Review Lioncast LK30 Gaming Keyboard

Full Review Lioncast LK30 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

You can find many mechanical keyboards on the market. However, which one helps you improve your game. You should definitely take a closer look at the Lioncast LK30. This high-profile keyboard brings you many advantages as a gamer. If you really want to play in the high-end sector, you should definitely use this keyboard.

The design of the Lioncast LK30

Ultimately, you can look forward to a very straightforward design with this keyboard. Externally, the Lioncast LK30 seems to be an ordinary keyboard, but if you look closer, you will discover many details. Finally, a gaming keyboard should bring with it some subtleness that can be of use to you.

The lighting comes to the foreground, which you can choose individually. This will give your keyboard its own look, even from the outside, and you may find that the keys very important to you when playing games. There are several LED modes available to choose.

These include, for example, “Equalizer” and “Breath,” which you can choose. They may seem quite simple, but just this feature should make your keyboard appear in a special light. So, on occasion, work with these features to give your new keyboard a unique feel.

The mechanical technique

A mechanical keyboard comes with a special technique, used with the many buttons. Ultimately, the Lioncast LK30 is the Cherry Switch, also known as the Cherry MX Brown Switch, used in gaming keyboards for many years. By the way, they are decent and offer you a long lifespan. This allows more than 50 million keystrokes. You can look forward to a very durable product that will help you with your games for a long time.

The Macro Buttons

Many gaming keyboards have macro buttons. You can use them if you want to execute certain commands quickly and easily. You might need these actions more often. On the other hand, certain combinations executed much faster, as a simple keystroke is enough to perform the desired action on the screen and in the game.

You can choose four different modes for your macro buttons, which will further customize your game. Especially, if your game is fast, you should think about these functions. After all, the key could be here that determines a win or a lost game.

Included Palm Rest

The price of about 130 Euros is not exactly low for a keyboard. It’s nice to see that Lioncast does not stop at the keyboard, but also gives you a palm rest on which your hands and can come to rest. This offers you a pleasant gaming experience without hurting your wrists and hands. The palm rest will help you here, so you can enjoy a relaxed game.

A gaming mode and anti-ghosting are included

For a great game, you do not want to carry out unwanted actions. For this purpose, the gaming mode of Lioncast is on-board. This will prevent you from accessing the Windows start page if you accidentally press the Windows key. This can happen in the heat of the moment and should not disturb you in – or out of the game. Because of this, you can override the Windows key in this mode.

In addition, you can also enjoy anti-ghosting. This means that none of your keystrokes missed when pressing multiple keys at once. Each input transmitted precisely and quickly and implemented in the game. You can look forward to a great gaming experience.

Conclusion: how good is the Lioncast?

The Lioncast LK30 has everything you need for hours of gaming. After all, the macro keys great if you use them smartly in the game. Furthermore, the price is fine with the palm rest in place. With more than 50 million keystrokes, you should be able to deal with this keyboard for a long time. In addition, the gaming mode prevents you from accidentally landing in the Windows menu as the Windows key is temporarily disabled. Therefore, nothing can go wrong here.