Review of LENOVO TAB3 8 PLUS (Lenovo P8):Inexpensive tablet with Snapdragon 625

Written by Tyler Rondman

Review of LENOVO TAB3 8 PLUS (Lenovo P8): Inexpensive tablet with Snapdragon 625

Long time on the review there were no tablets and today we will correct this matter. A tablet with such parameters and with such a price will surely appeal to many of you. Link to the tablet itself is in the end and at the time of recording the review, a flash session with a price of $121 (for a version in the color of DEEP Blu) operated, and not an action price of up to $140 also looks good. At least, it’s cheaper I’ve never seen it, even on AliExpress.

Here it is necessary to clarify – this tablet is found in different modifications. We will talk about the model with the index 8703F , which does not have a radio module and therefore does not support SIM cards. Personally, I do not see this as a big problem – if you need a mobile Internet, you can always distribute it to your tablet from your smartphone via WiFi. But if for some reason you do not like it, there is a more expensive version of the 8703X and there you can use SIM-cards and use 3G/4G, as they say, without departing from the ticket office. Also I met the version 8703N too with a radio module, but it even costs a little more than $ 200 in China.

Another nuance. The correct model name is Lenovo TAB3 8 PLUS. But in the store Gearbest, for some reason, it is sold under the name Lenovo P8. This is for clarification, so that you do not torment yourself with questions, why different names.


In the kit we have branded charging on 2A, cable and English manual. I note the good quality of packaging and printing – it is clear that before you the device is not from the last in this sphere of the brand.


The tablet is 8-inch and therefore quite compact: 209 mm in length and 124 mm in width. Not thick – 8 mm. In general, convenient and not massive. The case is plastic, plastic is not cheap and not creaky, it is matte and not slippery.

I note the presence of Lenovo TAB3 8 PLUS two multimedia speakers located at opposite ends. Yes, a couple of sources of sound – it’s cool, but I can not name such a thoughtful arrangement. Fans of driving in games will understand me – the speakers often turn out to be blocked by the palms or fingers.

For charging and connecting from a PC, there is a microUSB port, an audio jack is also available.

Under the silver insert at the end with the name of the brand is hidden a metal tray for memory cards and active users who buy a tablet for heavy games or to watch movies not online, the tray is definitely useful, because the user memory in Lenovo TAB3 8 Plus is slightly 16 GB, from which are slightly over 10 GB.


The resolution is 1920×1200 pixels and with an 8-inch diagonal this is enough to get a clear picture. The IPS matrix without air under glass with excellent viewing angles. Touch is very responsive, not “wooden”, as on some very cheap tablets. It recognizes up to 10 simultaneous touches. Liked the color rendition – neither excessive yellowness, nor a search of cold tones here is not observed.

To the left of the control buttons there is a separate button for switching the screen modes – there is a reading mode and a child mode, leading the picture into warm and very warm tones, there is a cold “multimedia” mode. But if you do not need it, you can hide this button using a special icon in the quick access curtain.

The brightness margin is sufficient. If the minimum brightness in the dark will be small, again to help the mode for reading.

With regard to the presence of an oleophobic coating on the glass – it is, the finger does not slide perfectly, but comfortable enough. On the other hand, the quality of the oleophobic is not high – a drop of water slides somehow lazily. But for the sake of justice I will say that usually for such money, the tablets generally have no oleophobic layer on the glass.


Here works our good friend Snapdragon 625, which we are well known for smartphones. I think I will not be mistaken if I call this chip the processor of 2017. It was on it that the most interesting smartphones came out in the current year in the price category up to $250, that is, the most popular smartphones. 8 cores, 2 GHz, 14 nm and graphics Adreno 506. Plus 3 GB of RAM. As a result, Lenovo TAB3 8 PLUS easily copes with classic tasks, and for games it is quite suitable, including the most advanced of them.

Of course I started the tanks (WOT BLITZ), but clean for a tick, because on the experience of testing smartphones on a similar hardware and with a FullHD screen, we know that the tanks should normally run at medium-low graphics settings. In principle, so it is.

Android version 6.0 – not the most recent version, but also a model not only from the stove – this tablet on the market quite a long time and has already managed to dial a decent communion on the thematic forums. Android itself, except for minor changes in the interface, is practically clean. So we will not dwell on this.


The GPS module is there and we know that Qualcomm’s chipsets in this regard show themselves perfectly. So for navigation this model is quite suitable.

The mass of various sensors on board, but the gyro in this company was not found. I note the presence of a dual-band Wi-Fi module supporting 5 GHz. Bluetooth, of course, is also in place.

Unequivocally pleased with the dynamics – firstly, there is a clear stereo effect, and secondly, for such a small tablet, the sound quality is very decent. And if you like listening to music through headphones, then with such a task, Lenovo TAB3 8 PLUS does well. No particular sound, he certainly will not give you, but in general it’s good.


Personally for me, the camera is the last thing I will use in the tablet. The main thing is to have an adequate frontline for video calls and okay. By the way, the front camera here is 5 megapixels and it completely arranged me.

Moreover, the 8-megapixel main camera also shoots at the level and the tablet can be used, if necessary, as a mobile camera to get some simple frames or what to shoot on video in FullHD resolution.


Order and with autonomy. The capacity of the built-in battery is 4250 mAh. And we remember that Snapdragon 625 consumes the charge very carefully. Example – when playing 1 hour of HD video through Youtube, the losses are 11-12% of the charge.


You have now seen everything and are able to draw your own conclusions. Although, what’s there soul to blame – I will praise Lenovo TAB3 8 PLUS, because there is, for what. Count the minuses can only a small stock of built-in memory, but no memory cards have been canceled. Well, to the location of the speakers there is a complaint, but there are two of them and they sound normal. In addition, we return to the price and see that there are no worthy alternatives with similar characteristics on the horizon.

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