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Review of Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Review of Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Last year, Samsung released the fitness tracker Gear Fit 2, which turned out to be one of the best products sold thus far. Instead of releasing a new generation of devices this year, the South Korean developer decided to give the last year’s model an improved protection against water, add the word Pro and reclaimed the name.


The modern market of fitness trackers seems to be crowded with devices of different sizes, shapes, and functionalities to such an extent that making a decision in itself becomes a complex exercise.

Despite this, Samsung released an excellent model of Gear Fit 2 last year, excellent functionality and more. Surprisingly, instead of releasing an entirely new device, the company decided to improve last year’s already high-quality product. This improvement was to protect the body from water, so the word Pro appeared in the name.


The Fit 2 Pro looks like a clone of its predecessor but does not move away from the established design. The tracker is tiny, wide, light, and modest.

As for the straps, there are a couple of changes. First, there are two new color variants, black and red. They look better than last year’s straps.

Secondly, they have improved the latches. Last year’s trackers often accidentally opened and fell, but here this problem is solved due to the traditional latch mechanism, which is used on almost all modern watches.

Interface and applications

The Fit 2 Pro interface compares well to its predecessor. Almost all applications, menus, and dials use a black background. Surely, this was done to minimize the power consumption of the AMOLED screen. The screen looks like last year’s and the specifications stay the same.

Using Fit 2 Pro is easy thanks to the familiar combination of touch input and two physical buttons on the side. There is a tracker on the Samsung Tizen operating system. The interface consists of a number of applications, each of which is devoted to the functionality of the device. The central home screen contains the main dial and several custom widgets.

Sometimes there are slowdowns when opening and closing applications, but in most cases, the interface is fast and responsive. The only exception is a gesture on the screen to turn it off, which periodically does not work.

In addition, the device offers some rudimentary controls for the smartphone. A notification center allows you to respond to text messages using a predefined set of answers, and there are built-in audio controls. You can answer the phone, but there is not a microphone or speakers in the case. If necessary, calls can be rejected.

Gear Fit 2 Pro does not have a smart-clock, and you download a set in the Galaxy Apps store. Their more than 3000 numbers but most are just dials. Among other applications there is a music service called Spotify, which brings a new feature to the Gear Fit line: now you can download playlists to the internal memory and listen to more than 500 songs via Bluetooth headphones without Internet access. The download does take long.


Naturally, the most important part of the fitness tracker is the functionality for fitness and physical activity. Gear Fit 2 Pro does an excellent job; there are modes for walking, running, cycling, yoga, and other activities.

All of them can be started manually or the device does it automatically but can be annoying. If you do enjoy a peaceful stroll, this does not mean that you need to run a fitness tracker all the time.

The new key feature is the swimming tracking that works in the built-in Speedo On application, so you cannot just jump into the water and expect the fitness tracker to recognize it. For sure, swimming lovers will enjoy the opportunity to recognize the style of swimming.

Convenience and autonomy

The presence of Wi-Fi support means that the device does not have to be permanently connected to the smartphone, but accessing other data will need you to have wireless connection. The application Samsung Health works fine on Android, but it’s not available on the Apple iOS platform, so iPhone owners will have to settle for the interface of the tracker.

As for the autonomy, the official evaluation of Samsung in 3-5 days is too optimistic. In fact, three days is the maximum, you need to charge the device regularly, like last year’s model.

Since Fit 2 Pro will often be used outdoors, the question of the visibility of the screen in the sun is still open for questioning. This parameter is set at a high level, although curved reflective glass sometimes create problems.

For navigation, you can completely disable the touch input. Although the tracker does not recognize when you are underwater, when you navigate, the touch input is automatically turned off.


Obviously one thing: the word Pro in the title refers only to swimmers. For all others, the advantage of the new model over last year is a slightly more classy design and support for the Spotify service.

If you are looking for a device that can do everything, while making it look stylish, Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is your option.


  • Stylish appearance
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Improved Straps
  • Simple interface
  • Swim tracking


  • Battery duration still remains to be seen
  • No microphone and speaker
  • No support for the Samsung Pay system