individual key.

The manufacturer says that the keyboard is protected from splashes, but at the Computex stand 2017, where Aorus K9 Optical was introduced, water poured from all sides. From this we can conclude that if you pour tea on her or something else, nothing terrible will happen. Although in the rain play! A keyboard costs about $130.