Review: Doogee S60. Unbreakable smartphone with a powerful filling

Written by Tyler Rondman

Review: Doogee S60. Unbreakable smartphone with a powerful filling

The Doogee S60 smartphone is an ideal “multi-purpose” device that combines a high degree of protection and powerful technical characteristics. It also offers a number of useful features that are absent in the majority of its “classmates”.

The only downside you may want to ignore is its fairly high price, which is as much as $297.15. the reason is – in our opinion, the S60 fully works out. If you are having doubts, read the section below about key device chips.


As already mentioned at the beginning, Doogee S60 is not a particularly budget smartphone and costs almost $300 ($296.29 from GearBest). Undoubtedly, for this money you will get no other better alternative. Usually those who buy such devices know what they want and will not spend money on the so-called boasters’ products.


If there are special promotions for a protected innovation, we will definitely write about it.


Outwardly, the Doogee S60 looks brutal, as it should be a smartphone of its class: a rugged metal casing that conforms IP68 and MIL-SDR-810G standards, rubber lining for protection from mechanical influences, and it’s assembled with screws.

Holding such a device, you literally feel in your hand: a “Thing!” Yes, it is weighty, does not have an elegant slim body and it obviously isn’t made to be fit in a small handbag. However, the target audience of S60 will unambiguously appreciate the work of Doogee designers.

Yes, there is no place for fashionable chips like “especially frameless screen”. But Doogee S60 is extremely practical. It has separate buttons for activating the radio application (PTT) and the camera. In the lower left corner, you’ll get a special “SOS” key that allows you to make an emergency call.

Rubber plugs protect the 3.5 mm headphone jack (top) and the USB Type-C connector (bottom) from water and dust. The site with the coils of wireless charging and NFC is specially marked. The only thing that could be placed below the screen is the touch control buttons.

The smartphone is available both in pure black color, and in silvery and golden (with black rubber inserts). The display is protected from the outside with a high-impact Corning Gorilla Glass 5 glass.

The “iron” Doogee S60

The “brains” of the device is the popular Chinese chipset MediaTek Helio P25. I must say that, in the last couple of years, this is one of the most successful developments of MediaTek. Thankfully, it combines good performance, developed communication capabilities and low price.

What’s more? The Doogee S60 was able to equip 6 Gb of fast RAM LPDDR4x, support two bands of WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz, 4G LTE Category 6 networks and fast charging with Pump Express technology of one of the latest generations.

The volume of the built-in flash drive is 64 Gb, and if you need more than this, they appreciate your demand. The proof is – there is a slot (hybrid) for the memory MicroSD up to 256 Gb inclusive. Also, the smartphone supports the connection of external flash drives (and even hard drives with additional power) using an OTG cable.

The screen of the Doogee S60 is relatively compact and its diagonal is 5.2 inches. Like Chinese flagships of the same Xiaomi Mi6 type, its resolution is FullHD 1080 × 1920 pixels. However, we find it disappointing that the control buttons were not placed just below it.

Another “highlight” of the S60 is its camera. The manufacturer did not chase the fashionable dual designs, but borrowed the decent sensor of Sony IMX 230. Once, this 21-megapixel module were found in top-end smartphones as Meizu Pro 5 and BlackBerry Priv.

Whereas other manufacturers very often save on the camera, Doogee S60 stands out of the crowd by breaking this rule. Having this smartphone in your pocket doesn’t mean you’re carrying a mountain with additional optics.

Talking of the capabilities of the main Doogee S60 camera – it is worth noting that it has got optical image stabilization and phase autofocus. We also appreciate the presence of “smart” options in the built-in application for shooting, as well as a powerful dual flash. “Front camera” is rather for a tick, its resolution is 8 Mp.

The smartphone supports various useful options such as fast (24W) as well as rare wireless charging and NFC (including contactless payments). The capacity of the battery is 5580 mAh, which is enough for 2-3 days of work. Also, the smartphone can work as a Powerbank.

Doogee S60 runs on Android 7.0 Nougat which you can update later. Most probably, in the next year the device’s firmware will be upgraded to 8.0 Oreo. The shell of the system is customized taking into account the specifics of the device. Particularly, access to navigation has been made more convenient.

Disadvantages of the smartphone

• Hybrid slot for memory cards MicroSD, although Doogee S60 dedicated enough space.

• Wireless charging is, of course, cool and fashionable, but its slowness falls in standard. The 5580 mAh battery takes very long time to get fully charged.

• The price of almost 300 dollars seems pretty cool only when we consider all the advantages of this device.


Finally, we can say that, for this money the Doogee S60 is an excellent purchase. A stylish protected case ready for any tests, powerful “hardware”, an excellent (even and single) camera, and high autonomy makes it really a combo pack. Its capacious battery is just another add-on.

Theoretically, the shortcomings of the smartphone, mentioned above, are not intensely critical. For example, with the built-in storage capacity of 64 Gb, the memory expansion, in general, is not very relevant in most cases. And the wireless charging upholds its exoticness which something vital could possibly never accomplish.

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