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Review: Bluetooth Headset Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

Review Bluetooth Headset Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

Review: Bluetooth Headset Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

The updated Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 headset: smaller in size and weight, works for about 24 hours when connected via Bluetooth.

Headset Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 Review

Design, construction

Many of you perfectly know what Plantronics BackBeat Pro is – a large headset with interesting features, while it’s quite affordable. It seems to me that it is the price that sets the device among similar gadgets, although some say that the most interesting sound here, others note convenience, the third likes chips like sensors in headphones.

It was very interesting to try the second version of the gadget in the case, and I was anxious to share information with you as soon as possible.

The headset comes in a beautiful box, inside the usual delivery set: a cover, cables, documents. Pleased with the case, there is a separate pocket for the wires, plus do not forget the loop, you can hang the headphones in the locker room or somewhere else. And it’s good that it is made of fabric, the eco-leather is already boring, and the skin is expensive. An audio cable without a remote control, it’s worth using when the headset battery has sat down.

The appearance of the headset raises questions, one certainly likes, others definitely do not like it. It’s all about the inserts “under the tree” on the cups, someone it causes associations with American universals and sedans from the past, someone – with Soviet furniture.

I can not find a similar pattern, but I hope you understand what I’m talking about.

With this design option, the team of designers, I think, went a bit too far with details and colors. Here you are brown and black, your texture on the side of the cups, the perforation around the microphones glitters, the gloss on the inserts near the “tree” and the ribbed surface of the controls. You do not know why you look at it. A lot of things!

There is still a gray version of the device, it’s called Pro 2 Special Edition, it will cost a little more than the usual Pro 2. Here it seems to me very, very beautiful, the “body” of the device is gray, the color is very good. It’s reminiscent of Bose QC35. No normal picture yet, I will show later. There is NFC (the usual one does not), a hard carrying case is included, they write about “high-quality metallized paint”. On the front part, too, something like a tree, but here the pattern is not so noticeable. In general, I will soon show how it looks in reality.

Headset Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 Review Box

Let’s continue with the design. There is a nameplate, traditional for Pro, internal “upholstery” headband with perforation, exterior trim of eco-leather. The headset is perfectly assembled, all sorts of things like the “equalizer” on the metal guides, the big notations of the channels inside the cups, how cleverly the connection of the headband with the cups is cleverly made. Usually it is a ball or something, here is another design, the cup moves forward and backward without a move left and right. Interestingly done, well, why it is done this way, you know, when you try on a headset. Sits perfectly, as if poured. The ears cover completely, which contributes to good passive noise insulation. In official documents they write: “Upgraded headphones (with an additional hinge) provide a more tight fitting headphones to the head to increase the saturation of low-frequency sound and provide comfort for prolonged wearing.” I’m not ashamed to give official data, because for the user from this one benefit, where else you will find such information (I answer, nowhere, only on MR).

Compared with the first-generation headset, the size and weight have significantly decreased, Pro weighed 340 grams, Pro 2 weighs 289 grams, the second version became more compact by 35 percent.

Contents of delivery

  • Headset
  • Pouch
  • Audio cable
  • USB cable
  • Documentation

Technical characteristics of the headset:

  • Operating time: Up to 24 hours of talk time and listening; up to 6 months in standby mode
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0
  • Profiles: Headset / Hands-Free Profile HSP 1.2 and HFP 1.6 (broadband voice transmission in HD quality); Bluetooth wireless technology class 1, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), AVRCP, AAC
  • Codecs: aptX, classical; low latency
  • Range: up to 100 m thanks to the presence of Bluetooth transmitter class 1
  • Voice notifications: Enhanced voice notifications for talk time, mute microphone, connection status, and so on.
  • Available languages: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Korean, Japanese
  • Speaker: 40 mm
  • Microphone: Two-channel microphone without a bar with DSP support
  • Frequency response: 20-20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 93 (DB SPL / 1 MW)
  • Resistance 32 Ohm
  • Battery capacity: 680 mAh
  • Battery type: Charger, non-replaceable, lithium-ion, polymer
  • Charging time: 3 hours for full charge
  • Additional functions: Ability to simultaneously connect to two phones and answer calls on any of them (2H2S)
  • Weight: 289 grams
  • Applications: PLT Hub application for desktop, iOS and Android
  • Operating temperatures: 0-40 ° C

Summarizing – the headset sits very well, it’s easier, you can wear it for a long time without the slightest discomfort. On the level of convenience it’s like Bose QC35, only cheaper.




On the right side are two buttons, mute the microphone, turn on the headset and activate Bluetooth. A large, inconspicuous button on the cup will help answer the call. Left-click the rewind button (accelerates when you press and hold), Play / Pause, the on / off switch for active noise reduction and the open mic feature. It is necessary then, so as not to remove headphones, to hear what you are told or what is happening around. I see one more possibility, you can overhear people, at least, I managed to hear what guests whisper there, almost through the wall. Well, maybe not through the wall, but you can talk to the stewardess without problems. I want to strongly praise Plantronics for the implementation of this function, it quickly and effectively works, it really helps in life.

