Review: Leagoo KIICAA Mix – Frameless smartphone for $100

Review: Leagoo KIICAA Mix – Frameless smartphone for $100

Leagoo KIICAA Mix arrives in a fairly presentable box for its price, which focuses on the lack of a smartphone, as well as on the fact that the company is the official partner of the football club Tottenham. The box is made in black, on a small sticker the main characteristics of Leagoo KIICAA Mix are listed. The package is packed in a separate box. What the Chinese put us:

  • set of instructions in the envelope;
  • a clip-tool in a separate pouch;
  • USB Type-C cable;
  • power adapter;
  • silicone bumper;
  • headset with a USB-C connector.

As already noted, Leagoo KIICAA Mix took over the design of other frameless smartphones with screens 16:9. That is, the essential frame is at the bottom, where the manufacturer placed the “Home” button. However, against the background of most analogues of Leagoo KIICAA Mix stands out with several other materials of the case. Virtually all frameless solutions of this year are presented in cases of glass or iridescent plastic. Yes, it’s beautiful, but not practical.

The Leagoo KIICAA Mix is made of more familiar materials. The frame is made of metal, the rear part is made of plastic. The manufacturer tried to give the back look “metal”, even the characteristic strips that supposedly separate the central plate from the inserts from below and from above, did. The smartphone does seem all-metal. Plastic does not collect fingerprints, and should not be scratched during use.

As for the dimensions, the Leagoo KIICAA Mix may well be the title of a compact 5.5-inch smartphone. In size, it’s even slightly smaller than Doogee Mix, which offers the same 5.5-inch screen. Leagoo KIICAA Mix width (75.8 mm) is slightly less than most classic smartphones, but noticeably lower (only 141.7 mm). The hero of our review is slightly more than many 5-inch devices. Thickness, shall we say, average. Surprised by the weight. The weight of Leagoo KIICAA Mix is only 153 grams. This is one of the lightest frameless smartphones. The weight, which is understandable, affects the plastic case and not the most capacious battery.

Collected Leagoo KIICAA Mix well. Not perfect, but not bad. Some cheap Leagoo cheapness is still felt. It has sloping faces, rounded corners, which provides good ergonomics. Leagoo KIICAA Mix is really good in the hand. And you can use the device with one hand, than the usual 5.5-inch phone can not boast. On sale the smartphone is presented only in black. Well, at least not some pale golden.

The elements are mostly in the classical way. Front screen, which, as the manufacturer promises, covers 90% of the total area (this is not so). At the bottom there is a “Home” button, which also plays the role of a fingerprint scanner. As again, the manufacturer says, this button is made of ceramic, covered with glass. In all these promises it is believed weakly, so we did not scratch the Leagoo KIICAA Mix button specifically. In addition, you can call the on-screen buttons. A frontal camera was placed in the corner.

At the top, which was a little surprised, we did not find the standard slot of the spoken speaker. Bony conductivity of sound, like Xiaomi Mi Mix? No, the manufacturer simply took it to the upper end. Damn it with its location, but as it turned out, the sound is not so hot, but about this a little later.

At the top, apart from the lattice of conversational dynamics, there is nothing. On the right is the power button/volume swing. On the left is a hybrid tray under the SIM and microSD. The bottom end has a USB Type-C port, which, of course, is a plus for Leagoo KIICAA Mix price. Here there are two grids, under which the main speaker and microphone are hidden. And they decided to opt out of their budget smartphone from a 3.5 mm jack. On the back we are met by a double chamber, which has a playground, slightly projecting over the body. Next to it is a flash, the Leagoo logo is placed at the very bottom.


With displays today, even in the budget segment, everything is pretty good. That Leagoo KIICAA Mix got a 5.5-inch IPS-screen with a resolution of FullHD and pixel density of 401ppi. The manufacturer said expensive glass Gorilla Glass 4, as well as technology of full lamination (GFF). In addition, with his words, the matrix Sharp is used. That is, again, according to the promises of the manufacturer, we have a very cool display. We will not say 100% that all the promises of Leagoo are embodied in KIICAA Mix, but the screen is really good.

High density of pixels provides a clear picture, very saturated colors, wide viewing angles. The display is covered with 2.5D-glass with a good oleophobic layer. The reserve of brightness is good, but still I would like a little more, since the sun is not always comfortable. And here you can return to the sensors. The absence of an ambient light sensor prevented the manufacturer from implementing the adaptive brightness adjustment option. Only with your own handles, dragging the slider. Yes, this function is not used by all, but it should already be by default.

In the Leagoo KIICAA Mix settings, there is the MiraVision option, which allows you to adjust the saturation of colors yourself. A pretty useful option, I must say, which accompanies today all smartphones with chips from MediaTek.

Now for more details about framelessness. As already noted, Leagoo KIICAA Mix has a fine framework on three sides. The manufacturer claims about 90% of the useful area that – oh, really – not true. About 90% or more now, every company declares, releasing another smartphone, but it’s good, if in the end it assigns a mark of 80%. Leagoo KIICAA Mix screen takes 77.89%. Not bad, but there are options with more impressive figures. This once again confirms that Leagoo, in principle, could install a normal speaker and sensors.


Although the Leagoo website indicates that the resolution of the main and front cameras is 13Mp, the real value of this parameter is only 8Mp. Nevertheless, KIICAA Mix gives good quality photos in good lighting conditions. In view of its price, of course.

As in most Chinese smartphones of the second league, an additional camera is present here exclusively for the sake of fashion. She does not take any part in the shooting, so you can safely forget about her existence. Anyway, the effect of beautiful circular blur is achieved in this smartphone solely by software.

The standard camera KIICAA Mix, by the way, is capable not only of the banal bokeh effect. In the left-side menu there are several interesting story modes that make it easier to shoot in different situations. So, in the “Children’s mode” shooting is accompanied by various cheerful sounds that help to attract the attention of the child. “Makeup Mode” is designed to create perfect selfies, and “Pose Mode” helps to choose the right posture during the photo session.

Conclusion and feedback about Leagoo KIICAA Mix


Acquaintance with Leagoo KIICAA Mix, which seemed to us a very, very nice smartphone for its price, and even the frameless, was overshadowed by various nuances. Of course, the conversational speaker, which swam to the upper end, but also quiet. According to user feedback about Leagoo KIICAA Mix, the problem with loudness can be solved through the engineering menu (the main thing is not to expose too high values – the speaker will wheeze, and others will hear your interlocutor). Another notable problem is the lack of sensors. And this is in 2017. Finally, autonomous work can finally discourage the desire to buy Leagoo KIICAA Mix.

Pros and Cons of Leagoo KIICAA Mix

What I liked:

  • good assembly and practical materials;
  • good screen;
  • acceptable performance for the price of a smartphone;
  • almost “pure” Android;
  • pretty nimble fingerprint scanner.

What did not like:

  • quiet conversational speaker;
  • no 3.5 mm connector;
  • there are no proximity and illumination sensors;
  • weak battery;
  • a mediocre camera.