Review of Razer Atheris Wireless gaming mouse with 7200DPI

Written by Tyler Rondman

Review of Razer Atheris Wireless gaming mouse with 7200DPI

In the line of a wireless gaming mouse, the Razer Atheris has entered the market as a new model for all gamers.

Its distinctive features are compact dimensions, compatibility with wearable devices, two connection options, software support, and a sensitive sensor.

All this makes it the best wireless gaming mouse with 7200DPI to use with laptops. We have had the opportunity to study this model first hand.

At the time of publication, sales in Russia have not yet started; you can focus on the recommended price of $ 50 for the US.

Razer Atheris Review

You receive the Razer Atheris in a compact box with a dark design. In addition to the manipulator image, you get the data on its characteristics available on the box.

The kit includes a pair of batteries, stickers with a logo, instructions, and a warranty card.


Razer Atheris features compact design, it is noticeably smaller than the wired version. It does not take much space in a laptop bag or backpack.

The weight of the mouse is 66 grams, dimensions 99.7 x 62.8 x 34.1 mm. The mouse is made of plastic and the outer surfaces matte, without leaving fingerprint markings behind.

The body is symmetrical, suitable for both left-handed and right-handed. It should be noted that a couple of extra buttons are displayed on the left side.

On the back is the manufacturer’s logo. In this model, you get the CHROMA backlight to save power and reduce the cost. Furthermore, there is a scroll wheel with rubber lining and small overhangs that help improve grip during scrolling.

Behind the wheel is the DPI switch button. At its center is a compact LED that displays the current connection mode.

The top panel of the Razer Atheris is removable. Underneath, there are two AA battery compartments and a 2.4 GHz USB adapter. This helps prevent the loss of losing an adapter in travel.

On the bottom surface, there are three Teflon legs, ensuring for a good glide. There is also a three-position switch.

The mouse supports both manual shutdown and automatic when there is no activity for a certain time.


When connecting the USB-adapter to the PC, they recommend you install the new Razer Synapse 3.0 software. In a few steps, the profile is installed and activated. At the current stage, the program supports only a limited set of peripherals. These are 4 mice, a headband holder, and LED strip.

All other peripherals will require parallel operation of Razer Synapse 2.0. In the future, I want to believe that the manufacturer will unite all this in the center.

The interface of the program has changed noticeably. Instead of a dark interface, it’s now light. The window became visually more accurate. In the main window, you can view the macros, connected devices, leave feedback on the software, and register the warranty.

Razer Atheris allows you to customize the action of buttons. You can change the layout of the two main keys under right-handed and left-handed. Select a ready-made set of commands or create one manually.


The Razer Atheris has a sensor with a sensitivity of 7200DPI. High sensitivity is found in TVs and panels with 4K-resolution. The polling frequency is up to 1000 Hz. This is not a simple office mouse, but a full game mouse. This model supports Bluetooth Low Energy connection. In this mode, it can be directly connected to tablets, TVs, Smartphones. The connection is stable at a distance of 10 meters.

For systems without Bluetooth support, a switch operating at 2.4 GHz is available. Both options work without the need to install drivers and software. The communication without discontinuities and the reaction rate was not observed.

The manufacturer claims the wireless gaming mouse works for up to 350 hours using two AA batteries. This is approximately two weeks of continuous operation. Under the usual scenario, this will give you 2-3 months of battery life.

During the tests, we were unable to discharge it. The use of batteries, on the one hand, eliminates the need for a docking station, but on the other hand, it is an additional expense, as you need to replace the batteries.

The reduced shape of the body is something to get used too. In terms of ergonomics, there are no complaints. The adjusted shape and the classic arrangement of buttons are outstanding. The main buttons when used are responsive.

Summary of Razer Atheris

Razer Atheris is one of the best options to pair with your gaming laptop, tablet, or smart set-top box. Its advantages include a sensor with high sensitivity, two modes of connection, and the presence of a hidden case for storing the USB adapter. It has a good battery life use while working and quality assembly with outstanding appearance. Further, you can configure it to your needs.


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