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Review of metal headphones KZ ED9

Written by Tyler Rondman

Review of metal headphones KZ ED9

China comprises not only a cluster of famous global brands like Huawei and Lenovo, but it’s an unknown valley from where innumerous small producers and unfamiliar companies have emerged. Today’s review is about the representative of such unpopular novelties of electronics – KZ ED9 headphones from the company Knowledge Zenith.


• Brand Knowledge Zenith (KZ)

• Cable length 1.2 meters

• Resistance 18 Ohms

• Sensitivity of 108 ± 3 dB

• Type of cable 3.5 mm audio, angled

• Microphone yes/no depending on model

• Remote control included/not included depending on the model

• Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Contents of delivery

Headphones were ordered on Aliexpress, they came in a cardboard box from the seller. For its price, the user will receive headphones themselves, a plastic box of unusual shape (with a blue diagram) and a set of silicone attachments.


Headphones have an unusual appearance. The design is based on a metal rectangle, which includes a cable, and on the end, there is a silicone insert in the ear. The case of headphones is made of copper. Everything is done very dignifiedly without claiming the quality of assembly/casting of the case.

At one end, there are two slits with a silver grating perpendicular to the bottom of the headphones, and on the other, there is an insert with a protective grille of gold color. The headset is marked with the text KZ: 01ED9 on each earpiece, and also has distinctive large letters LEFT/RIGHT – left/right for making your access easier.

The package includes several types of attachments (not silicone plugs, namely headphones), as the producer claims. One pair is designed for “bass”, and another for listening to classical music.

The splitter, like the plug itself, is made of plastic. Apparently, they look like small pieces of protruding plastic. But this is almost imperceptible, and can be removed with conventional scissors. The plug from KZ ED9 has a classic corner of 3.5 mm, it shows the logo KZ. The braid of the headphone cable is made of flexible transparent plastic, through which the veins of wires are visible.


The headphones sound very average. On the one hand it’s good, they do not have problems while listening to pop music with words, but on the other hand, they do not give out some incredible basses, like Xiaomi Quanties do.

I personally did not feel any particular difference between the nozzles, but other fans of high-quality audio say that there is a difference. The first balanced nozzle showed itself badly in real tests, but with the second sound, it turned out to be saturated and voluminous.

There are complaints about noise isolation, maybe I’m used to 1 more headphones, in which I switch off from the outside world, but the KZ ED9 with it is quite bad. In a small wind, music ceases to be heard by 50%. Perhaps it’s due to the poor design. The headset’s body is open some degree. So, it’s clearly not the headphones that will feel good on the street.


Earphones KZ ED9 provides a good sound for this price. For $12-15 dollars, of course you should not expect super sound quality. But a usual music lover won’t love this model.

Things we didn’t like about the headphone: Weak noise insulation and Weight. The size of the headphones has made it very heavy. But thankfully, they do not fall out of the ears, they create some discomfort in everyday life, though. Personally, I wear KZ ED9 for a long time, my ear gets tired. The reason could be I’m just used to aluminum and plastic Piston 3/Youth Edition.

Personal impression

KZ ED9 headphones will definitely please fans of large sets. Along with the headset, there is still a box for storage, a transport case, and a few pairs of baits. The headset produces a medium-quality sound. There are problems with noise isolation, but for a very affordable price of 13-14 dollars, it is completely forgivable.

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