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Review of the fitness bracelet THL P1 – competitor Mi Band 2

Review of the fitness bracelet THL P1 – competitor Mi Band 2

THL company is more known as a smartphone manufacturer in China. However, this year the first fitness tracker appeared in its collection. The model was named THL P1 and in our humble opinion, it is one of the worthiest competitors for Mi Band 2. Read our review to know the details about the device.


• Screen 0.66 “inches, touchscreen, OLED, resolution 64 × 48 pixels

• Bluetooth 4.0

• Protection IP67

• 85 mAh battery

• Compatibility Android 4.4 / iOS 7.0 and above

• Claimed autonomy 15 days

• Dimensions 24 × 3.8 × 1.1 cm

• Weight 23 grams

Contents of delivery

The bracelet is shipped in a transparent plastic box. Inside it, you’ll find the bracelet itself, an instruction manual with reference to the proprietary application and a charging dock with a USB port. The kit is exactly the same as the Mi Band 2 or Bong 2P.

Design, Appearance and Layout of Elements

The THL P1 tracker has a monolithic design, a silicone strap with a grooved covering on the fastener and a round display. In appearance, it resembles a classic watch with a round dial. On the back side, there is the company logo (THL – Technology, Health, Life), the window for an optical heart rate sensor, four screws and a special contact pad for charging.

On the lateral side, there is only one function key, with the help of which all the management of the fitness bracelet is carried out. The main material of the case is plastic, it’s there is IP67 standard protected.

Display and Display of Data

Although the front face of the THL P1 has a round shape, the display itself is rectangular, akin to that of the Mi Band 2. It is made using OLED technology and shines with a single green color. The backlight is slightly darker than the tracker from Xiaomi.

The screen of the bracelet can display the following information: time, date, battery level, steps and distance traveled, calories burned, sleep clock and pulse. To activate the display, you need to click on the button, or raise your hand with a gesture “to see the time.”

To switch desktops, use a single button on the side of the case. The button can easily be operated and has a hard stroke. Mi Band 2 has this touch button also. But which solution is more convenient is hard to say. In winter, if you are wearing gloves, it is probably more convenient to have a physical key in THL P1. In the other cases, touching feature will just do fine.

Movnow Plus application

THL P1 connects to a fitness application called Movnow Plus via Bluetooth 4.0. Compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 7.0. English is the only available language in it. There are 4 main tabs in the program interface:

• Steps

• Sleep

• Pulse

• And time alerts

The tab with the steps displays the distance you traveled, calories burned while driving, and the number of steps. An additional tab calculates the calories consumed with food and statistics in the form of a graph. In the sleep tab, you can see the total sleep time last night, and also track the phases of deep and light sleep. In the menu of the optical heart rate sensor, you can measure your pulse through the application.

In the tab with the alarm icon, there are four functions: body mass index, notifications that indicates that you need to drink fluid, notifications that reminds your warming up schedule and an alarm clock (wakes up by vibration). In addition, in the application you can choose your gender, age, weight and height to track further progress.

Among other useful features, you can find a signaling about the loss of the tracker as well as the ability to control the camera on your smartphone with a bracelet. When the bracelet and smartphone are connected, in the Camera menu you can select the front or main camera, the shooting interval (2.3 and 4 seconds) and the number of frames taken (3, 5 or 10). By pressing the button on the tracker, you can take a picture with the smartphone camera. However, the range of operation is limited to 10 meters.


Inside the THL P1, an 85 mAh battery is installed. The manufacturer claims about 15 days of autonomy, a real tracker can last 7-10 days, though. The total time for charging the bracelet is 1 hour. The charger itself is made very conveniently, it has a magnetic connector. The bracelet is charged with a 2-pin pad and surprisingly, it itself will connect to it. The charging system is processed using USB port.

Price Issue and Competitors

The estimated cost of THL P1 bracelet in popular Chinese stores is about 23-24 dollars. For this money, the user gets a wearable tracker in the form of a wristwatch with a pulse meter, a pedometer, a sleep sensor, an alarm clock, connection to the smartphone and 7-10 days autonomy. In addition, the P1 bracelet is able to control the camera on the smartphone, has a warning about the loss of the tracker and provides very detailed statistics about your activity.

Approximately for the same money (up to $30), you can buy similar trackers Xiaomi Mi Band 2 or Meizu Band, which also have OLED displays, but can offer a long duration of operation from a single charge.