Gigabyte is widely known company in the computer market all over the world. It’s no secret that the brand specializes in the manufacture of motherboards and video cards, while the Aorus – in the production of gaming components and peripherals. Today we will consider just two of their new items – the mouse Aorus M3 and the mat Aorus AMP500. Suitable for any type of grip, we consider it as a universal game solution. Using of mouse even more comfortable, the rug is designed accordingly. Well, in which way the new rodent is universal and good in reality, we will find out during the review.

Characteristics of Mouse AORUS M3

• Color: Black matt

• Material: Plastic + soft-touch, rubber

• Type: Classic

• Sensor: Pixart 3988 (optical)

• Sensor resolution: standard 800/1600/2400/3200 dpi (in increments of 50 to 6400 dpi)

• Frame rate: Up to 12,500 frames per second

• Maximum tracking speed: 200 inches per second

• Backlight: Yes, configurable RGB

• Macros: Yes

• Wire length: 1.8 meters (with gold-plated connector)


• Type: Mouse Pad

• Color: Black / Orange

• Material: Cloth / silicone

• Size: 430 x 370 x 1.8 mm


Supplied in cardboard boxes, decorated in classic for the brand colors.

Let’s start with a rodent. The front of the box displays the device itself. as well as the model and the main advantages are also enlisted.

As usual, the top part of the package can be thrown away, yet you can visually evaluate or even measure the mouse in the palm of the hand before the box is fully opened. Various ways of gripping the moose are indicated here.

The delivery set is not rich, besides the device itself, two sets of spare Teflon legs that come in the box is a big plus. Pleasant, rejoicing bonus, indeed.

The mat comes in a long cardboard box. On the right side there is a cutout.

The main advantages of this game coverage are presented in the form of icons.


The manufacturer stated that the mouse really has a classic design, without any bright and catchy elements. However, it doesn’t let it look aggressive and brutal. Not to mention, it resembles Razer Deathadder.

The case is made of black matte plastic and has a pleasant to touch coating (it’s again something similar to the Razer Deathadder). It comprises total 6 buttons. Two are located on the left side, two – next to the wheel (designed to switch DPI on the fly), as well as the standard left and right buttons. All four additional buttons have a glossy finish. Omron is used as a switch, as in most gaming mice. They have already proven themselves as a worthy performer, owing to their reliability and a large resource of pressing.

The case is asymmetric. The mouse is for the right hand. In the center of the sides there are grooves for a more comfortable grip. Also, both sides have textured rubber lining. And next to the buttons on the left side, there is an indicator that indicates the selected resolution.

The wheel is also rubberized and has a rough terrain. Scrolling are little bit noisy. During the scrolling, clicks are heard, which, however, doesn’t sound uncomfortable in any way.

From the bottom, there are three Teflon legs of different sizes, as well as the brand logo and information sticker. The sensor is located almost in the center. This model is equipped with an optical sensor Pixart 3988 with a resolution of 50 to 6400 dpi. Like the switches mentioned above, the sensor is a fairly popular solution for gaming mice and has proven itself for better gaming experience.

The length of the cable is 1.8 m, which is quite enough for comfortable reach. The connector is gilded. The presence of a ferrite filter is a remarkable add-on.

The only decorative element is the illuminated brand logo on the back of the mouse.

The mat comes in a twisted state. And its pleasant feature is that it’s flexible enough to become absolutely flat. The upper part is made of fabric and has a special water-repellent coating. The logo of the manufacturer is located in the lower left corner.

The lower part is made of orange silicone, which provides excellent grip on the table surface, so that the rug does not move at all.

Another fantastic trait is – with its impressive size, the rug is thin enough.

What’s more? The edges are excellently implemented. Their round shape has a positive effect that makes the mat more durable. Thankfully, unlike the sharp-edged mats, it won’t rub your wrist.

Like most gaming devices, our rodent has its own software for more complete and accurate tuning. The drawback is – since the software is in the testing stage, it does not always work correctly. For example, right after installation, it suggested configuring the operation of the video card. The card is quite different from the other brand, though. And the name “GRAPHICS ENGINE” does not quite match the gaming periphery. However, everything is in order.

To configure the mouse, select the appropriate item at the bottom. The first page displays the backlight setting. Along with the static illumination of any color and the cyclic switching of colors, there are several more options such as breathing, flickering and double flicker. But for some reason the second and third versions do not differ from each other. Most likely it’s all about the dampness of the software, and soon everything will be fixed.

The next step is to set the sensor resolution. Despite the lack of translation into Russian, you’ll find the interface is very simple and straightforward. However, for some reason, the user does not have the option to set his DPI value, as it is not pre-installed in the software.

And the last thing is the setting up of the buttons. There are all the standard options assigned to each button. They are- keyboard functions, mouse functions, keyboard shortcuts etc.

The mouse supports macros. As in the previous menu, everything is simple and intuitive.


When using the mouse, you’ll witness positive feedbacks only. It is really very comfortable and suitable for various grips. With prolonged operation, the hand does not get tired. Amazingly, the mouse does not require a lot of practice and you’ll get used to it very soon. In fact, after a few minutes of use, it seems that you have been using it for a very long time.

Regarding the built quality, we can say that it belongs the paramount category. Squeaks and other problems are absent. The working surface is nice to touch, and the mouse just does not feel like letting go. Sensor resolutions are sufficient for any task.

The rug also performs satisfyingly. It has enough dimensions for comfortable use. The top layer has an excellent slip as well as a waterproof coating. However, chances are, on the question of whether the plating is necessary or not, the fans can have a cup of tea during hot battles. The lower part of the carpet serves its duty well and tightly keeps attached on the table. Therefore, even with sudden movements, the mat remains fixed on it.


The mouse is an excellent option for those who are looking for a universal rodent and do not want to overpay. Without piling up unnecessary functions, the device handles its task perfectly and so far, no complaints about the mouse is recorded. The impression of software is slightly depressing, but we hope that it will soon be corrected.


• Housing materials and build quality;

• Pleasant eye RGB-backlight;

• Sufficient functionality;

• Ergonomic and easy to use.


• There is no possibility to configure DPI regardless of the preset values.