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Review of the LEMFO LES2 Fitness Tracker

Written by Tyler Rondman

Review of the LEMFO LES2 Fitness Tracker

We got an interesting device – a smartwatch LEMFO LES2 to review. This 110-dollar device is made of metal with a stylish medical silicone strap that you cannot swap out with another.

You receive the wearable in a stylish box made of black cardboard. The package is simple, but not without frills.

Inside the box, you can find the watch placed on a holder made of black foam. In the inner compartment, you find the instruction pamphlet, docking station, and the Micro USB-USB cable.

A small Phillips screwdriver is included and made available to remove the back cover from the device. Underneath the covers a slot for a Nano SIM card. The back covers made of stainless steel.

Device Features

Supports the following communication standards: GSM850/GMS900/DCS1800/PCS1900/WCDMA 850/WCDMA 1900 and WCDMA2100. There is support for Bluetooth 4.0 and WI-FI networks. In the “board” of the device, they installed an excellent quality 1.3-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 360×360 pixels.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not provide information as to whether the glass has protection or not. According to the manufacturer, the resolution is superb, like the matrix itself. The brainpower of the device is a quad-core MTK6580 processor with a frequency of 1.3 Hz.

Here the memory is clearly a strong point. The internal memory is 16 GB and has 1 GB used memory. The fitness apps in the LES2 offer you a pedometer and heart rate monitor. Further, it has “hands-free,” which means you could connect to a headphone.

The battery, as already mentioned above and not too big. In total, it has a 450 mAh, which, according to the manufacturer, is enough for 3.5 hours of “talk” in 2G networks and 2 hours in 3G networks.

The idle time is only 48 hours. Looking ahead, I would like to add that in the “smart clock” mode, without a permanent connection to the Internet, or via Bluetooth, as a “fitness tracker,” the device works up to 60 hours, despite the claimed 48.

The languages provided in the device are great. The manufacturer declares support for both Ukrainian and Russian languages.


What we can say is the watch leaves a great impression when used. Firstly, the material used is 316L stainless steel and has moisture-proof properties. The build is excellent and has no gaps in the folding body of the strap. The buttons made of the same material. However, there are some unpleasant notable things.

For example, at a cost of more than $100 one would expect it to last a lifetime. However, the device has a non-removable silicone strap. Even while it is made of medical silicone, it will eventually perish and break. For a Smartwatch at this price, one would expect to be able to replace the strap.

On the other hand, the manufacturer chose an easy route by housing the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G in the base of the strap. The biggest drawback is if you press the side buttons wrong, they do not work well.

The device is running an Android 5.1 system, optimized for round-shaped screens. Optimization in certain parts is perfect and in other places, you will soon see.

Therefore, it looks like the “main screen”

The first thing that catches your eye no matter if you set the language to Russian the date is displayed in English. With the help of “long taps,” a menu is available where you can choose your preferred dial to use.

This is where the question following question keeps coming up, “Why is the text displayed in English?” The language is programmed into the device so why is it causing this problem. The window for changing the “background” of the dial looks like this:

With the help of a swipe, as well as on any other touch device, you can choose the most suitable option for displaying the hour and date. Many of the dials look stylish. In addition, if this is not enough for you, there are there are many extra modifications you can download in the same menu.

With the help of a swipe from top to bottom, you can display all the events on the watch – from new messages right through to the USB connection.

Once the clocks selected, the corresponding icon appears. On the example of the screenshot, you can see the message in the curtain that the application downloaded.

Of course, not everything is perfect. On the test device, every time the screen was turned on and off, the “new event” icon again appeared, and in the back, the “Download completed” file continued to hang until the file was removed from the downloads. This can be a software failure or the chip used in the device. Swiping from the bottom up presents, information stretched over several windows.

The screenshots show the status of the device, the level of charge and finally the name of the day of the week in Russian.

The menu containing “quick switches” is standard. There are icons for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, Energy Saving Mode, Bright Screen, and Flight Mode. Extra you have a 3-way brightness control and GPS. Swiping from left to right on the screen acts as a back button when it is on. This move works everywhere except in applications.

For example, this way you can “collapse” the on-screen keyboard. Using a right-to-left swipe you get access to the menu, access to applications, fitness functions, and other components.

Personal feelings when using the watch the menu adjusts well. The Icons have a “bent” style and looks great on the screen.

The great design of the menu is only present in the main menu. In any other place, this “roundness” does not exist. Again, in some places the displays unpleasant to use. In the screenshots below, this is clearly visible. In addition, the translation in some places leaves much to be desired.

As you can see the “third-party” applications are normal, but here and there, some of the apps are horrible. The translation software is sloppy. Inside the folders and applications, you’re faced with a horror show compared to the sleek display in the menu.

As you can see, even here there is not exactly an exact translation (in English, by the way, everything is well polished – everything looks good all the time, all with a capital letter and as it should be).

In the submenu, there is already no “roundness” of the display, and in some places, it really is not enough. Nevertheless, despite all of this, the management is convenient and we observed no random clicks.


