Review: Gaming Mechanical Keyboard SteelSeries Apex M750

Review: Gaming Mechanical Keyboard SteelSeries Apex M750

The company SteelSeries continues to develop a line of mechanical keyboards with their own switches. Next in line is the Apex M750, made in an updated design, with case materials and equipped with a new switch model. This, as well as the usability and functionality of the keyboard, we will discuss further.


The keyboard is supplied in a cardboard box with the SteelSeries branded design, and inside, besides the keyboard and documentation, you can find a pair of replaceable rubber feet.

Design, assembly

Looking at the M750 from above, it is difficult to recognize the accessory to the Apex line, but everything changes if you look at the keyboard from the side.

Traditional drop-shaped inserts on each side in their places, but there is not a large gap, but you get used to it. The belonging to the family of mechanical keypads gives out a high profile of keys and general considerable dimensions of the device. By the way, the TKL-version of this model will be available on sale.

Taking the keyboard in your hands immediately pay attention to the considerable weight and metal coolness of the top panel, it is made of 5000-mark aluminum, and the keyboard’s weight is slightly more than 1 kg. Standard for Apex teardrop sidewalls are also made of aluminum, and their faces are polished to shine. The lower part is made of plastic, but the build quality is excellent, there are no creaks or backlashes when working.

The overall impression of the design is somewhat corrupted by the transparent plastic of which the switch housings are made. When turned on, they allow you to better diffuse the light from the backlight, but when the lights are on, the keyboard looks ambiguous.


As switches, models created in cooperation with Gateron, called SteelSeries QX2, are used. By their properties they are an exact copy of Cherry MX Red. The stroke length is 4 mm, and the trigger is 2 mm. In this case, the stroke is linear without tactile recoil and click. The keys are easily pressed, the required force for pressing them is 45 grams.

They feel a bit softer than the MX Red. By the speed of activation, the keys are very fast. Due to the minimum necessary force for triggering, it is very convenient to type a lot on the keyboard and quickly. The SteelSeries Apex M750‘s quieter comfort is quieter than other switches with a click, but it’s completely silent when you call it, during the speed dial you will hear the sound of hitting the cap against the case.


To customize the keyboard, you need the Utility Engine 3. In it, you can reassign the functionality of any keys and very flexibly work with the backlight. In Engine 3, you can control other SteelSeries gadgets, the backlight settings can be synchronized between devices for a more impressive appearance.

Some of the functions are accessible directly from the keyboard using the modifier with the SteelSeries logo. For example, you can adjust the brightness of the backlight and control the player.

PROS: quality of materials, beautiful backlight, convenient for typing keys
CONS: very high cost
CONCLUSION: SteelSeries Apex M750 is a good gaming keyboard. It is perfectly assembled, looks stylish (when the backlight is on) and is configured in a wide range. It is convenient to play on the keyboard and print a lot. The disadvantage of the Apex M750 is essentially the same – with all its advantages, its price is very high, especially given that it is equipped not with the traditionally expensive Cherry MX switches, but with their analogues.