Pay attention, there are no touch buttons – the company believes only in physical buttons, and I share this approach. You lie on the pillow, on the head of Parrot Zik, turned your head to the side – the button worked. This can not be disabled. Plantronics can not have this in principle.

Nowhere is the “krutilka” gone, is on the left, the fingertips immediately find it – the turn helps to quickly and accurately select the desired volume. Actually, this control does not rotate completely, but it traverses the arc back and forth to half: move forward – the volume increases, the back – decreases. It’s very easy to get used to the arrangement of all buttons, for a day or two comes the understanding of the designers logic.

The right-hand cup also contains a charge indicator of an endless battery, a microUSB connector for charging, it’s a pity that it’s not USB-C. Still there is a 3.5 mm jack for connecting an audio cable. If you press the answer button twice, you can dial the last number dialed, the microphone mute button helps in life to clarify some information and return to the interlocutor. Working with two phones does not cause problems, connected to the iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Pro, you can alternately answer calls on your smartphone and watch the series on the tablet. Since aptX is supported, it makes sense to connect to devices where there is codec support, for example, this is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. With Sony Xperia XZ pairing passed without problems, the sound quality really liked. But we will talk about this later.

Another interesting feature of the device is the presence of sensors inside the cups (I think they are in the right cup). Remove the headphones or the cup – the music playback will end or continue. In this way, you can answer or end the call. The sensors work without failures, it is impossible to deceive the system, how many times I tried, the music paused. Disconnect sensors can be, for this you need to press the mute button and answer the call at the same time, keep it until you hear a voice-activated shutdown notification.

Plantronics Hub for iPhone does not yet have many functions, here you can see information about the management and some other features of the device.

Of course, I would like more functions, maybe they will appear with time.

Noise Canceling System

The noise cancellation system is effective, especially if you talk about “pruning” the peak noise in public transport, on the street or in the office, you can hear the human voice, but the rest will become softer and invisible. But not completely gone! Those who talk about the same efficiency as the Bose QC35, are cunning or did not compare both products. At Bose as if on a head put on the big pillow and you appear in a vacuum, here such effect is not present. But the non-working ANC can not be named – very good for this money.

Review Headset Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

Working hours

The stated time of work is 24 hours in the music listening mode, but now I could not find the numbers anywhere, is it with noise reduction or not? It’s just that I’ve been actively using the device for about a week now, charging one (!) Time and I can not put Pro2 in any way. For a traveler, this is an ideal gadget that does not require constant attention. For advanced products, 24 hours become the gold standard, and it pleases.


Good voice quality, when you can calmly communicate with people even “through” the noise and din of office or cafe, excellent sound quality.

I mainly listened to music from the iPhone 7 Plus, very much praise for detail, a huge volume reserve, excellent low frequencies. I know that many Pro liked it because of the sound, let’s just say, there’s just a lot of it, unlike a number of other wireless headsets. So, in Pro 2 it is even more. Whatever you take to listen, everything pleases, whether it’s jazz or electronic music. At Bose QC35 the mood, at Pro 2 the, very much I advise to try.

Review and Test Headset Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2


As it seems to me, in comparison with the first Pro passed a big road ahead, and now you can recommend this product Plantronics boldly and without reservation.

For movies or games, this is also a great device, with iPad Pro spent a lot of time in “Amediathek”, every nuance of the voice or effects are perfectly audible, distinguishable, and the picture is impressive. With Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 it’s great to watch “World of the Wild West”, an excellent series. As for games, I connected to the MacBook Pro 15, played in “Civilization”, you can also hang on the clock. You do not notice the headset on your head, sounds and music complete your impressions.

Final Words

I suppose that the price will be about 16 000 rubles, it can vary depending on the course. The situation is the same as with the first generation headset, many will choose Pro 2 because of the price. But it’s not even about the price, in its category it’s a brilliant thing, and this category is a Bluetooth headset with support for active noise reduction.

Long list of pluses:

  • Good assembly, very comfortable to wear.
  • There are no touch controls, buttons and “krutilka”, you get used very quickly.
  • Sensors inside the cups work well.
  • Excellent, standard voice quality for similar products.
  • Excellent sound quality, proprietary, I advise you to listen.
  • Works 24 hours when connected via Bluetooth.
  • Explicit function open Mic, you can listen to what is happening outside.
  • The codec aptX.
  • Optimum size and weight.
  • Bluetooth Class 1, the range of performance is impressive, quiet throughout the apartment (about one hundred meters).
  • Works without problems with two gadgets, automatically connects to the devices stored in memory.
  • Good work of noise reduction system.
  • Not a bad implementation of voice prompts.

Minus I see one, very controversial insert “under the tree”, it is worth making a version with a solid color. What do you say about the design?
I will add only one – it is necessary to take. On sale the headset will appear in December this year, a special version of Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 show in one of the closest mixtures.