Review of the Bluboo S8: Is it worth buying?

Written by Tyler Rondman

Review of the Bluboo S8: Is it worth buying?

There are Smartphones popular by their brand name and others for their groundbreaking technology. Some become a hit thanks to the low price. However, Bluboo just kept his nose to the ground and released their own S8 – your budget solution to the more expensive brand of the Galaxy family. Does Bluboo have any chances to survive the mobile market, and what else is interesting about this smartphone?
The packaging is black, reserved, with a touch of style.


The package includes a charging unit, a USB cable, and an adapter with a USB-C to 3.5 mm audio port and a protective film with a silicone case.


The design of the smartphone, we must admit is modern and a success. The first that is sure to attract potential buyers is the non-standard screen. The ratio of 18:9 is typical for leading brands of this year.

We can see the direct resemblance as the inspiration came from top brands in the market. The displays made from tempered glass with 2.5 D technology, on each side there is a metal frame and the back covers made of plastic. The back cover distinguishes the smartphone from its competitor due to its interesting design.

You will note spectacular beams diverge from the center back cover making it look unique. This is something we have seen in the Zen and Asus line of Smartphones and notebooks.

Standout Design Features:

The dimensions of the phone are 149.5 x 70.6 x 8.4 and the weight 200 grams. In the hand, the smartphone is not too large and has a moderate weight. On the right side is the power button. On the left side is the volume control and easy to press. It has a bottom connector Type C, a multimedia speaker, and a microphone.

At the top, you have an extra microphone, a hybrid SIM card tray, and a memory card that takes up to 256GB in size. The tray itself is soft, bent and does not break. The backside boasts a double camera with a double flash. Just below, it is the fingerprint scanner.

The arrangement of the elements on the front panel is standard: above the screen, there is a peephole for the front camera, a speaker, all the necessary sensors, under it is empty, and the buttons here are standard.

The fingerprint scanner is not the best, but it responds most of the time and failures are rare.

The display has no bends, its diagonal, and measures 5.7 inches with an HD resolution (720 x 1440) and pixel density of 282 PPI made on an IPS matrix structure. There is a frame around the screen, but not too big. Given the cost of the smartphone, and the nice rounded corners give it a nice touch.

The viewing angles imperfect and there is a small inversion. The reserve of brightness is quite large, but if in bright light the screen remains readable, which is nice. However, when viewed in the dark your eyes get tired of the bright glow.

There is a slight confusion caused by the “trail” behind the image. This happens when the phones been in the cold for some time and have problems with sensitivity. One would think that during 2017 you would not find mobile devices with bad screens… but no, there are still some annoying exceptions.

The low resolution is annoying: for example, for VR-helmets fit QuadHD and FullHD, and the fact that there is not enough of it available here. In the screen settings, you can find the color temperature correction.

The sound is average and to be honest, it is bad. There is a large volume, but with the absence of low frequencies, it is frustrating. The same applies to the headphones: quite flat, but without a wheezing sound.

The Hardware

The operating system found under the 360 OS shell is the Android 7.0 version. The company launcher provides a desktop with the latest news, weather and a list of recently launched applications – such as Google Now. There is a built-in application to protect your smartphone and optimize it and a lot of less useful installed software.

Unfortunately, you cannot install third-party software. We admit at once, the firmware is not ideal – it takes a long time to start up, there is no synchronization of contacts. However, there are problems with connecting to a PC. There are many visual flaws, which catches the eye. We hope they fix these problems with their updates.

The Performance

The performance is average and provided by the MediaTek MTK6750T processor with Mali-T860 graphics and 3 GB of RAM. It has built-in 32 GB storage, of which 24.5 are available. In general, this is not a gaming smartphone, as the phone gets hot. Optimization of games is bad, has a low screen resolution, and the screens unresponsive.

The phones best used for making calls, using it with social networks, listening to music and web surfing.

Interfaces Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.0, and does not have NFC.

The camera is 13 megapixels and 3 megapixels, with wide-angle with a telelens. They are used for optical zoom and background blur. In general, there are problems with the details, adequate shooting indoors or in the dark is impossible. Autofocus is slow, starting the camera and saving snapshots take time. Even the videos are not great when using the phone. The maximum available shooting format is FullHD with 30 fps.

The Battery used in the Bluboo S8 is a 3450 mAh one. You get about a day of use in standby mode and 3 hours when used with games. There are two power-saving modes and only lowers the brightness setting to a minimum.

Our Thoughts

In general, Bluboo S8 are very far from perfect. This does not make the smartphone bad. Yes, it’s a budget smartphone. The phone does not have the best hardware and the component software is unstable. However, if you are not a gamer and need a smartphone for everyday needs, this Smartphones perfect.

Most importantly, it looks stylish: the screen looks very modern, although it is inferior in quality to the flagships, the “back” with sparkling beams, the thin frames around the screen – all this makes the smartphone a good option for someone who needs the basic functions from a phone. The cost of the smartphone is $160.


  • Fashionable screen
  • A pleasant appearance
  • Low price


  • Unreliable Software
  • Horrible camera
  • High brightness
  • No gyro

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