Review Oukitel K10000 Pro – smartphone with the best autonomy

Written by Tyler Rondman

Review Oukitel K10000 Pro – smartphone with the best autonomy

Most of the smartphone users do not prefer the coolest camera. Instead, they are interested in long-term autonomy. After all, the average phone is able to last only 1-1.5 days from a single battery charge, and considering the demand of present days, this duration is really small. For those audience, Oukitel K10000 Pro was released with a recorded amount of battery, it’s 10,000 mAh powered. Apart from good autonomy, what else can this gadget offer? See the details in our review.


• Processor: MediaTek MT6750T, 1.5 GHz

• Display: 5.5 inches, Full HD

• Memory: 3 GB

• Flash Memory: 32 GB

• Camera: 13-megapixel

• Operating system: Android 7.0 Nougat

Contents of delivery

The box contains absolutely everything. For reviewing, we received a model with a premium set of delivery and it’s really impressive. True, the company can decline selling the set, as they aren’t intended to raise its price. So, if you want to purchase this phone, do hurry! The smartphone is sold in a large black box, inside which you will find –

• The smartphone itself

• Silicone Case

• Cover under the skin with fastening on the belt

• USB and USB OTG cable

• Charging unit

• A needle for extracting a SIM

• Stock film on the screen (already pasted)

• Tempered glass on the screen

• Cloth for wiping the display

Design and appearance

Oukitel K10000 Pro has an unusual design. Its appearance is something like Vertu phones. The main materials of the case are metal, glass and leather. The base is made of metal, and the back edge is covered with leather. According to the manufacturer – this is the genuine leather of the Australian lamb. It feels pleasant, interesting and unusual to touch. At the top of the back edge, there is a metal module with camera, flash and fingerprint scanner.

The smartphone is thick, but it feels good in the hand.

From the top, there is a 3.5 mm audio output, on the left side, there are the SIM trays for two Nano SIM cards. On the right side, the lock and volume keys are located, and finally, you’ll find a micro USB port on the bottom side. As you may have guessed, the phone is rather heavy and thick. Its dimension is 161.7 × 77.8 × 14 mm, and its weight is 288 grams. Not surprising – such a large battery is difficult to fit in a compact package.

The phone is heavy, but it’s good to hold in hand, thanks to beveled sides. The case is well made, it is solid and durable, although the smartphone is not positioned as protected. The only thing that distracts is the little loose SIM-tray, which creates some slight sound when using the device.


The screen diagonal of the Oukitel K10000 Pro is 5.5 inches, the resolution is Full HD. The type of matrix here is IPS, and the pixel density per square inch is 401 ppi. The test of the AnTuTu display showed support for 5 simultaneous clicks on the screen.

The screen has support for gestures.

The display covers the protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass without oleophobic coating. The screen in the smartphone is of high-quality: it works quickly, has a good factory calibration and excellent viewing angles. The device has a wide support for gestures on the locked screen, though it fails to recognize promptly. Here, you’ll also encounter a vision protecting mode – “Eye Protection” (the filter of dark blue glow) which will be very handy during reading from the phone screen for a long period of time.

Processor and Memory

The smartphone is built on the 8-core, 64-bit processor MediaTek MT6750T and has 3/32 GB of memory on board. This chip offers eight cores of Cortex A53 with a maximum clock frequency of 1.5 GHz per core. The graphics contains the Mali-T860 GPU core, running at 650 MHz.

In the AnTuTu benchmark, the device scores 44559 points. The figures are not large, but in reality, everything works fast. Hangs, departures and brakes were not observed during the testing. Social networks and popular games run without problems on this phone. About 25 gigabytes of memory from 32 GB is available, the rest is the operating system. The RAM is free approximately 1-1.5 GB.

Operating System

Oukitel K10000 Pro runs under the Google Android 7.0 Nougat (firmware version V1.0_20170528) operating system. It’s not the most attractive shell from the manufacturer. But in the settings, you can choose the theme of the stock Android, or install the launcher from Google Start. As for the built-in themes, there are only three, there is no possibility to install additional ones.