Let’s start with the screen and its settings. In the LES2, there is a 1.3-inch screen with IPS matrix. The quality of the picture falls flat, especially for the resolution of 360×360 pixels. Granularity is not present, the device is very pleasant to use. The reserve of brightness is good. Under direct sunlight everything is seen perfectly, nothing is “lit up,” the text is readable. You can even see the time

There are two options for adjusting the brightness – through the shutter and through the menu. In the first option, you have 3 positions (approximately 30.60.95% brightness), in the second – a full-fledged slider with a soft “stroke.”

According to the tests, you can touch two places, but not visible or noticeable.

In the same browser, the simultaneous use of two touches not recognized (for example, closer – you can only remove the page with the help of “double tap”).

The internal memory is the strength of this device. Of the claimed 16 GB in the device, there is only about 13 GB free (almost “gold” standard for Android devices). There is also a “store” file manager. Unfortunately, through it, you can only open music files and application files for installation.

The dispatcher, by the way, is convenient to use. You can delete, move, copy, and open files. There is access to all the folders except the system folders.

RAM – 1 GB. This amount of memory is undoubtedly sufficient for a smartwatch, during the testing of LES2 it never slowed down and it worked very, very quickly. Moreover, as it turned out, the device allows applications to work “in the background.”

For example, downloading files, playing music – works in the background, until the user decides to return to the application to stop the music, or when the download is finished.

Energy saving

The energy efficiency of the device still leaves much to be desired. Onboard there is a 450-mAh battery. This, in principle, is enough for the fitness tracker to work up to 60 hours in standby mode (according to the test results), but, the time of “active” use is too low. At full load, the charge may not be sufficient even for 2 hours of active use.

For example, when listening to music via Bluetooth headphones, using Wi-Fi to view the pages in the browser, the operating time was only 1 hour and 36 minutes, until the level of charge became critically low.

Of course, for working this remains amazing considering the small battery. Charging speed, declared by the manufacturer is “from 0% to 100” – 3 hours. In practice, this value rarely exceeds 1 hour and 40 minutes.

A separate bonus noted, is the battery can discharge until full zero.

You have the option to display the current battery charge from the menu settings, in the sub-menu “Battery”

Device protection

The Lemfo LES2 manufacturer’s claim it has moisture protection, though without specifying a specific degree of protection. There is only a sign that the device “is waterproof,” which in fact means that it is protected from getting only a small amount of moisture, from everyday events.

For example, wet hands and light rain. In addition, you cannot take the device with you in the shower or pool, because of possible failure. The weakest side of this protection are the ports for charging, which, in fact, can become corroded.


Smart – LEMFO LES2 watch is equipped with a speaker. The sound is surprisingly good, for such a small device. It’s nice to listen to music through the built-in speaker. For the average user, this is a great option. The volume is decent.

While out on the street, the device remains audible with some minor disturbance. At home, or when taking a pleasant walk in the park – the volume is okay. There is nothing more to say about this, except for the fact that it is possible to connect Bluetooth headphones, which, although it would reduce the battery level, remains useful.

For example – now you can upload your favorite music to your smartwatch and play sports, while also receiving pulse measurements, counting steps and so on. Every day workouts are rarely more than 2 hours. In addition, given the rather fast charging from 0 to 100% (in just an hour and a half) – this will not become a significant drawback of the device. Yes, we would like more, but still, this device is not “Premium Quality.”

Satellite navigation system

The “GPS” is present. In general, this is an excellent helper if you run. You can always map out a route while running on voice prompts from Google Maps. In addition, in this way you can control the fitness of the clock: a pedometer, distance traveled and so on. The position on the map is quite accurate, in no way inferior to what we found in Smartphones. The GPS satellites remain fast.


To synchronize with the device, you can use any Android device. The device, you can use as a full-fledged phone, write SMS, make calls, and use the Internet. For this, there is a slot for the Nano SIM card.

The smartwatch notifies you of new calls and notifications directly from your mobile device. All the functions and settings transferred to the device. Another plus is that you can use your phone to send requests to the watch to turn on the speaker.


The localization of LES2 is good. Even given the presence of any defects in the design and several menu items, where you cannot see the correct translation – everything is readable. Moreover, even the stock keypad needs no replacement.

It looks comfortable all the keys are there and the entire Cyrillic symbols present. The only inconvenient thing is switching between languages (you need to “tap” closer to the left, bottom corner of the screen, near the microphone, after which the “language menu” pops up).

The keyboard is handy but takes longer to type a message. Maybe a little uncomfortable to use but does not tire the eyes.


The fitness tracker left an extremely positive impression on us. Even, produced a real “WOW – effect,” because from the very beginning nothing extraordinary was expected from it. In general, it’s an excellent, workhorse, but you need to get used to the features.

This is actually the only “multi-tool” that works, as it should, without “glitches.” As you can see below, the “pros” of LEMFO LES2 are more significant than its “cons,” which you can get used to. However, whether to buy this smartwatch, is left up to you decide.


  • Has a 1.3 inch, IPS screen with a 360×360-pixel resolution.
  • A large amount of RAM, “multitasking”
  • Good margin of brightness
  • Optimized and well-fitted
  • Waterproof
  • The presence of built-in speaker, with the ability to listen to music
  • Built-in GPS
  • Very high-quality assembly

  • Battery, operating time
  • Cost
  • Unable to change the strap
  • Small translation problems
  • The absence of “protective coating” – unfortunately, glass is breakable

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