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Review of Cougar Immersa: Balanced Gaming Headset and Good Price

Review of Cougar Immersa: Balanced Gaming Headset and Good Price

Recently we came across an interesting gamer mouse Cougar Revenger and a wonderful holder for the cable Cougar Bunker. Like any renowned manufacturer of gaming accessories, Cougar has in its store a full range of necessary peripherals, including headsets. So far, they’ve introduced only three models and today, we’ll get acquainted with one of them – Cougar Immersa.

What is it?

Cougar Immersa is a full-size gaming headset with exclusive acoustic design, 40-mm dynamic radiators with neodymium magnets and a hiding condenser microphone. Compatible with PCs, laptops, mobile devices and up-to-date game consoles.

What’s in the kit?

Cougar Immersa comes in a large box with a proprietary black and orange design, an abundance of polygraph with images of the headset and a transparent plastic “window” for demonstrating the headset. Inside the box, you’ll get: the headset itself, the instruction and the adapter from the combined 3.5 mm connector to two separate 3.5 mm.

What does Cougar Immersa look like?

The first thing that catches our eye is the very impressive dimensions of Cougar Immersa. The headset is really big and looks massive, mostly because of the size of the cups and the design with a double headband. It weighs less than its apparent heftiness. The color scheme is as usual – black with orange – the basic theme of Cougar.

The headset is made of plastic and metal. Most of the cup is matte practical plastic, and the decorative metal grid. On the outside of the cups, there are the Cougar logos, and around the outer cylinder, to which the headband is attached, you’ll see an orange border. The cup is fixed and takes the right position depending on the shape and size of the user’s head. On the left earpiece, there’s a microphone, which remains hidden inside if not needed.

The outer headband-frame consists of two metal arcs that are covered with an orange rubber coating, the inner movable headband is made from a leatherette with a soft filler and the Cougar logo from the outside.

It is attached with thin metal cables on each side. This design isn’t a new idea, of course, but, it allows you to get rid of any adjustment mechanism and most importantly, it is suitable for almost any head.

The ear pads are huge: they have a diameter of 100 mm and a very large depth. About the stuffing? Leatherette is used outside the pads, and a very nice and soft filler covers the inside area.

The headset uses a unidirectional condenser microphone without a windshield on a flexible leg. It allows you to optimally adjust the position of the microphone so to meet your convenience.

The cable is immovable, has a length of 2 meters. It is thick and has a fabric braid. Light and flexible, this good quality cable takes any necessary shape. You’ll also get a remote control, on which a slider and a volume control wheel are placed. You can use the slider to turn off the microphone.

Cougar Immersa looks impressive and aggressive, it is immediately evident that in front of us is a gaming headset, the design was very interesting, the materials used are practical, no glossy surfaces. The only thing that alarmed me was a small crackling of the fastening of the cups to the headband.

How easy is the headset?

Despite the large size, the headset was relatively light. No exact data is found from the company’s part. But seemingly, it would be a little more than 300 g. When we wear a headset, we don’t remove it for hours. So, it’s necessary that your chosen headset doesn’t tire your head and neck. Fortunately, the Cougar Immersa does the job very magnificently. Overseas sites showed its weight to be 350g without a cable, seems that my guessing nearly reach the mark! It is difficult to judge what will happen in the summer heat, but now the ears do not sweat even after several hours of play without removing the headset. The ear cushions are very comfortable, the ears are completely placed inside. Even in a noisy surrounding, it works fine.

As we mentioned above, the cable is convenient and high-quality. Remote control is large sized. With the two controls – microphone switch and volume control wheel, everything becomes simple and straightforward. Neither the adapter nor the cable reached us. As for the conductor itself, it’s also short, about 10 cm. however, it’s quite logical with a length of the main cable of 2m. The headset does not require any additional software, just plug and play. The headset is compatible with desktops, laptops, mobile devices and game consoles of the latest generation (except – the first installment of Xbox One with old gamepads that need an adapter).

How are things with sound quality and microphone?

The sound in gaming headsets is rebuilt appropriately, for the most dramatic effect in games and movies. AFC has a tangible V-shape, low frequencies are somewhat slipped away, there are enough highs, the middle is a little lost. As a result, the headset Cougar Immersa sounds great during your playing the games. You can hear all the special effects, explosions, the buzz of the engines sound – massive, dense and vivid. All kinds of rustles, steps that are also very important in games, especially for FPS and action games won’t go unheeded too. The headset performed well in Star Wars: Battlefront, DOOM, Sleeping Dogs, Shadow Warrior 2, CS: GO, Mass Effect: Andromeda, The Division, GTAV, Watch Dogs, For Honor, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Dark Souls 3, Witcher 3 and my favorite part in the sound design Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

For Cougar Immersa, music is not the best choice, Uneven AFC and some overflow are felt. Although it is already tasted, we recommend someone to “go” for some hip-hop, electronics and other simple directions with this kit.

The headset has a very humane price tag of $60 and in this range competitors, Razer, for example, sound worse, there is an oversupply of LF too. As for the microphone, it performs quite impressively without problems. The interlocutors clearly heard me, although they noted a small shortcoming.

Final Words

Taking into account only well-known and popular manufacturers of gaming peripherals, we can say that the Cougar Immersa headset belongs to the budget segment.  The price tag is $60 and for this price, the model looks very interesting. It is very comfortable, has excellent and quality stuffing, sounds good in games and movies. Besides, it is suitable for any source and easy to connect. Yes, listening to music does not suit it particularly, but with its other roles are remarkably good and it serves without problems.

4 Reasons to Buy Cougar Immersa:

• Comfortable construction and excellent sound insulation;

• Convincingly sounds in games and films;

• Connects to any sources and is easy to use;

• Interesting appearance.

1 Reason Not to Buy Cougar Immersa:

• You are an incessant music listener.

Cougar Immersa Specifications



dynamic, 40 mm, with neodymium magnets

Frequency range

20-20,000 Hz


32 Ohm

Nominal sound pressure level

95 dB ± 3 dB at 1 kHz

Max power

100 mW


2 m


3.5 mm or 2x 3.5 mm

The weight

350 g without cable


A type

condenser c passive noise cancellation



Frequency range

100-16000 Hz

Microphone sensitivity

-40 dB ± 3 dB