There is one-handed operation mode.

As control elements, we offer touch input on the screen, as well as three capacitive keys under the display (without backlight). From the left to the right: Task Manager, Home and Back. You’ll get all the cool chips of the new Android Nougat here: multi-window mode works, fast application switching by clicking the application manager button and so on.

The system works perfectly. Among the interesting chips, there are the above-mentioned gestures on the locked screen, as well as the one-handed control mode (swap at the bottom of the screen from one edge to the other). The main thing is that all the additional functions are useful and they do not overload the interface of the phone. During the testing update, Android hadn’t arrived.


Among the wireless interfaces, K10000 Pro has standard Wi-Fi with Bluetooth, as well as HotKnot data transfer technology. Also, the device supports 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks, and the micro USB port has OTG support for connecting external devices and charging gadgets. We’ll talk about it later.

The scanner is a bit too high on the case, but as usual, it works quickly and accurately. With mobile 3G Internet and other wireless interfaces, there are no problems, everything works as expected. The GPS test shows 20 satellites in the visibility zone. To be connected the headphones, it provides a 3.5 mm port on the top edge of the device. Besides, wireless headsets are connected via Bluetooth.

Cameras and sample pictures

The main camera has a 13 Mp sensor and a good location in the center at the top of the case. Thus, it does not overlap with fingers during shooting. Next to the camera, there is a dual LED flash. Among the main features there is a face detection function, continuous shooting up to 99 frames and manual settings. There is no electronic and optical stabilization, the video is recorded in 1080p 30 fps format.

The front camera received the module at 5 megapixels. Cameras are very simple, as we can expect from the smartphones pricing up to 200 dollars. It is immediately evident that the manufacturer has concentrated all efforts on the battery of this phone, and not on photos and video capabilities. Below are examples of photos taken using this unit.

Battery and autonomy

What are the most interesting thing? The battery and the autonomy of this monster. Within the Oukitel K10000 Pro, two batteries of 5000 mAh with a total capacity of 10.000 mAh are installed at once. The charging unit outputs 2A current and 12V voltage. The device is charged via the micro USB port. But you’ll find a nuisance! The charging port is drowned too deep in the case and only a complete micro USB cable is suitable for it. Now, let’s take a look at the following autonomy parameters:

• More than 1 month without use with active SIM card

• 33 days with active 4G LTE Internet

• 55 days with active 3G Internet

• 77 days with active 2G Internet

If you play 3D games (Dead Trigger 2) for 2 hours with active Wi-Fi, it loses about 7-9% of the charge. In the usual mode of use, when you operate it, the device runs 3-4 days from one charge. Accordingly, in a sparing mode of use, the autonomy works for a whole work week (5 days). The total charging time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

With this smartphone you can charge another smartphone.

Another distinguishing feature of this smartphone is the possibility of reverse charging gadgets via OTG cable. In fact, we have a large external battery. With its help you can charge Android and Apple smartphones, as well as small devices, such as fitness bracelets and action cameras. That’s really cool and useful functionality, which is rare in modern phones.


There are no analogues to this model, we can only note the previous version of this phone – Oukitel K10000 4G. All other devices can not offer such a capacious battery, the closest competitors have 6000 mAh batteries: Ulefone Power 2, Oukitel K6000 Pro and Blackview P2.

Advantages and disadvantages



Huge package of delivery

Weak cameras

Rechargeable battery

Dimensions and weight

Screen with gesture support

Deep-seated USB port

Android Nougat

Price and where to buy

Personal impressions

Oukitel K10000 Pro is ideal for those who are looking for a smartphone with the best autonomy for today, but at the same time ready to put up with its size and appearance. The device liked the quality display with gesture support, the Android Nougat firmware and an incredibly steep delivery package. Among its drawbacks can be called only unpretentious cameras.

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