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Review: MEE Audio Matrix3: Full-size Bluetooth Headset With aptX and AAC

Review: MEE Audio Matrix3: Full-size Bluetooth Headset With aptX and AAC

In this not-so-cheap modern Bluetooth headset, ordinary users can enjoy enough sound quality. Audiophiles deny it as a class, though and end up saying that it’s impossible to get quality sound without wires. There is some truth in this, but let’s go no to that extremity. Because there are a number of situations where Bluetooth headphones fit perfect. We do not try to hear any previously unnoticed small details of the recordings while training in the hall or jogging for a few kilometers, right? Still, manufacturers are working on improving the sound quality in wireless models. Corresponding codecs aptX and AAC are part of such attempts and the industry continues with their improving process. Today we happily listen to what Matrix3 supports with Bluetooth 4.0 and the above codecs from MEE Audio.

What is interesting about the headset?

MEE Audio Matrix3 is a full-size Bluetooth headset with a foldable design, an enclosed acoustic pattern, a Bluetooth 4.0 module supporting the aptX and AAC codecs, the ability to wired and 24 hours of music playback (according to the manufacturer).

What is in the box?

The headphones are packed in a standard cardboard box with a cover made of white soft cardboard. On this board, you’ll see a bunch of standard polygraphs – from the image of the headphones themselves to the technical specifications. The kit itself includes a headset, a hard-carrying case with a denim upholstery and two cables: a microUSB (for charging) and a 3.5mm (for a wired connection if the battery is fully charged). The bundle isn’t lavish, but it contains everything you would need and even more. Not all headsets come with hard covers.

What does it look like with the controls?

The design has changed significantly for the better compared to Matrix2 (we had it on the review with the Ausdom nameplate ). Matrix3 immediately evokes the sensation of some more expensive, good and finished thing. The body is made of black matte plastic. The outer parts of the cups are filled with dark gray jeans fabric. Looks like, there’s a thin layer of foam inside which is used on the case:

The forks for fixing the cups to the headband clearly repeat the shape of the cups themselves. Looks harmonious and structurally correct, the headband is topped with the same jeans.

The inside of the headband and ear cushion are covered with artificial leather. The ear pads are large. Looking inside it, you’ll perceive a soft foam with a memory effect. The levels of the left and right headphones are located inside the cups:

Only the headband headset is made of metal, and it’s enough for necessary strength and elasticity, whereas the MEE Audio Matrix3 is kept very light. Adjust its length to your desired size by pulling out the cups. There are no distinct clicks on the divisions, but the mechanism itself is tight. So, it won’t take much hassle to fix it in perfect order:

While adjusting to the shape of the head, you can regulate the position of the cups in two planes. They can be deployed 180 ° for carrying around the neck:

For transportation, headphones are added:

The most interesting thing about this model is the connectors and controls. In the previous model, we saw six buttons working as controllers – three on each cup. Contrary to that uncomfortable setting, in Matrix3 everything is made much better, by placing only three buttons on the right earpiece for managing the system. Separately located power button is also responsible for playback/pause, pairing and receiving a call. A little ahead, you’ll get two paired volume buttons, which are also responsible for switching tracks. Between them, there’s a small opening on the microphone, where the LED “bells” is set slightly forward.

The buttons do not overhang above the headset. The larger area has made it convenient to press them. On the left earpiece, two openings are visible- a MicroUSB port for charging and a 3.5 mm for wired connection. Between them, the charging LED is set:

Despite the abundance of plastic, the superb build quality has kept everything in order – nothing creaks and is immune to break under load. Materials are not the most expensive, but high-quality and practical.

How easy is it to use?

As already written above, the Matrix3 is a full-size headset. Interestingly, it is compact and an overhead model. The cups are normal in size, and they keep the ears completely inside. Foam filler with a memory effect in the ear cushions is very convenient, thanks to the mobility of the cups, the headset fits perfectly to the head. The headband pressure is sufficient for normal fixation, but not more. This soundproof headset fits comfortably on the head. Yes, in summer, the ears will sweat a little, but it is almost inevitable with such a design.

Managing the headset is very simple and straightforward. The buttons are easy to feel by fingers. Press them to command and they’ll instantly follow without any problems. Short presses adjust the volume, long presses are for switching tracks. Works with Android-smartphones and Sony NW-A35 player on the proprietary OS.

What about sound, autonomy and signal quality?

Being familiar with MEE Audio devices, I expected decent sound quality and these expectations were justified. Most of today’s Bluetooth-headsets of more popular brands are very low-frequency. The range of almost all of them goes to the background that makes the music sound more like a low-frequency rhythmic rumble. In addition to LF, the HF is sometimes elevated with balanced sound. During your listening to music with dense and deep bass, there will be rises in LF and HF, but they are minimal. With its elaboration, everything runs orderly without merging a lot. The middle frequencies (despite the fact that they are drowned very little) do not seem flat, greased and lifeless. Ultra-high detail and speed feature are not available, but they sound quite organic and balanced. Though the HF is slightly elevated, it’s not more than necessary. Even in some specific compositions, where other headphones unnecessarily start to cut openly to the ears, MEE Audio Matrix3 behave decently. The sources, with which this model is used, are Sony NW-A35 player and smartphones BlackBerry PRIV, Meizu PRO 5 and Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

With the quality of wireless connection, there is no problem. You can put a normal antenna to match the dimensions though. Moreover, it seemed to me that the radius was even slightly more than 10 m. The headset did not lose its connection with the smartphone from the opposite end of the office (apparently, more than 10 meters) through the partition and one wall. The only lack of NFC that makes me slightly upset is I’ve got addiction of it. As for autonomous work, it’s difficult to detect exact time. I listened more than 20 hours of music conveniently. The microphone in the model is omni-directional and modest in quality with all the succeeding consequences. However, in the transport or on a noisy street, the speaker hears not in the best way.


At present, considering the price tag of MEE Audio Matrix3, which is slightly more than 3500 UAH, it is one of the most interesting full-size Bluetooth headsets of its class. For this money, a high-quality and balanced sound (especially in comparison with all kinds of Beats and the like) is really appreciable. It supports the codecs aptX and AAC to transfer better sound for smartphones and Android and iOS. The battery charge lasts really long. Once fully charged, it’ll run 1 week with your listening on the way to work and home (one hour one way). The built-in Bluetooth-antenna allows you to forget about the intermittent signal, even at a decent distance. I’m not impressed with the performance of the built-in microphone, but with this design, it’s quite expecting. Well, I would like the NFC-module for complete happiness.

4 Reasons to Buy MEE Audio Matrix3:

  • quality and balanced sound;
  • long battery life;
  • simple and convenient control;
  • stable signal;
  • support for aptX and AAC.

1 reason not to buy MEE Audio Matrix3:

  • a weak microphone.

I would like:

  • NFC module.

Technical specifications MEE Audio Matrix3
Dimensions 180x150x40 mm
The weight 199 g
Bluetooth Version 4.0 with support for HSP / HFP / A2DP / AVRCP profiles and codecs aptX, AAC
Emitters dynamic, 40 mm
frequency range 20-20,000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ohm
Sensitivity 96 ± 3 dB
Microphone Type omnidirectional
Microphone frequency range 100-10 000 Hz
Microphone sensitivity -32 ± 3 dB
Talk time up to 28 hours
Standby time up to 1000 hours
Time in music playback mode up to 24 hours